This morning, I woke up to an attempt by SJWs to play an extortion game in my personal life. What they don’t understand is that everyone who knows me already knows my political views, as I am hardly quiet or shy about them. The extortion attempt is fruitless.

Nonetheless the attempted attack means I must take precautions, in case they have other unpleasantness in mind of a more physical and real world variety. My family, of course, takes precedence.

I have reported the SJWs in question to the proper authorities but, as I have indicated often here at The Declination, the authorities often side with the SJWs, so my confidence in their ability or willingness to act is minimal.

All I can say is that something I have said recently must have gotten under their skin.

All posts and comments on this blog will be locked starting tomorrow (I will allow them for today, in case anyone has any ideas for how to deal with the attack), and no further posts will be forthcoming, until the matter is resolved.

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