Required Reading

I had a whole essay planned for this morning, for it’s been one of those kind of weeks. And yet I read such an important piece over at Liberty’s Torch, penned by the intellectually mighty Francis Porretto, that I cannot. Rather, I can only advise you to go read his post and give to you my thoughts on it.

An important part to take away is this:

“The essence of the taboo in American society is linguistic: not to speak the forbidden thought or attitude….But even those of us who defy the taboos ideologically are expected to obey their constraints on our vocabulary.”


But controlling our speech is not the Left’s true goal. The Left seeks the ultimate silencing of dissent: each of us must be ruthlessly, rigorously conditioned to pre-censor our minds.

The thing to understand here is this pre-censorship already happens. I catch myself doing it all the time. Speech is forbidden, thoughts are forbidden, and thus the conclusions can never catch on. When I catch myself censoring a thought, I deliberately bring it out into the open. The best intellectual defense is thus to be mindful and aware of your own thought processes, so that you may catch this.

I remember reading, I forget where at this juncture, that in Cuba after Castro took over, one fundamental change from the Batista era was the treatment of political prisoners. In Batista’s era, political prisoners most assuredly did exist, for Batista didn’t hold with competition. However, he was generally merciful to them, insofar as they were often given better accommodations than violent felons because their crime was only political.

Under Castro, this was fundamentally reversed. Felons were given better treatment, for at least their crime wasn’t political. At least, you see, their crime wasn’t badthink.

And this is the trend of the Left in America today, where Black Lives Matter and other such Social Justice groups are inclined to make excuses for looting, rioting, arson, theft, assault, and even murder. But the terrible crime of profiling (bad think) is far worse, they say. At least the felon’s crime wasn’t political.

To the Left, badthink is the worst crime imaginable, for it means that the badthinker may free himself from their authority, even if only in a tiny corner of his mind. And that smallest of concessions cannot be permitted by the authoritarian. The tyrants must have complete control of your thoughts, so that you become an extension of them, and no longer a thinking, rational being of your own.

You become something worse than a slave when this happens. For a slave may obey due to threat of force, or some other such thing, but still retain a corner of his mind for his own thoughts. When your mind is controlled entirely by them, you are not only a slave… you have lost your humanity. You are no longer a person, you are just an appendage for another.

Insights into the Patriarchy

Feminism is loaded with terms like “the Patriarchy” and “misogyny” without really defining what they mean. This, of course, works to the advantage of Feminist leaders, who can define them however they like. The goalposts aren’t so much moving as they are permanently attached to wheels, or perhaps equipped with a cloaking device.

Even Time magazine admits that more women have college education than men, now. Females outnumber males in higher education. And the gap is widening significantly. If this is all true, how can the Patriarchy be in control of the university system, as feminists claim?

But it goes much deeper than that. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, explains for us:

Most women in the United States believe they live in a patriarchy. Most men (as far as I can tell) believe they live in a matriarchy.

They can’t both be right. Right?

But they are both right. Because we all experience our own reality. As a wealthy, single male over 50, I live in a patriarchy bubble for sure. Let me give you a perfect example.

Scott Adams’ thesis is that there really is a Patriarchy, but that it is absurdly small and populated solely by the uber-wealthy men with political power, fame, and other such things. He explains further that, while he is a member of this class today, it wasn’t always so:

When I was young, poor, and penniless, my experience was that of a being in a matriarchy. My mother was my dominant parent. My first teachers were women. And I later failed at two careers because of my employers’ gender preferences for women. I tell those stories in my book. In both cases my bosses told me – in direct language – that the company had a diversity problem to fix and the executives had ordered them to stop promoting white males.

I’m not complaining, just reporting, for context. That was a long time ago. Obviously things worked out well for me.

When I was a young, unattractive male with no money, I had no social power, no dating power, and some very real career obstacles because of my gender. My subjective reality was that I was living in a matriarchy, even if those around me were not.

This is my own experience, also. If you are a man who isn’t driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, living it up in a mansion, with fame and/or political power, you are less than a nothing. You are an object of contempt. And, oddly enough, it isn’t other men making it this way. Most men have an instinctive understanding of equivalence.

