In the aftermath of Milo’s war against Twitter, it’s important to note that other major Social Media outlets have caved to the craven, perpetually-offended SJWs. Remember that SJWs can actively call for the death of Right-wingers, and it is not considered a violation of policy. Right-wingers, on the other hand, need only state their views in a polite and professional manner to be struck down by the paladins of Social Justice.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? A friend of mine was suspended from Facebook for this comment:


Merely saying a person is misinformed is a violation of community standards, and requires a 30-day suspension.

You might be thinking “well, Dystopic, I’m sure they apply the same standards to Leftists, right?” If so, you’d be wrong. In a debate about the merits of the Sad Puppies affair, Kate Johnston wanted it to be known that Brad Torgersen is a racist, even though he is married to a black woman and has a child by her. She demonstrated this with the following hateful, blatantly offensive post:


This is considered perfectly acceptable to Facebook’s community standards.

These two posts happened within a relatively short window of time, so Facebook’s terms of service have not appreciably changed during the interval. So what does this mean? It means that if you post anything critical of a Leftist, you could be suspended, banned, unverified, or have your profile deleted, depending on the Social Media platform in question.

It also means that Facebook is full of SJWs, and they are on the war path. Still think I’m crazy? Take a look at this article from the NY Post.

It created two nearly identical pages filled with hate-filled rants and blatant incitement to violence. One page was called “Stop Israelis”; the other, “Stop Palestinians.” Then it reported both pages to Facebook.

According to the group’s YouTube video, Facebook soon agreed that “Stop Palestinians” contained “credible threats of violence” that “violated our community standards” — and pulled the page. But Facebook said the mirror “Stop Israelis” page was “not in violation of Facebook’s rules.”

The double standard is clearly evident here, also. One page is wrongthink, and the other is goodthink. Facebook is Big Brother. Orwell was right. Before you think I’m cherry-picking this, consider that both of the screenshots above were sourced from people I know personally. This means that censorship and double-standards aren’t some far away, theoretical discussion. They are very real, and present in my own Social Media world.

But it doesn’t end here. WND has several more examples of censorship from the flagship Social Media platform:

Well, C.J. Pearson has had his Facebook account locked for his criticism. He isn’t the first. Rumors that Facebook routinely suspends conservative groups’ and individuals’ pages have persisted for some time now. Just recently, yet another account created by the pro-veteran website “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” was suspended by Facebook because the owner shared a meme critical of Muslims.

You cannot be critical of Obama or Muslims on the platform, else you risk suspension, banning, or other unpleasantness. Meanwhile it is acceptable to use Facebook to message threats of religious violence, so long as that violence is Muslim:


Poe’s Law may be in force here. Nonetheless, why wasn’t this garbage removed?

Mark Zuckerberg has made his view on this matter very clear. He stands up immediately for Muslims after the Paris Attacks. He called it a “safe space” for Muslims. One wonders if he watches South Park. Not long thereafter, messages like this began to pop up on Facebook:

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An Examiner article critical of Islam is “unsafe.”

Facebook has a clear Left-wing bias. In the normal course of human affairs, this might not be so terrible. People have natural biases, and there’s no getting around that. But Facebook has, like Twitter, declared itself to be on the side of the SJWs. It is willing to enforce political opinion by silencing those individuals who do not toe the line. It outright bans articles and links critical of “sacred victim groups.”

And it proves equally unwilling to take down offensive, violent, and disgusting material, so long as it originates from a Leftist source.

I can’t tell you to stop using Facebook. And there are corners of it that have not yet been invaded by SJWs — mostly closed, private groups. But you should understand that like Twitter’s removal of the #Gamergate hashtag from the easy-hint menu on your Tweets, there is a subtle, yet omnipresent attempt to change the narrative. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This isn’t tinfoilism. It’s real, it’s pervasive, and well-documented.

Be vigilant.

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