Freedom of Speech is Endangered by Safe Space Bull

If you’ve been following this University of Missouri business, you’ll know that Tim Wolfe, the University President, has been under attack from SJWs for “dismissing their concerns.” Apparently, at one point, they blocked his car and expected him to get out and kowtow to them. Naturally, he failed to do so. Their concerns were that a couple of individuals had shouted racial slurs and one, apparently, had made a Swastika out of fecal matter. National Review explains the matter for us:

A drunk white student walking down the street used a racial slur in reference to a group of black students; he has been exiled from the campus and probably will be expelled when the disciplinary process comes to its conclusion.

So one of the offending students was caught uttering the slur, and was disciplined for it. He will, quite likely, be expelled once the process is completed. But this was insufficient for the Social Justice Warriors. The other allegations have no evidence or proof, and are merely hearsay, but the University is expected to act somehow, even when it has no suspects for the other incidents. The guilty had been punished, but what about the innocent? The school President, naturally, became the focus of their ire. They blocked his car and shouted at him, expecting this to motivate him to engage in reasoned debate. What they expected him to do about all this is confusing.

It’s like throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery story because you want the free prize in your cereal. There are better ways to handle a grievance and, in any event, it appears the University had the matter well in hand. Honestly, I don’t even think they should have gone after the student who shouted the slur. My inclinations toward Free Speech supersede someone shouting something racist at me once in awhile. Now, if the matter got physical, that’s an entirely different ball of wax. But it didn’t in this case. Sticks and stones, I say.

I don’t know much about Mr. Wolfe, except that if he wanted to keep his job, he should have read SJWs Always Lie. But today, he announced his resignation. Never, ever, do this. Make them fire you. Make them oust you. Fight until the very end. Kow-towing to them only emboldens them more. Give them an inch, and they will walk all over you. Already, HuffPo is focusing on the fact that college is only 8% Black, when the state population is 12% Black, as if this proof that the college is a bastion of anti-Black racism. Expect more affirmative action nonsense in the near future as a way for “atoning” for this “horrendously offensive crime against humanity” or whatever line of bullshit the paladins of Social Justice intend to spew this time.

But that’s not the real story I have for you today. You see, the protests centered around a man, Jonathan Butler, who had gone on a hunger strike. And the protesters wanted to keep the media out from all of this. Here they are, in a video that crossed my Facebook feed this morning, intimidating a reporter who is not even White, and judging from his Twitter, probably not even right-wing. They don’t quite cross the line, but they make veiled threats and manhandle him away from the scene of the protest, using this moving human wall.

One woman among the protesters tells us that the First Amendment doesn’t matter. Feelings and “respect” matter more. A large, burly Black man explains that “you need to go, bro” and makes thinly-veiled threats. Another reporter makes it inside the circle somehow, and one of the protesters immediately calls for “muscle” to “remove the media.” The video stops shortly thereafter.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either. Milo at Breitbart reported on this phenomenon earlier, wherein a Left-leaning Yale professor is shouted at, and Social Justice Warriors surround him, because he didn’t endorse a Politically Correct movement to ban “offensive” Halloween costumes. The shouting, immature woman goes on about how Safe Spaces are more important than anything else, and the professor is evil for denying her one. He explains that he actually agrees with the SJWs, but doesn’t want to force the matter, and would rather open a dialogue to convince students to voluntarily choose not to wear such costumes.

In simple terms, he’s a full-on politically correct Leftist who, nonetheless, is wary of using authority to push his agenda. This makes him a heretic in the Progressive Church.

Universities are embracing this aggressive Safe Space behavior with alarming frequency. They don’t seem to realize that what they are really doing is allowing their students to regress to this:


The only place where anybody gives a damn about your feelings.

This notion of Safe Spaces seems to have its murky origins in the Tumblr-verse, but it has now made the leap into the real world. And they want you to know that dissent isn’t tolerated. For now, the photographer managed to get away without any physical damage, but given the knife-edge this thing is perched on, and the aggressive behavior shown in the videos above, how soon before this goes violent?

Twilight in the West

From time-to-time, more moderate folks have accused me of being somewhat melodramatic. America is not falling, they will say, only changing, becoming more Progressive, or tolerant, or some other liberal buzzword. We aren’t living in a repeat of Gibbon’s great opus, The  History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Then I read things like this: Anti-GamerGate has a literal shiteater in their midst.

Note that the title is not embellished at all. This is the title of the article. And the most insane part is, it is true. 

The Social Justice Warriors of the Left, crusading against freedom of expression, do indeed have a person who recreationally consumes feces for sexual pleasure in their midst.

I know many of my readers are somewhat less prone to vulgarity and, shall we say, colorful language than I am. But in this instance, I think you will agree that the language is appropriate.

Read the article if you have a strong stomach. Or take my word for it that TheRalph proves that this particular Leftist does indeed do the things he is accused of. This is an individual taken seriously by the Social Justice Warriors of the Left.