In one of my previous jobs, I frequently rubbed elbows with some very wealthy and powerful people, including not one, but two people who were personal friends with two separate political candidates running for President, right now. In my dealings with them, they did not show one bit of contempt for me. They shook my hand like any other man would, and discussed the things which I was there to talk about without rancor or obvious superiority complexes. They saw me as a man, and someone who was there to to do a job for them.

My experiences with women of similar social rank were considerably less pleasant to say the least. I was a menial to them, a mere servant. Their attitudes toward me were that of a master to a slave, and an unfavored slave at that.

It is women who choose this expression of the Patriarchy.

Women reward boorish brutes who have political clout, and frequently ignore or even express outright loathing for men who do not have this power. In simple terms, they create their own boogeyman.

The rest of us live in a world which is unfavorable to men. We live in a Matriarchy, where most, if not all, social power is in the hands of women. Again, Scott Adams explains this:

The younger men without money – and most of the men with wives and families – are living in a matriarchy. That group of men doesn’t have anything left to give.

As a mental exercise, pay attention to which demographic group almost always plays the idiot on television commercials. It is usually a young male who is not wealthy. That group is the shit of society.

Scott Adams also means this literally. When a man and a woman are walking their dog down the street, look at who has to clean up the dog shit with one of those little plastic baggies and cart it around until a trash can is found. Yes, shit is a man’s job.

I’ve been discussing this cartoonish bufoonery heaped on men for a long time, now. Men are either drunken frat boy slobs, or balding middle-aged losers who can’t even read a map. The State Farm commercials are famous for this particular depiction.


State Farm advertisement. This is the image of modern man. A crying loser who can’t drive, calling a strong-independent-woman-of-power for help.

But then look at advertisements for liquor and beer. Bacardi, Dos Equis, Absolut and Stella commercials are famous for this. Wonderful, good looking, wealthy and powerful men are depicted in a positive light. And the women are seen making eyes at them with barely-restrained sensuality.


Stella advertisement. This is the real Patriarchy, or at least the one most women dream of.

There’s your Patriarchy, folks. Except that, contrary to every piece of conventional wisdom about Feminism, Feminists like this Patriarchy. The contempt they have for most men isn’t because they are too powerful, or oppressive, or control anything.

It’s because those men are contemptible slaves. And, like all masters, whips and chains are necessary to keep the slave in line. Most of us live under the Matriarchy, and don’t even know it.

A Eulogy for Freedom and The West

If you read any of my posts to completion, if you suffer through any of my writings, as long-winded as they may be, let it be this one. This is a matter that has weighed heavily on my mind for years. It’s like a secret you can only whisper in hushed circles, an issue you must dance around in public, and I could not summon the courage to say it until now.

For me, life is a game of connections, finding the links between disparate events, times, and places, and reconciling them together into a broader picture. That’s why I started writing here, to link together the pieces of evidence behind the Decline of the West.

Is this the end game?

Reading another post by Francis over at Bastion of Liberty turned into something of a depressing exercise. I will repost the video here. At first, I did not want to discuss it, because there are hints within it that border on Fascism, an ideology as unfriendly to the Libertarian-minded folks like myself as you can get. At the same time, much of my own research has supported the statements contained in this video. These things are happening. Make of them what you will.

I don’t know what that means, except that the future doesn’t look bright anymore:

The Slow Collapse

When I was young, my Armenian grandfather, who was already quite old, would lay back in his recliner and watch Headline News. He was looking for something, I think, a sign that what had happened to his own family in Armenia decades before was happening again. In some ways it is merciful that he passed before the thing came to fruition. But he would often caution me about Islam, and the weakness of the West, that someday we would fail to stand up to evil.

He was always proud to be American, and he worked harder than I ever have in his life, to provide for his family and build a life for himself. He put his brother through college to become a doctor, took care of his mother, raised a family, and spent nearly 50 years working at the China Lake Naval Weapons facility. He never took a sick day or a vacation day if he could possibly avoid it, and when he retired, he had saved up over two years of time. He was well into his 70s, by then. I try to make him proud, now, but I know I don’t have one tenth of the work ethic and drive that he did. Still, I try.

Where is that mindset in the migrants coming to Europe today? “Money money money” one migrant tells us. They are listening to music on their phones, and tossing out food because it isn’t “good enough.” They riot and loot because Germany is not giving them enough. I don’t even know what it is they propose to do.

