Oh what a week. You know, I had a long post planned on the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The general optimism was palpable, at least compared to Katrina, which delivered a similar impact to New Orleans. Come to find out, the storm behind it, Hurricane Irma, is probably headed my general direction, and Irma doesn’t look like a walk in the park either. So if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s probably because I’m dealing with that.

Folks these days have just lost touch with reality. It’s almost as if, for each of these crazy SJWs, there’s a movie playing in their heads. A movie complete with a soundtrack, a narrative, moments of bravery and heroism, and moments of terrifying despair. Such fantastical internal monologues don’t really line up with reality which, in the advent of general prosperity and high technology (in the First World, anyway), has lost some of the dramatic presentation of ages past. Fact is, most of these people wouldn’t be the main characters in stories about their own lives. They are boring, predictable, trite, and any drama that attaches itself to them is probably self-inflicted. But in their own minds, they are heroes of legend, punching Nazis, freeing slaves, defying incredible odds, and fighting The Man.

When a real disaster strikes, such folks are the first to scream for someone to save them, to cry out for care and succor; to demand immediate government aid, and refuse to do anything until it is provided for them. Even the tiniest of inconveniences is too much for them. If Donald Trump showed up, and parted the storm with his toupee, they would still grumble that he once said something mean to somebody on TV, failed to cure global poverty, and was still therefore the literal reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

Fortunately, such people are rather more rare in Texas than in many other parts of the country. And so you saw everything from rednecks floating down the flooded streets in giant rubber duckies to Texans pulling out National Guard trucks with lifted 4x4s. The damage to Texas was tremendous. The complaining was rather minimal, by comparison. If Hurricane Irma does indeed visit my own state, I can only hope we weather it with half as much dignity and ability. They went out and did what needed to be done, and didn’t wait for someone else to save the day. Nor did I see a whole lot of braggadocio. Remember Sean Penn going to save the victims of Katrina in boat he forgot to plug.

The thing that you must understand about SJWs and other assorted far-Leftists, is that they are all talk. They cannot harm you by themselves. They will threaten your job, your business, your person, but they cannot hurt any of these without your cooperation. The moment they meet real resistance, they fold. Everything they say is a bluff. They must always solicit someone else to do their dirty work. They must bluff you into apologizing, into caving in to their demands.

While a polite man might question his behavior, might wonder if he did, indeed, do something wrong and worthy of condemnation, that path leads to defeat. SJWs exploit the politeness of good men. They leverage the natural desire of folks to be generally thought of as good and decent people. They use our better natures against us, because they could not defeat anything without our cooperation. This can be seen in their reaction to genuine disaster. They scream for help. They fold immediately. They’ve no strength of character, ability, or talent, save that of deception (and its close relative: self-deception).

All a good man has to do is fight. But so often, good men do not fight them. When disaster strikes, it is comparatively easy for him to jump in a boat and go rescue and help out. This is because, for him, the greatest challenge is knowing his cause is just. Once assured of that, the rest is mere execution. This is why SJWs attack people the way they do. They plant doubt, they try to create cognitive dissonance, to make him see his cause as somehow unjust, or to create enough conflict that he is pushed to the sidelines.

Most often, these doubts are created via kafkatrapping (see a brief primer here), creating morality paradoxes that are impossible to resolve. Media and education sectors are generally complicit in the creation of such moral kafkatraps. One popular kafkatrap is the assumption that it is impossible to be racist against white people, and it is impossible for white people to not be racist. Therefore all white people are racist, and any action is permissible against them, because as oppressive racists, they probably deserve it. If a white person complains, then too bad, because it is impossible to be racist against white people. If someone elevates the argument above this field, and asks why white people are automatically racist, a list of crimes committed by white people will be listed off, and links provided to sympathetic media and education outlets who agree with the operator of the kafkatrap. The operator, of course, will not accept sources that are not friendly to his point of view.

The way out is to understand that such operators are full of shit, and their sole purpose is to prevent you from coming to your own conclusions about morality and what actions are right and just. This manifests as a sort of general malaise, a vague sense of taboo and guilt whenever any sociopolitical issue touches upon a Leftist idol. Such guilt is effectively a form of mental paralysis, because the kafkatrap has been internalized, and is not resolvable, because it has designed to be so.

So where a man might be able to jump into his boat, risk his life, and save people without hesitation, he might be paralyzed into near-complete silence by even the most elementary of Leftist kafkatraps.

There are many ways out of kafkatraps. But for me, the easiest is this: the operator is a liar. The operator has his own agenda, and is attempting to use you to achieve it. Whatever he claims to care about, be it the plight of poor black people, or the children, or religious liberty, or economic equality, the claim is a lie. Either it is his own lie, or he is in service to someone else’s lie. Whatever the case, the entire kafkatrap can be dismissed on that basis.

How do you know it is a lie? Search the media, or the curriculum of some SJW educator, on a subject you are very familiar with. Something you’ve spent your life in, and know very well. For me, this is Byzantine history (and by extension Islamic history). The number of lies they spew on this topic is staggering. No, not just mistakes (though there are plenty of those as well), but outright lies. I also see this locally in my other life as a club DJ. I’ve worked in one particular local club off and on for many years. Recently the SJW crowd has bandied about accusations of Nazism infesting the club in the media. I know this to be false. I know the people who are involved. I can’t go into gory detail on it for reasons of business. But suffice it to say, this is a lie.

But don’t take my word for it. Look up something you know. Look up your local hangouts, your people, a subject you are expert in. Find an instance of SJWs or Leftists inserting themselves into those things. See how often the accusations are bald-faced lies. Now, multiply this times everything such people say. They are full of shit. So whatever kafkatraps they are trying to operate, whatever guilt or taboos they are attempting to force, you ought to dismiss them.

Now, the operator will claim to be a badass, fighting The Man, taking it to those evil straight white males, fighting the Patriarchy, and bashing the fash. But when the hurricane comes, he will be the first to clamor and scream for someone else to come save him. He possesses no courage, he is not a warrior, a fighter, or a member of the resistance. He probably couldn’t even change his own tire. This is also observable. It is own fantasy, perhaps, a story playing out in his head about how he’s the hero. When reality rudely intrudes, he will expect you and I to fix reality for him, and will express his displeasure if we fail to do so. In this, he assumes we care about him. Which, up until now, most people have cared. Like the angry customer, we have, as a society, tried to make this man happy with concession after concession. But it has only emboldened him, only fed his personal fantasy of relevance and inspired further kafkatraps to paralyze us and loot us of wealth. The customer is not always right. Sometimes the customer is a liar and an asshole.

In this case, the entire life of an SJW is one big lie.

There is no reason to serve him or his interests. There isn’t even a reason to listen to his lies any longer. Get in your boat, and do what has to be done, and to Hell with the SJWs, or the talking heads complaining in the media. You’ve got work to do. If someone wants to call you a racist, shrug it off and eject him from your life. The more liars you rid yourself of, the better your life will be.

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