Even the Romans, at the worst of their depravity in the form of Caligula, Nero and Commodus, could not think to match this. We are very far beyond Gibbon, now, and into uncharted waters. Sodom and Gomorrah are not even blips on the radar any longer. There are days that I wake up and wonder if God will tire of the whole shitshow (pun intended) and scour the Earth clean.

Perhaps that is what the apocalypse is supposed to be. God saying “to Hell with all of you and everything you are doing.” Open the pit and throw them all in.

Here is a short list of practices and behaviors for which the Left makes excuses, celebrates or merely tolerates:

1. Extreme Pedophilia (the SFWA members Vox has repeatedly pointed out)

2. Consumption of feces for sexual pleasure.

3. Dismemberment and sale of aborted babies, often fetuses which were viable, and at least one case where the heart was still beating.

4. Presidential candidates who receive bribes from foreign potentates of the worst sort.

5. Any manner of criminal activity from the Black community, simply because the offenders are Black.

6. The deaths of thousands of those same Blacks each year at the hands of their own racial compatriots.

7. Actual rape (as opposed to the imaginary “he looked at me funny” variety).

8. #KillAllMen, the hashtag. This one should explain itself.

9. The subjugation and/or extermination of people who are not transsexual: #DownWithCis

These are your enemies, good readers. This is why you fight. And the proliferation of these orcs is the strongest symptom of all that America and the West are both in terrible decline, for no healthy civilization would allow such foulness to survive, much less thrive in plain sight as these have.

Mortgage Debt is Hell

Putting this story to pen is difficult. Yet it is an accurate reflection of our times, the financial disaster that led America to this point and the Kafkan nightmare that awaits anyone who does anything off the beaten path. To preface, this is a story of a mortgage gone bad, of insurance disasters, greedy tenants, government mismanagement, propaganda, and personal irresponsibility. That last part is important to remember for anyone suffering similar circumstances. The individual is as accountable as the other actors. In this case, the individual is me.

When I was 26 years old, I worked a decent job, making about $36k a year. In those days, that was good money for a 26 year old. Real Estate was a good racket then, too. Few considered what would happen a few short years later. Traditional wisdom said to buy a home, stop throwing away your money on rent, get married and start a family. It was the American Dream.

But $36k was not going to put me in the high end of the property market, even if it was good for my age. My family owned a property in a working class (lower-middle) neighborhood since the late 70s and I wound up purchasing a home just down the street from it. There was a bit of redneck vibe to the area, but it was within tolerable limits and, in any event, I thought better the rednecks than the gang-bangers. It was a modest home in an estate sale, priced to move quick, and I picked it up for about $15k under value at $110k.

You cannot imagine the pride I had at that moment. Sure, the house was built in the 70s, and it showed in places, like the weird Formica counter tops they favored in those days, and it was small at a mere 1050 square feet, but it was mine. Most of my friends lived with their parents and I felt responsible and successful in my own meager way. Nobody helped me with the down payment, as was common for the few people I knew back then who did own a home.

For a time, things were good. Sweat equity built up over time as I remodeled the bathroom, painted the interior, rewired much of the home, and exchanged the old carpet for some inexpensive laminate floors.

Then 2008 happened. The home had been worth a comfortable $125k in January of that year. By the end of the year, equivalent homes were selling for less than $60k. Here I was, sitting on nearly a $100,000 of debt, and I had no assets to cover the deficiency. To say it scared me shitless is an understatement. Yet the payments remained as they were before, and there was no immediate danger. Indeed, I soon wound up making $50k/year. Relaxation came with the knowledge that the market would recover.

Danger signs were already lurking, however. Good, working class folks lost their homes in rapid succession as the Great Recession took its toll on construction workers, pensioners, and seniors living off 401ks that had dropped in value. Crime grew rapidly as Section 8 slum lords took over the foreclosed properties. Crack dealers moved into one notable house, full of garbage and broken windows. My future wife had a car vandalized when she came over one night. A few months later, my home was broken into. Fortunately, the things stolen were replaceable.

By 2010, it was clear that I could no longer stay in the neighborhood. My life was in danger. Gone were the rednecks whom I would smoke stogies with. Residents were now considerably darker, both in race and outlook. And they did not like the hangers-on who remained. The neighborhood belonged to them and they knew it. Whitey was neither desired nor permitted to stay in peace. Neither, however, could I rid myself of the troublesome property. The value had dropped to a mere $50k. So I decided to rent the home out.

The rent didn’t even cover the mortgage. Each month I lost $300. Tenants willing to live in such a neighborhood were invariably troublesome. The woman I found to rent the home was the least-terrible of a decidedly short list of malcontents, bad debtors, and bargain hunters. She paid, but was always late by at least a week and would only send the money if I harassed her three or four times for the check. Once or twice a year, the check would bounce and the process would have to be repeated. Demands to pay in cash or money order would typically only be heeded for a month or two before, despite anything I said, I would receive a check in the mail. But I let her stay because I feared the alternatives would be worse.