While some of the illegals here in America lurk around Home Depots looking for actual work, others prefer to enter the drug trade. All of them expect free this, and free that. Students march for free college, insulting the sacrifice my own grandfather made to put his brother through medical school. Families are broken now, and people are distant from one another.

I come from a broken family, two brutal divorces and enough family drama to sink the Titanic. I know very few people outside of my wife’s family that managed to stay together anymore. Westerners are weak, damaged, and focused on all the wrong things. Indeed, their sense of kinship is precisely reversed. Watch the video and see Germans cheering their own destruction, Swedes telling the migrants that the country is “theirs now.” It’s not Sweden, it’s Syria. Or Somalia. Or whatever.

There was an interesting study done awhile ago, called “Kill Whitey.” It was an intellectual exercise wherein people of varying ethnic and political backgrounds were asked to sacrifice one person to save many. Most ethnic groups chose their own ethnicity over that of another. I.e. they would rather sacrifice someone of a different background than their own. But Whites were divided. Conservatives adhered to the same maxim, but Liberals were precisely reversed.

They would choose to Kill Whitey over any other ethnicity. I.e. every group acted as you’d expect except White liberals. Leftists would say that this is proof of Conservative racism, and they might even be technically correct.

But then they would have to admit that their cherished minorities are also racist, something I suspect they would be unwilling to do.

On my Twitter feed this morning, I saw this little gem:


The photo on the left looks a lot life Tarpon Springs, an area near where I live. The picture on the right… well, obviously not. Leftists would have you believe Rhodesia was built upon the backs of impoverished Africans, quasi-slaves, really.

If that were true, I submit that Zimbabwe would look a lot better than it does today. Freed of the oppressive rule of Whites, Africa should have rebounded upward like a beach ball held underneath the water by a fat man, suddenly released.

So what is really going on here? Is race the real problem? Is even considering that prima facie evidence of Nazi-like racism? Let’s dig a little deeper here.

Some months ago, I was talking with a fellow Libertarian-minded individual whom I will call John. Obviously that’s not his real name, but still. John and I were coworkers for some years, and I always thought he had a unique insight into things of an intellectual nature.

He explained to me once that success, as we understand it, is a flawed concept. Humans of different belief systems, races, creeds, religions, etc… do not all want the same things, or prioritize the same metrics for success.

John compared Thomas Sowell, the famous Conservative-Libertarian economist, with Snoop Dawg. Mr. Sowell, he said, made it in the White man’s world (The Western world), did a great job of it, and was well respected by most Conservative Whites. In essence, he claimed, Mr. Sowell appealed to White Americans and White American culture.


It’s worth mentioning that I have more respect for this man than almost any White guy alive today. Not only is he one of the economic greats, the heir to the Chicago and Austrian schools, but he did this by going against the prevailing cultural winds. God, if only the Black students of Mizzou could look up to this man instead of some race-baiting scum. I wish it were so.

Snoop Dawg, he claimed, was similarly successful and well known, perhaps even more so, but utilized the cultural norms of the Black community. He appealed to Black Americans and Black American culture, and did so in spectacular fashion. Snoop didn’t want to be respected for his intellect or his contributions to the future, he wanted to be rich, famous, and have lots of people worshiping him.

But, John explained, this was a conscious decision on the part of Mr. Sowell, and Snoop, as to which culture they would embrace. In America we have the luxury, John explained, to choose which culture(s) we will embrace because the dominant culture was more friendly to others. In Africa, with the Whites a tiny minority, and, in any event, constantly in retreat from previous dominance, leaders there were keen enough to embrace what they saw as Black culture, over the European White culture.

Mugabe, in essence, was a “reactionary” deliberately distancing himself from what he saw as a weak, failing culture. He embraced what he saw as a successful, powerful culture. Why embrace the values of White Europeans who had just lost? His decision to commit genocide against White farmers has a certain rationality to it when viewed this way.

John explained that comfort, financial security, even the elimination of hunger were largely European cultural fixtures. They were not necessarily universals. Of course, any human would prefer to be satisfied as opposed to starving, but some might prefer power over others to physical comfort. Some would rather live in a shithole if that meant they could tell other people what to do.

Offering those men a position in a cubicle farm would, in their minds, be a demotion from getting to be the genocidal warlord of a dump.

Better to rule in Hell, as Mugabe has done, than serve in Heaven, in other words.

