I’ve had time to collect my thoughts from the election results, and the riots and protests that came after. You’ll note, of course, that I predicted the latter sometime ago, in the event of a Trump victory.

Of course, you don’t have to be Nostradamus to figure that out, these days. It’s almost as if the Left will burn down their own cities on the slightest of pretexts. The day may come when they don’t even need an excuse.

Friends, this was the Hail Mary pass. With the media, education, and cultural centers of power firmly in the hands of the Left, with Donald Trump facing headwind from his own party (some of it not without justification), with the Hillary machine awash in cash, and the entire world lined up to support her… the game was ending. We were down 7, the referees lined up against us, and the crowd was booing. The QB lobbed a Hail Mary down the field, in one last attempt to tie the game…

…and it connected to one Donald J. Trump.

I’ve never seen a fight like this. Every possible weapon that could be deployed against Trump was used. Scandals made up out of nothings. Media hit pieces from both Left and Right, corruption at the highest levels, cheating from DNC and CNN. Personal attacks were constant, the bleating of sheep omnipresent.

Racism! Sexism! Homophobia!

The shouts were constant, the language always the same. Toward the end of the election, my head hurt from it. I could close my eyes and hear the accusations, like a song stuck in your head.

Racism! Sexism! Homophobia!

The battles were in the streets with Black Lives Matter, in the colleges with hateful tirades and attacks on everyone Right-of-Center, and even a few Left of it. Bernie supporters now know, as those of us on the Right always knew, how it feels to be on the receiving end of a culture that despises you at a visceral level.

And so it wasn’t without some degree of surprise that I saw the Progressive tears flow, the hugs, and offers of safe spaces and comfort. Hillary’s concession was almost an afterthought, like the wind had just fallen out her sails, and whatever cocktail of drugs kept her functioning finally wore off.

For a moment, we all knew the Emperor had no clothes. It was almost a let down, in the end. Like a Boss in an old side-scroller, layers upon layers of power were defeated, peeled off, and revealed stronger levels within.

But when we reached the beast’s final form, all we found was a shrunken, sickly old woman, trying not to cry (or perhaps trying to cry) because supreme power had been snatched away from her at the last minute by the most desperate of buzzer beaters.

And so the would-be Emperor hobbled off the stage, the tears flowed, and the paid protesters took to the streets to whip up a fury of temper tantrums. But they were powerless. The machine was screaming with rage and thrashing on the mat, but it was down for the count.

Folks, this was so close to the end, I could almost see the bottom. A 1% demographic shift would have delivered this whole thing to Hillary. I felt we were a hair’s breadth from Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic, where Civil War or Venezuelan-level corruptocracy were the only possibilities left for America.

Love or hate Donald Trump, he saved us from that, at least. For a while, anyway.

A lot of us on the Right didn’t like him. Many still don’t. But that matters not. What does matter is that we have some time, and we need to use every second of it, because we won’t get another chance. This is it, the final chance to turn the Titanic around before the iceberg.

The media came all out for Hillary in ways we’ve never seen before. We always knew they were biased, but now they came at us with their full strength. And we beat them.

Media, culture, education. We must retake these bastions (or raze them), and do so while the media remains weak and reeling from their defeat. Our message must drown out the useless bleatings of SJW sheep. The chanting of reflexive Progressive slogans must be met with stronger rhetoric. Their “facts” met with real truth. Their hate mobs and bullies must have the wind knocked out of them.

We have only a few years before another Hail Mary pass will be demanded of us if we fail. Do not expect it to work a second time.

We have work to do. Let’s get to it.

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