Poverty is often seen as a sort of noble state in the Bible, but those poor were more like the working class folks that were losing their jobs and their homes. The new poor that followed them into the neighborhood were of the loathsome variety, living on odd jobs, drug dealing, and welfare monies. There was nothing noble about them. Humility was not natural for them, nor was responsibility or even intelligence. My tenant repeatedly did the most idiotic things and, invariably, I wound up having to pay for those mistakes.

Once, she failed to change or clean the air filter for over six months. In my home state of Florida, this is among the dumbest things a person can do, or fail to do. The air conditioner seized and she was on the phone with me screaming at me to fix it immediately. Naturally, the technician found a filter caked solid with dirt, grime and lint. She would repeat this error twice again during her tenancy.

Another time she decided to store cereal and other foodstuffs in the garage. Rats found their way in and devoured the rotting food (never leave food in the humidity of Florida). Then they made their permanent home in the attic, tearing holes in the duct work. Over $1,500 was needed to repair the ducts, vacuum out the old insulation and blow in new insulation.

Many more stories like these exist, but they are not even the most infuriating factor. For, each time I got her voicemail, it would end with a catchphrase that this woman appended to everything. “God bless!” She would say with false enthusiasm, similar to the same phrase scrawled on the cardboard signs of street beggars everywhere. The analogy was fitting.

Still, my losses were limited to $300 a month, and if I was living in a room I rented from a friend for cheap to make up for the loss, well, that’s what I had to do. Yes, my tenant lived better than I did, driving a fancy new car, watching premium cable on a new big screen in the living room of the house she was slowly destroying. And I counted myself fortunate, for other homes were systematically gutted at a much faster rate. Scrap dealers roamed the streets buying up wiring and metals ripped from abandoned homes by scavengers and crackheads looking to score money for their next fix.

At this point, I knew I was in trouble. Values would never recover and the best I could hope for was continuing in my accidental role as a slumlord long enough to get the balance down on the loan. I figured that losing $60,000 plus $300/month for however long it took me to get there would be terrible for me, but I would suffer it anyway. After all, this was my responsibility.

But Fate was not done with me just yet. In the years after Hurricane Katrina made a mess of New Orleans, FEMA had been searching for more money. Government agencies are wont to do that anyway, but in this case, FEMA was really strapped for cash. By and large, most homes in New Orleans did not have flood insurance, yet FEMA paid for their reconstruction anyway. FEMA trailers were everywhere, FEMA debit cards, used often as not for such essentials as lap dances and new Air Jordans, were handed out like candy.

FEMA came to Florida for money in 2013. Many homes in the state, said FEMA, were being subsidized on their flood policies. The fact that Florida paid quadruple the amount in premiums as it received back in claims since the FEMA flood program began might have been a wrinkle in that argument. But not for our intrepid, cash-hungry FEMA agents.

The home I bought once cost $1500 annually for home owners insurance. About $1100 of that was the normal Hurricane and Homeowners policy. The remaining $400 was the flood policy. To make a long story short, the actuarial numbers were perfectly reflective of about $1100/year for insuring the home. In 2013, $7500/year was demanded just for the flood policy. Furthermore, the hurricane policy went up to over $2000/year. Citizens Insurance was not allowed to do that, according to Florida Law, but they found a loophole anyway. So much for state-run insurance companies being cheap. Then Citizens Insurance demanded I replace the roof, the HVAC unit (limping along under the mistreatment of my tenant) and the breaker box or they would refuse to insure the home at all.

Yes. I was going to have to pay nearly $10,000 a year and over $20,000 in improvements to insure a ghetto property worth $50,000. But soon it wasn’t even worth that anymore. It turns out even slumlords don’t want to buy properties that have insurance costs that high. Soon, foreclosures were going for $35,000. One went for $15,000. Democrats celebrated the “rich” finally paying their “fair share” for flood insurance. Never mind the million dollar waterfront properties with lower premiums than mine. Republicans made some mouth noises about government corruption but did very little. Par for the course with them.

There was no end in sight for me, now. It would take the full 30 year term to be rid of the property and in the meantime the terms of my mortgage would require me to pay $10,000 a year in insurance. I was on the edge of ruin. I called an attorney and attempted to negotiate with the bank.

After a year and a half of attempting to short sale the property it became clear that nobody wanted it. I did a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure with the bank and handed them the keys.

Oh, and the tenant? As soon as she figured out the property was going into foreclosure proceedings, she stopped paying. For six months she held up various attempts to evict her with threats of lawsuits and legal wrangling (in one case, she threatened to sue me for the rat problem she caused). My attorney finally gave up and advised me to bribe her to get out.

She demanded $2,500 for this service and then had the nerve to say “cash only, I don’t want you bouncing checks on me.” Naturally, the house was trashed when she finally left. Garbage bags were everywhere and spray paint was on the walls. The fridge was filled to the brim with rotten food.