Plant Snoop Dawg in Zimbabwe, and he’d do okay for himself. Plant Thomas Sowell there, and they would rip him to pieces. This despite the fact that Thomas Sowell is the more intelligent, rational man, overall.

I don’t know what to make of John’s theory, and in any event, it was a discussion that involved more than a few beers, but the memory stuck with me. Meanwhile, Black students are self-segregating, creating White-free zones, so as to “decolonize” their experiences. Gangsta rap would have horrified previous Black American generations, but is considered the norm now, and offers in fantasy what is reality in Africa: killing of cops, gaining of money, power, and fame, and to hell with everything else. Western culture is in retreat in Western countries themselves.

Western European culture has been in retreat for a long time. It’s been leaving places since long before I was born. Even as technology rapidly expanded, Western culture has been slowly vanishing. First, it disappeared from the distant, loosely ruled colonies. Even that was in stages.

In the first stage, the ruling colonial government was expelled, like in Rhodesia, South Africa, and most South American countries (even in America herself). But, former colonials remained in power for a time. Ian Smith kept a hold of Rhodesia for awhile, the South African apartheid regime stuck around, and in South America, the casta system persisted awhile, with Castizos and Criollos maintaining dominance in the government. Don’t mistake me here, I’m not saying I support those regimes, but nonetheless, the process by which Western culture was expelled from these areas began this way.

Note that even the Marxists generally agree on this count.

After awhile, though, the levers of power fell onto those with little to no European affiliation or loyalty. In some countries, like some of the South American nations, most of the Anglosphere, and otherwise, it seemed to stop here. In Africa and the Middle East, on the other hand, it did not.

The next stage, of course, was dictatorship. And, finally, the extirpation of any remnant of European Western culture. Assad can be viewed as a post-European dictator. His replacement, should he fall, is likely to be of a completely Islamic and religious character. In this view Assad is actually mildly preferable to ISIS.

Now, if this process happened only in the distant areas where Europeans never really achieved a high percentage of the population, I’m not sure it would bother me any. Africa for the Africans is not necessarily something I disagree with.

But, and here’s the important part: this process has now taken root inside Western nations themselves.

I read something on Twitter surrounding this #MizzouHungerStrike thing that I commented on earlier. They wanted to decolonize the university spaces. Now, at first, this sounds like typical Progressive claptrap, but I looked this up. It’s actually a thing.

And in the context of what I’ve written above, it makes a certain kind of bizarre sense. These people view any expression of Western culture as colonial. The word is a stand-in for European, or White, or Western, or whatever.

And it’s not just happening in countries with colonial Western roots, like our own. It’s happening inside Europe itself.

Now, like that Wired article I referenced earlier, the Kill Whitey experiment, Leftists sympathize more with the migrants than their own neighbors. It would make sense, then, that they deliberately work to destroy their own countries and cultures in order to welcome in the newcomers.

They want a Mugabe to come in and push them over the railing in front of the bus because that, in their mind, will save all the downtrodden people.

What they fail to understand is that, like Snoop Dawg, these are individuals who have a different metric for what success means. Success doesn’t mean integrating, or living in a multi-cultural salad bowl. It doesn’t mean a healthy GDP, or scientific and cultural contributions. Success means conquest.

The Reaction

What I’ve been afraid of this whole time is that actual Fascist movements would arise in contrast to this invasion and attempted conquest. Idiots like Tad Williams are fond of referring to us Conservatives and Libertarians as “Nazis” but he wouldn’t know a Nazi until one chucked him into the ovens.

Unfortunately, that’s all too likely to happen now. Watch that video again and see if you see what I saw. Yes, it’s all true. But consider the tone of the video. The subtle references to Jews, as if to say “somebody did this to you.” There are only a couple, and they are short, but there it is, the tiniest beginnings of what happened to Europe time and time again in history: the roots of genocide.

People on the Right have been warning the Leftists of this for decades now. Even Vox has noted that things are starting to spiral out of control, and somebody is going to wind up strung up on a lamppost for it. These are not Right wing people, largely. The Golden Dawn in Greece is fundamentally Left-wing, but it is also nationalist. That seems like a contradiction, but in the bizarre political situation we find ourselves in, it’s not. Some Leftists are waking up to the invasion, but, critically, are NOT abandoning their otherwise totalitarian, Left-wing sympathies.

