The French are doing it – disabling or destroying the speed cameras – around 60% of those in the country have been removed from service by this insurgent action.

The cameras target the bottom half of the middle class. The poor are mostly unaffected by them. There are few in their neighborhoods.

The upper classes have the clout to use their lawyers to fight the tickets, or to pressure the city to void the tickets.

The middle class is hit hardest by this, particularly the low end of the group. They’re the ones that have little money to pay tickets, and – if not paying – would risk losing one of their few assets – their car. For them, a car is not a “statement”; it’s a necessity for them to be able to work.

Like the protests that culminated in the Boston Tea Party, the Speed Cameras are, in effect, a tax on the non-connected citizen.It would be sweet to organize some teams to swoop in, disable or destroy the cameras, and quickly leave. I imagine that, even if the perps were found and tried, a jury of citizens might well use nullification to free them.

The French Yellow Vest protests are filled with working people. They take place, largely, on the weekends. Huge numbers of average Frenchmen and women, angered at their treatment by their own government, are taking action.

No matter how this ends, the Elite have to be getting real worried.

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