She lectured me as she left saying “it’s all your fault that I gotta find some place to live.” I had to physically restrain my wife from beating her face in. It was like being the security guard at a live televising of the Jerry Springer show. As a result of the attorney fees and the bribe, I was flat broke and my wife, son and I had been living on ramen noodles and picking up coupons for cheaper formula from the neighbors. My wife, the hot-blooded Latina that she is, could no longer countenance the blatant disrespect. Nonetheless, if my reflexes had been a whit slower than they were, I probably would have had to bail her out of jail.

Now the IRS thinks I’ve made over $70,000 in untaxed income this year. Because it was rented out for so long, it does not qualify as a primary residence and so the “cancellation of debt” is “ordinary income” as if somebody just handed me a suitcase full of money. Navigating the complex tax codes to exclude this have required the services of a CPA and even he says we’re not going to be able to exclude all of it. Why? Because the IRS insolvency test pretty much guarantees an audit, and the burden of proof for all valuations is on me, so I have to “take the safe route” on every deduction and fair market valuation unless I want a garnished pay check. In simple terms, the IRS will say I have tens of thousands in assets when I have basically nothing.

I’ll have a tax bill next year somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000, in all likelihood. So the ramen noodles and coupon-cutting will continue for the foreseeable future. But I’ll make it anyway.

And my friends who lived with their parents until their 30s? Many of them still do. Maybe they were wiser than I.

What’s clear to me after all this, is that responsibility is punished and irresponsibility cheered on. I could not evict the tenant because she had “medical problems” and the courts would sympathize with her, especially if she made wild claims about rat infestations she blamed on me. She drives a new car while I’m going to have to sell mine and go pick up some piece of crap with 4 wheels and 200k+ miles on it. God knows my base model F150 isn’t a luxury vehicle, but it is newer and has value. I’ll need the money. Section 8 gang bangers live for free while I’ve had to pay more than the entire purchase price of the home, over the years, just to be rid of it and get exactly nothing.

Am I bitter? Yeah, I’m bitter. And angry. Government, banking, irresponsible people and ghetto trash ruined me. They ruined my old working-class neighbors too, some of whom were the most hard working, decent people I’ve ever met. I wonder about them sometimes, where they are today and how they ultimately fared. One man I knew only as “Chief” had a fondness for cigars and whiskey, and he would come over if he spotted me sitting on the front porch. He was in his 70s, but thought nothing of sipping whiskey with us younger folks. He’d commend me. “You’re doing it right, son.” He’d tell me. “Working hard.” Then he’d hand me a stogie and we’d smoke on the front porch with a few other neighbors talking about America-that-was. American flags used to wave lazily in the breeze in front of houses that are now filled to the brim with drug dealers and their addicts.

That America is just a memory for me now. But one thing is clear and inescapable. This was my fault too.

I should have seen it coming. We all should have. The whole country, our entire civilization is cracking around us and good people do nothing. That’s on me as much as anyone else. If only I could slap some sense into that idealistic 26 year old thinking he had it all figured out. But I can’t. This cynical, curmudgeonly bastard is all that’s left of him.

Tonight I’ll smoke my last cigar, for the humidor has been emptying slowly for months, and face another year of living on the cheap, barely hanging on to the Middle class, watching everyone else enjoy the fruits of my labor. I don’t envy them though, because the bill collectors will come for them too, someday. They will come for all of us.

Lies, Race and Scapegoating the Cops

It’s time to revisit an issue that has probably wandered back into the dark recesses of the average American’s limited intellect. Police departments are still considered by your typical Social Justice advocate to be barely one step above the Nazi SS. And this article featured on Gawker exposes the idiotic mental hoops one has to jump through to believe that narrative.

In recent weeks, the White House has reaffirmed its commitment to strengthening “community policing” around the country.

Whatever. The speechwriters and a bunch of Blue Ribbon, fact-finding commissions told the White House to “reaffirm” some goodthink to the public at large. Tomorrow, Obama will express solidarity with the African dung beetle. The day after, with the victims of transphobic genderqueer oppression. Why is this news?

The suggestions for building better “relationships” and boosting “trust” are comprehensive but, for a national crisis brought on by the killing of unarmed black people, there’s one thing conspicuously absent from the public policy solutions: the acknowledgement of racism.

That’s because it doesn’t exist. Oh, I’m sure there are individual racist police officers (hint: not all of them are White, either). But the police departments do not have any institutional racism codified in their headquarters. Mein Kampf is not circulating the halls of your local Sheriff’s office. There is no policy saying “go forth, officers of the law, and murder as many Black people as you can.”

Rates of violent crime are down and have been falling sharply for more than 20 years. In fact, since the early 90s, the national homicide rate has fallen by 51 percent, forcible rapes have declined by 35 percent, robberies have decreased by 56 percent and the rate of aggravated assault has been cut by 45 percent. And black Americans have contributed to the decline. For blacks, rates of robbery and serious property offenses are the lowest they’ve been in more than 40 years. Murder, rape, assault, domestic violence—all down.