And they don’t like Muslims very much.

Tom Kratman warned us about this in his book The Caliphate, that Europe is going to be presented with a choice eventually: cultural and racial suicide, or jackboots. He wasn’t sure which one would be chosen, ultimately, but the choice would have to be made eventually.

The warnings of the Right-wing on immigration, Islam and otherwise were made to prevent the necessity of making that choice. We didn’t want things to come to this.

Europe is getting to choose between something Nazi-like and Islam. Native Evil vs. Imported Evil. I understand why Native Evil would be preferable to them. But ye gods what a shit sandwich.

Now I know why my grandfather sat there watching the news all day. He knew it was coming 30 years ago. After all, it had already come for our family in Armenia.

This is how genocide starts, people. This is how World Wars are made.

We told you this was going to happen and you didn’t listen!

Tad Williams will have real Nazis to contend with soon enough. No, not George Bush, or me, or the Sad Puppies, or Gamergaters, or any number of other people he finds unpleasant and wants to tar with the fascism brush. He will have Real. Fucking. Nazis.

And it’s sorry excuses for human beings like himself that made this possible. Thanks, progressives, for bring the planet another episode of war and genocide. Brought to you by Marxists everywhere.

Meanwhile, all of us liberty-minded folks who just wanted to be left alone are left holding the bag in this shitstorm.

Is Donald Trump a President Buckman, as Tom Kratman described? Maybe. But what’s left, now? Aside from Ted Cruz, everyone else has decided to just give up on even having a border in this country.

Maybe the people calling him a Fascist are right. Maybe. But what’s left, now? Jeb Bush? John Kasich? Don’t make me laugh. I like Rand Paul and Ben Carson personally, and think they are good people, but do they have the balls to do what needs to be done? I doubt it.

And then you have Bernie Sanders on the other side, an actual Socialist, and Hillary Clinton who is as corrupt as they come.

The shit sandwich has come to America too. What do you want? A further deterioration of Western culture in America, or jackboots? National suicide or tyranny?

Where to go from here

I’ll answer this in one phrase: I have no fucking idea.

In Armenia, under Ottoman rule, my family had a choice to get on that boat and come to America. European-Africans left Rhodesia, and are now leaving South Africa, too. They vanished from previous colonial enclaves, and have turned over their territories.

There is nowhere left to go.

I just had an exchange with one Leftist on Twitter. Take a look for yourself:




Now, this guy was so ridiculous I suspect he might be a troll. I checked out his Twitter account and he seemed legit, but I don’t trust anything on the Internet anymore. Nonetheless, every one of his talking points I have seen elsewhere on the Twitterverse. His idea for decolonization is to exile Whites to Russia. Europe is for the Syrians (Whites might be allowed to stay if they submit). The rest of the world is off limits to Whites. Note, this man claims to be Black, as far as I can tell.

This is another episode in my long running Twitter series: Who said that, SJW or Stormfronter? Here’s another quote from today’s lineup: “It’s dangerous to them when [blank] people realize their collective power!” In fact, take any SJW statement and remove the ethnicities referenced. You cannot distinguish them from Nazis or other genocidal maniacs. Because they are genocidal maniacs. Except that, as the Kill Whitey study revealed, the White Progressives want to commit genocide against themselves. It is, in their view, the ultimate payment for the sins of their ancestors. Of course, they don’t articulate it quite that way. They rationalize it, make excuses for it, etc… but pretty much everything they hate can be substituted with “Western culture,” “European,” or “White.”

When I started my Who said that, SJW or Stormfronter? series, I didn’t mean for it to become almost literal.

We’re rapidly heading to a point where the choice will literally be SJW or Stormfronter. Anti-White Fascism or Pro-White Fascism. I told Francis over at his place that this worried me. But it’s more than that.

I mourn the death of the ideals of our once-great Republic. Freedom, responsibility, independence and self-reliance. Sarah Hoyt’s books reference the half-mystical Usaian or USA-ian. That’s me. I bleed red white and blue. I want to go back to the way things were, and in that I guess I’m finally embracing myself as a Conservative. I don’t want to choose between Fascist A and Fascist B.

And I’m so tired of being called a Fascist because I don’t want to choose.

