This is part of a new series. Every week, The Declination will feature a moron of the week for my readers to point and laugh at. Some Leftists must be destroyed in the realm of dialectic, by the logical dismantlement of their ideas. But the vast majority, as Vox Day’s book SJWs Always Lie informs us, must be defeated with rhetoric. Nothing they say makes any sense whatsoever. Their lies are transparent and trivial to disprove.

Today our Idiot is Laci Green, a self-described “public sex educator” and a prominent critic of GamerGate. Naturally this means she is a raging SJW and she apparently considers women shaving their armpits to be some kind of gross conspiracy hatched by the Patriarchy and thus refuses to do it on the off chance that she may be doing the bidding of a man.

However, her hygiene and beauty routines (or lack thereof) aside, she wins the Idiot of the Week Award with this gem:


Naturally, she provides no evidence to support this bizarre piece of rhetoric. In her view, then, the mental illness of the guy who shot the reporter (who wasn’t White, btw), or of Dylann Roof, or Adam Lanza is completely irrelevant. Why, the fact that gun violence between members of the Black community in Chicago, Detroit, and DC is far beyond that of Whites also fails to enter into her calculations.

No. It’s White guys who don’t have mental health issues that everybody should be running away from. Not crazy people. Not thugs or gangsters in the ghetto. The White guy who watches football down the street in suburbia is who you should fear. To say this position is ignorant and stupid is to say that the Arctic is a little chilly, or that Lena Dunham is slightly unattractive.

But our intrepid Idiot of the Week goes further. She wants you to know that she is a hacker of vaginas:


This is consistent with a trend in modern Feminism, wherein inserting references to one’s vagina is considered edgy. They have a Vagina Monologues. They believe their vagina can vote. They use the blood that leaks out of this orifice as paint for “art projects.” I suppose if you believe a vagina has a vote, it must be possible to “hack” one, as well. She goes further, insisting that her panties are imprisoning her vagina. This is supposed to be funny, but it just comes off as further proof of terminal stupidity.


Now, you may be asking yourself right about now: “Dystopic, why the Hell are you wasting time trashing this ignoramus? Surely you have better things to do than waste your time on some dumb twat.”

This is why:


These people teach your kids, dear readers. They infest the education system like a disease, a plague of dumbassery consciously attempting to infect your children, to turn them into certified “Vagina Hackers.” And they want you to know that White Males are the great evil upon this Earth, that they are worse than the mentally ill, that they are more of a threat than ghetto gang bangers or Islamic terrorists.

For this brazen display of ignorance, I award Laci Green, Public Sex Educator and Intersectional Feminist, the Golden Turd. Wear your badge of idiocy proudly:


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