Gawker contradicts itself here. It basically just made a case for how effective more aggressive policing has been in the last two decades, and is then arguing for us to stop doing it, because it’s racist. That’s lunacy. I mean, just why do they think that drop in crime happened?

However, much of the statistical portion of the article is true, if misused and twisted. Remember how bad New York was, at one time? Aggressive policing brought the crime rate down considerably. Crime, overall, has dropped considerably in recent years. You see, a nation with a serious crime problem essentially has two options, both of them bad. Aggressively enforce the law, stop & frisk, profile, post cameras and cops everywhere, etc… Or it can choose to change the culture of (or simply remove) the community producing the criminals. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but we know which community produces the most violent criminals. Read this report on The Color of Crime.

In fact, nearly half of white Americans polled believe that violent crime has increased in the last 20 years. Another 13 percent believe that it’s stayed the same. Less than a quarter of whites realize there are less violent crimes today than there were in the 90s when the crack epidemic and gang violence were at their height. Even more, whites overestimate just how much blacks are involved in “serious street crime” and, on average, believe that black people commit a larger proportion of crime than whites do.

Notice the intellectual sleight of hand here. They say that, on average, Whites believe Blacks commit a larger proportion of crime than Whites do. then they imply that this is somehow an unfounded notion. This is, in fact, a true belief. On a per-capita basis, Blacks are seven (7) times more likely to commit violent crimes. Worse, most of the victims of these crimes are also Black! Gawker is, in a roundabout way, arguing for more Black deaths. A bit racist, perhaps?

The way the author wrote this, to steer around and imply things that are left deliberately unsaid, tells us that he knows this. In simple terms, the author is a lying charlatan trying to construct a false narrative, but doing so in a way that leaves room for plausible deniability if caught.

In a country that has identified black people as its criminal element, public safety (and perceived security) is more tied to the suppression of blacks than it is to the suppression of crime. And as long as the public insists on its myth of black criminality—almost as an article of faith—police practices will be impossible to reform.

It isn’t a myth. Even Black officers of the Law know this. Black cops don’t want to be responsible for Black neighborhoods, and I don’t blame them. Sending them in to police those areas alone (a suggestion that crops up from inane Social Justice advocates from time-to-time) would result in more Black officers being shot. Again, racist.

This police officer understands the problem.

A grand jury believed it. A great many Americans find the story believable—most without ever even having to hear it from Wilson’s lips or read the transcript.

Gawker is arguing for the Grand Jury’s ruling in the Wilson/Brown affair to be overturned. They won’t say so openly, of course. In Modern American discourse, everything is implied rather than openly stated. Most people writing on these issues are intellectual cowards.

The thing about the Wilson/Brown affair is that the whole thing rapidly grew larger than life. Battle-lines were drawn even before testimony and evidence came out. Nobody cared about the ruling per se. They only cared if the ruling justified their own preconceived notions about Race in America. If a White officer shoots a Black suspect, the presumption of innocence on behalf of the officer is thrown right out the window. It’s a presumption of guilt that the media forces the officer to disprove. It’s wrong.

“…And knowing that identity is not simply defined by what we are, but what we are not, can it be that our police help give us identity, by branding one class of people as miscreants, outsiders, and thugs, and thus establishing some other class as upstanding, as citizens, as Americans? Does the feeling of being besieged serve some actual purpose?”

The thing of it is, a good many Blacks are these things. No, not all of them. The Youtube video I posted is proof there are good Blacks. Thomas Sowell is, in my opinion, the greatest living economist in the world. He’s a Black man. Despite all that, the Color of Crime data tells it to us straight. Blacks are seven times more likely to be those things than the rest of America.

Why is it that Asians, who also suffered severe discrimination at various points in American history, do better than Whites in almost every metric, including criminal stats? Why is it that Latin Americans, while not doing as well as Whites in these areas, are still far better than the Black community?

Charles Barkley, of all people, gives us a hint:

Thug culture is destructive, of that there can be no doubt. And yet, this culture is glamorized and held up as a model for young Blacks. Furthermore, as Larry Elder notes frequently, Black families have been destroyed in recent decades. Over 70% of Black children are born out of wedlock. There are many single mothers on welfare. This has terribly damaged the Black community. Whatever Leftists tell you about single parenthood, it is, at best, a deficient condition (though some mothers manage anyhow). Children generally do better with two parents. That’s common sense. The formula of glorified Thug Culture plus a number of unruly teens in single-parent households is a recipe for disaster.

White Americans of good conscious will have to confront their boogeyman head on. Because the truth is that there can be no “community policing” in black communities without engaging the community, without engaging black people and our distortion in the American imagination.

This notion of “community policing” is idiotic. Police officers go where there is crime and attempt to stop said crime through enforcement efforts. Not all cops are paragons of virtue. And I’m not a fan of how police departments have been overstepping Constitutional bounds in many cases. But, consider the alternative to their efforts. It would look something like inner-city Detroit – a place most cops don’t go anymore. Yeah. I wouldn’t want to live there either.