I feel like what a Roman citizen must have felt like, on the day that Augustus took office as the First Citizen of Rome. Everything we fought for is gone. Our grand experiment is over, and war is coming. Liberty probably won’t survive it, and it’s questionable if Western Civilization will make it at all.

I don’t know what that means for me in the future. I won’t put on the jackboots. I can’t. It’s anathema to me. But neither, my friends, can I sit here and watch the Left enslave us and kill our culture.

I guess that means I’ll have no shortage of enemies when the fighting starts. But, I’m a Usaian, and we are no strangers to hopeless causes.

More on Intolerance & Islam

I was going to post this as a reply to Friar Bob, but the reply became as long as the original post. Again, this is a subject which I could write a book on, and it defies quick and simple analysis.

Friar Bob explains the nature of Christ and peace:

Christians ARE enjoined to be “wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves”. Yet calling Him “pacifistic” isn’t really accurate by many contemporary uses of the word. Because today that often implies supine surrender regardless of the cost. It means go along with anything just to avoid a fight. It means Chamberlain-style negotiations with “Mr. Hitler” promising “peace in our time”. And none of that is an accurate description of Him.

He is, of course, entirely correct. Notions of the Just War entered into Christian thinking right around the time Constantine. Constantine was, of course, engaged in that perennial feature of Roman political life: the Civil War. Hardly a succession went by without intrigue, assassination and outright open war, the exception of the Five Good Emperors non-withstanding. Just War tells us that there are certain things for which Christians must fight, certain things that they cannot countenance.

Self Defense is, of course, paramount among these. But there are other things. Going to war to, say, stop the doings of Hitler is justified whether defensive or not. War purely for the sake of power, money, or love of killing is prohibited. But war to save innocents, defend your own territory and protect your loved ones is justifiable. Naturally, slippery Weasels will rationalize their wars thusly, claiming that the war they are fighting for money is really for the oppressed people of… wherever. But, nonetheless, the Just War theory requires a casus belli. World War I was, ostensibly, started by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This was the official casus belli even if the “unofficial” reasons were somewhat less pure.

The issue here is that in Christianity war must be justified. War for its own sake is not a feature of the religion.

Islam, on the other hand, requires the exact opposite. Against the denizens of the House of War, war is required unless there is some justification NOT to do it. Islamic nations do not require a casus belli. You not being a Muslim, or even being insufficiently Muslim is cause enough.

The reason is that Christ loved peace. It is true, he turned over the tables and cracked whips at the moneylenders. It is true he fought a culture war against the Pharisees. At the same time, Friar Bob’s assertion is on point: there are things Christ would not tolerate. Indeed, there are things that God has repeatedly declined to tolerate.

Nonetheless, the foundation of Christianity is peace and the foundation of Islam is war.

But Islam has been a good teacher for Western civilization. From Islam, the concepts of Jihad (Crusade), the ferreting out of the insufficiently pious, the heretic, the infidel were learned. Islam also brought back slavery into the Christian world.

It is difficult to overstate the damage Islam has done. Slavery continues to exist today in the Islamic world. Roman Christians BANNED the practice and freed their slaves. Rome, the great consummate slave regime of ancient history was forced to abolish the practice without even so much as a fight, because Christianity’s distaste for it was THAT great. Then Muslim slave traders, pirates and traffickers reintroduced the practice in places like Spain, and the borders of Byzantium, the Holy Land, etc… it is no coincidence that the Spanish & Portuguese were the first to reintroduce slavery, or that they formed, for a great while, the bulk of the slave traders. Even when the English picked up the practice, it was only after they had observed the other colonial powers doing it. This was around the time that increased contact with the Ottoman world was changing the perceptions of the West.

Even still, the Europeans knew the Good Book did not justify such activity, and made sure to practice these things only outside of their core territories. It was almost as if they felt guilt for what they were doing.

Islam feels no guilt for it.

Interestingly enough, as Europe finally achieved military supremacy over Islam in the 19th century, suddenly slavery begins to vanish. Imperialism has one last great flare in Africa and India, and then is gone forever. Religious Holy Wars become a thing of the past. Intolerance of heretics vanishes. Secular government, as in the 7th century Classical world, reasserts itself. The Divine Right of Kings is expunged. The Church loses power all over Europe, becoming ancillary to government, and finally cut off from it entirely.

Without the threat of militant Islam, Christianity dispensed with the foul tools they had copied from the Muslim world. They had no need of them any longer.

