Previously, I discussed how Progressives believe in magic. This is not entirely a new concept. Tom Kratman mentioned it earlier, but it wasn’t until I started seeing all the childish, ineffective, kumbaya-like behavior from people in Brussels that it all came together for me.

However, the previous post targeted positive magic. Progressives would hug each other, change their profile pictures, and draw symbols in chalk on the streets. They would denounce racism-sexism-homophobia, display all the proper goodthink, and express solidarity. Spells such as these, of course, would banish terrorism, hate, Islamic violence, and a host of other ills to the netherworld and bring forth the Progressive Utopia of love-peace-understanding.


Magic incantations to banish terrorism to the netherworld.

Progressives also believe in Dark Magic, however. Emory University students needed counseling, expressed fear and pain, after someone wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk on a park bench. Why? Because if chalk symbols can banish terrorism, something the Progressives obviously must believe, then naturally different chalk symbols could summon it.

I imagine they believe the symbols written on the park bench could summon the Great and Powerful Hairpiece himself, and a host of Nazi Demons to walk across the face of the Earth. Naturally, a host of Nazi Demons would be worthy of counseling, at the very least, I suppose.


Write Trump 2016 on a park bench, and you will open up a portal to evil Nazi Demons.

Free speech worries them because such freedoms mean that Evil Conservatives could counter their Good Magic with Dark Magic. When Al Sharpton comes out and says White Man is the Devil, it is, of course, a spell that, like the Native American Ghost Dance, will make the Evil White Racists go away for all time. Maybe the spell has to be repeated a few times before the Progressive Utopia can come into existence, but there it is. No counter-spell can be permitted to undo this great and wondrous magic.

So censorship and hate speech laws are required to muzzle the mouths of the Dark Wizards, in the same vein that those of us in the real world don’t want our neighbors having nuclear bombs. I suppose if we’re going to keep this line of thinking, Vox Day is the One Who Must Not Be Named, the great Lord Voldemort himself (is Scalzi supposed to be Harry Potter then, I wonder?). Vox, of course, has embraced this image of his status as a magical Dark Wizard, able to battle the SJW hordes and harm them with his words alone. He even calls himself the Supreme Dark Lord.

But I digress. The point of all this is to note that Progressives believe in the physicality of speech, its ability to cause direct and meaningful harm simply by existing. This is, in a very literal sense, a belief in magic.

I’ve said it before, and I will repeat again, I’m no Donald Trump fan. At the same time, Trump banners do not scare me, Trump 2016 in chalk is not able to walk up and punch me in the face. Counselling is not required when I see his name in the media. His words are not magic.

Even if we concede that words can hurt feelings, they require your consent in order to do so. You must agree to read the words, or listen to the speech. Then you must agree to care about the words read and heard. Lastly, having agreed to care about them, you must agree to be offended by them, to allow them to hurt you.

The magic is all in your head. But, then, that should be obvious to anyone with a functional brain cell.

To summarize, no Progressives, writing a pro-Trump message on a park bench will not summon the Hitlerite Hordes to conquer the Earth and kick your dog. And, of course, neither will ISIS spontaneously agree to a message of love-peace-understanding because some college-age nit is vacationing in Belgium on the public dime, and drawing peace signs in the middle of the street while the drum circles and bad violinists peddle their crap on the sidewalk.

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