People like the author of Gawker’s piece ensure that no meaningful culture change in the Black community will ever happen, because they think even identifying the problem is racist. And so, failing that, aggressive enforcement is the best we can do. But they’ll complain endlessly about that, too. Again, racism.

One gets the idea that they actually want more dead Blacks on the streets to serve their Progressive narrative.

Civilized Behavior and The Police

Describing what constitutes “civilized behavior” can be difficult. Nonetheless, many individuals have an instinctive understanding of it that we label “common sense.” For those who lack this understanding, force is required to maintain the correct behavior. Barbarians may not understand the nuances, but the business end of a handgun is a universal message even the most uncooperative perp can wrap his head around. The movie Gremlins 2 had a classic line describing this.

Fun, yes. But in no sense civilized. 

So in any advanced nation desiring civilized behavior from its citizenry, there are, effectively, only two options available: common sense or force.  Either individuals voluntarily police their own behavior, or someone must be hired to do that policing for you. One of the fascinating facts about Early America is that there was NO police department. What little policing was needed as well within the capabilities of the local militias. And when police departments were first formed, they were unarmed. They would ask you nicely, as a polite reminder, to not do that thing you were doing. And, in those days, it worked marvelously. Certainly, crime existed, as it always had, but not anywhere near the levels we experience today. Most crime in America, pre-1850, was of the petty variety, pickpockets and the like. And they were often whipped and beaten by the local militias for their troubles. This was remarkably effective.

However, America didn’t stay this way. Over time, crime increased and punishments were reduced in severity. Today, for instance, it is generally acknowledged that whipping and caning people for theft is egregious and in violation of the “cruel and unusual punishment” clause in the Constitution. Never mind that, for nearly a century after the Constitution was written, corporal punishment was the norm. When an American citizen was convicted in Singapore of a variety of drug-related offense (the list was incredibly long), many Americans were horrified that he was caned, despite this being the standard for such crimes in Singapore and once having been the standard in America.

The unspoken threat of force that had kept the lid on Barbaric activity in America had been lifted. This might have been workable were it not for a second component: immigration.

Now, hold the phone, Dystopic, you might say. You aren’t going to rant against immigration are you?

No. Not exactly. One does, however, have to understand that immigrants come from different societies. The compact that had, prior to 1850 or so, governed the behavior of polite society in America often did not exist in the countries the immigrants were coming from. When the Irish first came to America, it was a culture clash of epic proportions, despite most of them speaking English and having familiarity with Anglo cultural norms. In Europe, force was the rule, unlike the (relatively) peaceful American compact. Americans had an obvious distaste for European force. Europeans, on the other hand, figured that with “The Man” out of their lives, they could do whatever they liked.

There was a solution to this, naturally. More policing. So the police departments were armed, and began to look a lot more like our modern police forces do. They went from passive policing and post-criminal investigation to active beat cops. “Paddy wagons” made their appearance, and the prison system was created. Prior to this, jails were mostly a local Sheriff’s problem. Corporal punishment was deemed more effective than long prison terms. Murderers were executed, not jailed. Thieves were beaten, not imprisoned. The jail was more of a drunk tank and a waiting room for execution than anything. But not after this.

And so the Irish were, at first, convinced to accept the American way through threat of force. To be fair, it actually worked that time around. Pretty soon the Irish had integrated into the wider American culture, bringing their holidays and traditions into the melting pot. Other immigration waves were similarly handled: Italians, Germans, Chinese, etc…

Americans had to give up their notions of a civilized compact with a minimum of force, and in so doing became much like the European countries they had broken with a century before. In truth, it may have never been sustainable in the first place. Who is to know? But the newcomers became successful Americans, and the new policing system was deemed validated.

However, this active policing still existed alongside a robust corporal punishment system. Murderers were hung. Thieves beaten then jailed. Strong punishment and a risk of getting caught served as a criminal deterrent.

Then came Prohibition. Prior to 1900, the government mostly stayed out of private matters. Indeed, it was common to find cocaine, marijuana and a variety of other things now illegal at your local pharmacy.  But the women’s suffrage movement brought the right to vote to women.

And women were pissed.

In those days, drunks, drug addicts and the like were usually married men. Their wives expected better from a husband. It is hard to overstate the loathing women had, in those days, for drugs and drink. Women didn’t work as often as they do today, and so relied upon their men to provide some semblance of living means. A drunk couldn’t do this.

It is no coincidence that drug laws and, eventually, Prohibition of alcohol originated with the same women who were demanding the right to vote. Women were, quite honestly, well-justified in thinking the way they did, too, even though the movement would later go south in a big way.