And yet history absolves the Muslims of guilt for these things, and blames Christianity instead. Christianity, which only used these tools when pressed for survival, and eliminated them soon after. While Islam has always practiced Holy War, and continues to do so today. They continue to ferret out Jews and Christians, exterminating them, exiling them or oppressing them. They continue to practice slavery and oppress women. And yet the WEST is decried as the Imperialist scum, the slavers, the oppressors, the killers. Furthermore, Christianity gets blamed for it, even though the Bible condemns these things.

It is disingenuous in the extreme, and proof of the Anti-Christian sentiment common in the West today. And, as Christians put down the tools of Tyranny, so did the Atheist Socialists pick them up and improve upon them.

Deconstructing “White” Privilege

I loathe this notion of privilege Leftists constantly drone on about. They don’t understand the concept of intersection, whereby an individual, taken as an individual, will always have both benefits and detriments. Intersection is essentially infinte.

Case in point. Who has it better? A rich Black man or a poor White man? In most circumstances, being rich easily outweighs any potential disadvantage of being Black due to racism. Then there is the beautiful woman privilege. Beautiful women can land rich men, they get preferential treatment in almost everything, because they are beautiful.

Then there is tall vs. short. Tall men generally have it better than short men. Note that Blacks, as a race, tend to be taller than the norm. How does this factor in? When I was in High School, most of the girls wanted to date Black men, because they were perceived as stronger, cooler, and more masculine than their White counterparts. I’m not sure if this is a universal, or just a product of that particular school, but again… it’s all contextual. My so-called White Privilege didn’t help me there.

Life isn’t fair. And any attempt made by the government to make it fair will only make the situation worse. The government knows how to oppress people, it does not know how to make them successful and get along. Thus any attempt by government to “right the ship” will only result in more oppression being delivered. The only equality you will achieve is equal misery.

I know racists exist. Everybody knows that. Indeed, preference for one’s own kind, be it race, ethnicity, political affiliation, culture, religion, family etc… is a natural instinct of mankind. You will never equalize it, nor should you. Some mild preference for one’s own kind is natural and generally harmless, because it has a tendency to cancel out. One author I read called this “Sunset Segregation” wherein folks could live and work together without acrimony or hate, but when they went home at sunset, they tended to go to neighborhoods with others like them in whatever respect (again, race isn’t the only factor here, either, something Leftists often forget). This sort of thing created Chinatowns and Italian blocks, Black neighborhoods and White suburban retreats. In American it was once common to see cities have separate Catholic areas, Jewish quarters, and Protestant zones, etc…

The point I’m getting at here is that humans will self-segregate in the absence of authority. It is human nature. You cannot change this without gross tyranny. Nor should you. Instead, your goal should be peaceful relations between these groups and to eliminate government discrimination. Indeed, you may even strive to merge the groups over time into one group. The term for this is ethnogenesis, wherein two cultures/groups/races/etc… become one — America used to at least try to practice this. When, for example, Whites and Blacks meet in the course of their daily lives, the interactions should be friendly, helpful and peaceful. Today, Whites often feel like they must walk on eggshells with Blacks, and Blacks feel acrimony toward Whites for historical events and contemporary media shilling.

It’s not all hopeless yet. Friendly interactions are still possible. The other day I was waiting outside one of my favorite restaurants (it was nearly an hour wait that day) and a friendly Black gentlemen and I struck up a conversation about kids, cars and other such things. He was kind, helpful and didn’t regard me with rancor because of my skin color. He had a pleasant demeanor, was obviously well-educated and held similar interests. To me, the fact that he was Black was borderline irrelevant. Most people, racial supremacists and nutjobs aside, just want interactions between people to go sort of like that.

You will find that it is the government which seeks to upset this balance. Liberals would like me to be aware of all hosts of imbalances, racist attitudes, micro-aggressions, etc… instead of just having a pleasant conversation with a fellow human being. They set the stage for people to unfriendly by filling their heads with racial nonsense. Should I have carefully structured my language to avoid potentially offending this man because I am White and have privilege? No! I think that’s racist. Instead, I simply treated him as I would expect to be treated, and when he reciprocated, all was well.

