I’ve been following the immigration issues for some time. Many are disappointed that Trump has not built the wall, nor managed to stop the invasion, so far.

It’s clear that he has the support of ICE, and most of the law enforcement near the border. However, thanks to the unyielding refusal to cooperate by his opponents – both the Dems, and the NeverTrumps – every move forward has been stymied by the Deep State and the courts.

One thing that has happened is that the elements under his control – overturning the Executive Decisions, changing personnel, and educating the public – he has, and is, delivering.

One relatively small change that probably won’t make the news is the new requirements for H-1B workers. They now have to provide biometric ID, be investigated by us and other nations, and generally provide information that should make tracking them easier. Since many of the illegals entered on temporary visas – like the H-1B ones – we could cut down on their continued presence after their visa expires. Trump has, apparently done an end-run around the sneaky ways that aliens evade the law.

An additional action Trump has taken is to get rid of close to 1/2 million new H-1Bs that Obama awarded “with a pen”.

I think this is in line with his experience with large projects. Getting them done is not just a matter of designing the Grand Plan. It’s a matter of tweaking small fixes that allow the workers to get back on task, once roadblocks surface. Ideologues cannot do this. They have to work according to their principles. Rand Paul is a principled man, but I suspect that he could not bring himself to sidestep his principles to get his goals accomplished. Nor could most True Conservatives.

I’m OK with this progress, for now. Small changes, put in place, snowball.

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