Naturally, these prohibitions had to be enforced by someone, and so policing grew in size and scope. It now concerned itself with more personal matters. Speakeasies were busted, organized crime made an appearance (the Kennedy family, famously, was involved in this).  Crime rates went through the roof. The Law of Unintended Consequences made itself fully known. America’s federal police force expanded by orders of magnitude. The FBI, DEA, NSA and ATF all trace their roots to this period. Now policing had to be coordinated across the country and was no longer a purely local affair.

No gun control regulations had ever been needed in America until organized crime took to mowing down people in the streets with automatic weapons. But with new regulations, designed to combat this problem, even more policing was necessary. America was now caught in a loop of ever-increasing crime and resulting police expansion.

Though Prohibition was eventually (wisely) repealed, the drug laws remained on the books. Since then, police have increasingly focused on this unwinnable Drug War. That “war” has been going on for a century with little overall success.

Meanwhile, the same women who wanted these substances banned a century ago also brought compassion to government. Did we really have to hang cattle rustlers? Did we really have to beat up petty thieves? The focus on the justice system changed from deterring crime to rehabilitation of criminals themselves. This was new. Prior to this, punishment was considered its own rehabilitation. And if it didn’t take, there was always the hangman’s rope. Now the system had to care about the criminals, too. This meant more guards, an army of bureaucrats, and a number of psychologists.

To say that policing became difficult in this environment is to say that the Sun is kind of bright. The days a nice policeman would politely ask you to stop doing that thing you were doing were long gone. It would be laughable today. Who would listen to them without a nightstick in one hand and a gun in the other?

Then along came Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society, the single most destructive thing ever to happen to the Black community. He was supposed to have said this:

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference… I’ll have them n—-rs voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”

Now that’s some pretty tough medicine, eh? LBJ was a closet racist of epic proportions. But LBJ was the innovator ultimately responsible for the welfare system we have today. Following that, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing and a variety of other ills were created.

The result was immediate. In Black communities, marriage declined rapidly, such that today over 70% of Blacks are born out of wedlock. Marriage has its perks: namely the combining of income and resources that allows people to escape poverty. People often had to get married in order to make it. But now the government stepped in and provided the means. And once provided for, the impetus to escape poverty declined. The priority shifted into how to make poverty comfortable. Ben Franklin told us how futile that was:

I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.

Half a century later, much of the Black community has been destroyed. Larry Elder, a Black critic of the welfare state, strongly agrees with this sentiment and has a warning for Whites: marriage rates are now dropping for them, too. Thomas Sowell, perhaps the greatest economist alive today, states the following:

Nearly a hundred years of the supposed “legacy of slavery” found most black children being raised in two-parent families in 1960. But thirty years after the liberal welfare state found the great majority of black children being raised by a single parent.

Minority communities became hotbeds of poverty. Crime rates went through the roof. The Drug War turned bad almost immediately and the entire thing took on the air of an us vs. them race war.

The point I’m trying to make here is that policing in America sucks. No other word accurately captures how difficult it is for the Police to maintain civilization in America. Nobody is interested in a civilized compact any more. More money is to be made selling illegal drugs and hustling for race wars. And, as this post should serve to demonstrate, the history of America is one of policing continuing to get progressively more difficult, so to the average man in a blue uniform, the job stinks and is more or less guaranteed to get worse.

There are very few men that can still sit down with another, drink a whiskey and discuss political matters without becoming angry and violent. Barbarians are everywhere, and the welfare system has taken on an active role in turning civilized people into barbarians.

Punishment has been reduced and made laughable, in many cases. In Norway, a prison was built with absolute luxury in mind. Prisoners there live better than most Americans do. Norway has a maximum 20 year sentence for any offense, and no death penalty. That’s right. Rape children and slaughter innocents and the worst you get is 20 years in a luxury resort. Coming soon to America.

The onus of maintaining civilization in this declining environment is now largely on the beat cops. And, as De Blasio has demonstrated, the government doesn’t even care to stand up for them. And now people are demanding their deaths. That’s right, the citizenry is actively demanding the death and destruction of the only force keeping a lid on an all out race war.

Let that sink in. I know the police are problematic and have too much power, relative to the Constitution. I know many of them are abusive, offensive and aggressive. But understand why they are this way and think for awhile on the alternative.

We are way past friendly neighborhood officers keeping kids from lobbing toilet paper at your house.

And before you say “Dystopic, that’s racist!” I want you to see the absolute most inspiring picture I’ve seen throughout this whole mess, a Black resident of Harlem who realizes, like I do, that calling for the death of cops is the worst sort of evil and anti-civilizational behavior possible.

This is a brave man, and my admiration for this act cannot be described in words.

This is a brave man, and my admiration for this act cannot be described in words.

Two of New York’s finest are dead, and I am furious.

There is a lot that I can say. But there are a few who said it far better than I could summon the vocabulary to do so.

It may not be in the spirit of The DecliNation, but it is in the spirit of the Warrior.

First, from Pat Rogers, formerly New York’s finest and one of the most respected gunfighting instructors of our time;

The problems are not one of race- though some are intent on making it so in order to gain power.

It is about two broad cultures.

