on the over-reach of the 9th District Court.

The extra-legal machinations of the 9th have been a near constant issue for many years. Any time a Republican makes a move to restrict the alien invasion, enforce federal laws, or curtail the Deep State, the 9th is right there, issuing their pissy rulings, and using cover of their Black Cloaks to subvert the Republic.

It’s long past time for the Executive Branch to act. The best-case scenario would be for Ginsberg to retire – but, she’s made it very clear that she refuses to do so, however enfeebled she becomes.

It’s not JUST something she’s doing to prevent a non-Leftist being confirmed. A sensible person would have exited during the Obama years, giving the Supreme Court a near-lock on Leftist control for decades.

It would be great if the Court was more certain. However, we don’t have the luxury of time. As I write, the Dems/Leftists/Progs are plotting to:

  • Impeach Trump
  • After impeachment, they will immediately work to nullify all of his appointments, remove his court selections, and reverse his executive decisions. It doesn’t matter whether they fail – the prolonged chaos that will result, along with attention being diverted from the Deep State, will virtually ensure their success in their long-term efforts to overthrow America.
  • Capture, by hook or by crook (or, both), the state governments. The AG project started by Soros is one facet of that capture.
  • State-by-state, get guns out of the hands of citizens. Allow every crook and revolutionary to stockpile sufficient guns to make any rebellion a fair fight against the patriots.
    • The gun fight is critical. They HAVE to remove the guns. To do so, they have loosed some true crazies on the communities, in hopes that their lunatic ways will lead to public massacre.
    • No, I don’t think these are “Phony Shootings” – they are real, but facilitated by Prog policies on the liberties of the nuts. AND, as has been hinted by what information that WAS released in the Las Vegas hotel shooting, encouraged by the Deep State operatives that may have “nudged” the shooters’ decisions.

So. Trump needs to take this most recent abomination of the 9th directly to the Supreme Court, asking:

Can the lower courts continue to overrule the Executive Branch? Must the President abide by a lower court decision on an Executive Function, while the case is making its way to the Supreme Court?

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