On one side is the culture of the Thug Life

These are the entitled one- those who do not perform and honest days work, who breed like rabbits, who suck the nations coffers dry with their ever burgeoning population.

They believe armed robbery is “Getting Paid”, as that is what they believe is owed to them.

They are the ones that commit the majority of crimes, are the majority of the people arrested, and complain when Cops are sent into their bastions to force them to cease their Thug Life.

They are the ones who commit crimes and bitch about being arrested.

They complain about cops killing them, to the point they hoist on their shoulders the carcasses of Thugs who made the decision to rob or assault Cops, and create martyrs for their twisted cause.

I am sure that some of the recent ones will be Canonized in the church of The Thug Life for their resistance to The Man.

Then there are the Good Guys.

They are responsible. What a concept!

They contribute to society, rather than suck it up.

They go to work. They have families. They support them.

Some members of this group prevent the Thugs from flourishing in their criminal actions.

They populate the gangs, the organized criminal enterprises that fortunately reduce the population of other like minded Thugs.

Shocking, I know.

Other extinguish fires started when the entitled ones burn their houses so they can get into better housing.

Or they try to save business that the entitled ones burn in their communities that make sense only to the Thugs.

There are two cultures.

Good Guys and Bad. Not Black and White. Or Brown, Yellow, Purple or whatever moniker the Thugs want to place on them.

Consider carefully who you want to be associated with.

That is all…


And another, from an NYPD wife who chose to vent her thoughts on a simple backwater blog;

I was driving to a Christmas party when my phone rang. I heard the words and my heart felt shattered. Every fear, every worry, every feeling of panic came rushing into my throat and I couldn’t stop it. I had to stop it. My babies were with me. I was about to meet new people and see old friends. It was a party. Everyone’s supposed to be happy. My heart felt ripped to shreds. I kept looking at my phone, even though I knew there would be nothing good to see. My face kept smiling, my mouth kept speaking but my heart was racing and the tears were always right beneath the surface.

Today it was them. You don’t know them. They’re just names to you. To some of you, they are symbols of heroism and honor, but to many of you they are symbols of “oppression” and “brutality.”

Today, they kissed their families goodbye, they went into work,  and they were sitting in a car.

They died tonight – slaughtered – bullet after bullet pumped into their bodies. Not because of crime, not because of fear, but because of the uniform they wear. “Going to give some pigs wings tonight,” the killer boasted on social media, before taking to the streets.

They died tonight… and you let them.

You – sitting in your safe house with your enlightened thoughts and your selfish politics.

You – every one of you who supported the “protests,” the riots, the Sharptons and de Blasios of this nation.

You – sitting smugly behind your screen, commenting on police policies, the “unnecessary force,” the “racism” of the police.

PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos.

Remember their names.

You let them die tonight.

My heart is aching with sadness, loss, fear. I can’t stop the tears. My body is shaking and my heart is broken.

Tonight I am so angry.

You betrayed them!!!

You chose to honor the criminal and demean the innocent. You chose to make a thug like Michael Brown and a career petty criminal like Eric Garner the names on everyone’s lips, while the names of those who die protecting your freedom and your rights are soon forgotten.

You betrayed them.

More lives taken – but no one thinks THEY matter. More blood shed – heroic blood, not criminal – but no leader stands up to mourn them. Two more widows and fatherless sons, days before Christmas – but no one will be rioting or marching in the streets.

Men and women – HUMAN BEINGS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR COLOR – are being slaughtered, dying to protect your right to speak, to live, to march – and you choose to honor the criminals because of their color!?

You betrayed them.

People are indeed being targeted for who they are, but it isn’t the police doing the targeting.

My husband has been literally getting spat on as he walks into work – but he’ll still be standing there protecting your right to hold a sign saying “I Can’t Breathe.”

What did you think was going to happen? Who did you think you were supporting? Or did you not bother to think about it at all?

You betrayed them.

Tomorrow my children could wake up without a father.

Tomorrow the light could leave my own heart, even as I must go on living.

Tomorrow that knock on the door could be the one I dread.

Tomorrow the hands that calm my soul, that fill me with life and love and passion – tomorrow they could be cold forever.

So by all means, march through NYC, scream in their faces, call them pigs, threaten their families, deface their tombstones, mock their pain, and ignore their sacrifices.

But acknowledge the truth of what you are doing.

You have blood on your hands tonight, every one of you.

RIP, Blue Angels. You are now in a far, far better place.

There’s nothing more to say.

Two men were murdered. For no other reason than the outfit they wore, and the profession they chose. Killed while trying to grab a quick bite to eat, while covering for their brothers who were stretched too thin in that particular district, and desperately needed some rest.

Is this what you wanted? Children denied this Christmas, and every Holiday after, because their father chose to wear a particular shirt?

Hands up, don’t shoot? Fuck you. The thugs of America, regardless of skin color, are lucky I’m not declared Grand Warlord of the United States just yet, for this, I would paint the streets in their blood.

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