That’s not good enough for Leftists, however. Was that man dressed in less expensive clothing? Why, that must be the fault of racism in the workplace! Did another person drive a better car? Well, that could be institutional bigotry. Should I have given up my table, because I was ahead of him in line, to make up for the actions of people long dead?

Leftism seeks to enforce absolute equality of outcome. This amuses me because their belief in Evolution by Natural Selection ought to conflict with this notion. I.e. those humans who adapted to life in Africa are different in various respects than humans who adapted to life in, say, Japan. That isn’t to say one is superior to another — that’s a judgement you cannot make without context (i.e. superior at what?), and even then it’s only a gross generalization, something you should be wary of trying to apply to individuals. But it does mean they are different.

You will not see equality of outcome from different groups. Some may, on average, excel in one area, and another group may excel someplace else. Collegiate math classrooms are skewed toward East Asians. Basketball courts are skewed toward those of African descent. But don’t apply this to individuals. Yao Ming was a good basketball player. Thomas Sowell is, in my opinion, the greatest economist alive today. None of this need be indicative of anything more than natural human differences, much less some institutional attempt to keep certain races down.

Indeed, the liberal enforcement of sameness upon various races and creeds is tyrannical and evil. It is the new form of slavery. Conform to our vision of what humanity must be, they say, and if you don’t we will kill you, impoverish you, destroy your character, etc…

When liberals say peace, they mean war. When I say peace, I mean peace. I don’t want forced segregation. I don’t want forced DEsegregation either. I will be long in trying to understand how Americans could have permitted the government to rule the roost in this regard, the very organization who oppressed Blacks, deprived Native Americans of their land and now seeks to impoverish Whites, or even exterminate them. This is tantamount to asking the man who robbed you to guard your house.

I want the government to get the hell out of the way and let people live their lives in peace and do what is natural for them, so long as they obey the most basic of civilized laws. Is it really too much to ask?

Mortgage Debt is Hell

Putting this story to pen is difficult. Yet it is an accurate reflection of our times, the financial disaster that led America to this point and the Kafkan nightmare that awaits anyone who does anything off the beaten path. To preface, this is a story of a mortgage gone bad, of insurance disasters, greedy tenants, government mismanagement, propaganda, and personal irresponsibility. That last part is important to remember for anyone suffering similar circumstances. The individual is as accountable as the other actors. In this case, the individual is me.

When I was 26 years old, I worked a decent job, making about $36k a year. In those days, that was good money for a 26 year old. Real Estate was a good racket then, too. Few considered what would happen a few short years later. Traditional wisdom said to buy a home, stop throwing away your money on rent, get married and start a family. It was the American Dream.

But $36k was not going to put me in the high end of the property market, even if it was good for my age. My family owned a property in a working class (lower-middle) neighborhood since the late 70s and I wound up purchasing a home just down the street from it. There was a bit of redneck vibe to the area, but it was within tolerable limits and, in any event, I thought better the rednecks than the gang-bangers. It was a modest home in an estate sale, priced to move quick, and I picked it up for about $15k under value at $110k.

You cannot imagine the pride I had at that moment. Sure, the house was built in the 70s, and it showed in places, like the weird Formica counter tops they favored in those days, and it was small at a mere 1050 square feet, but it was mine. Most of my friends lived with their parents and I felt responsible and successful in my own meager way. Nobody helped me with the down payment, as was common for the few people I knew back then who did own a home.

For a time, things were good. Sweat equity built up over time as I remodeled the bathroom, painted the interior, rewired much of the home, and exchanged the old carpet for some inexpensive laminate floors.

Then 2008 happened. The home had been worth a comfortable $125k in January of that year. By the end of the year, equivalent homes were selling for less than $60k. Here I was, sitting on nearly a $100,000 of debt, and I had no assets to cover the deficiency. To say it scared me shitless is an understatement. Yet the payments remained as they were before, and there was no immediate danger. Indeed, I soon wound up making $50k/year. Relaxation came with the knowledge that the market would recover.

Danger signs were already lurking, however. Good, working class folks lost their homes in rapid succession as the Great Recession took its toll on construction workers, pensioners, and seniors living off 401ks that had dropped in value. Crime grew rapidly as Section 8 slum lords took over the foreclosed properties. Crack dealers moved into one notable house, full of garbage and broken windows. My future wife had a car vandalized when she came over one night. A few months later, my home was broken into. Fortunately, the things stolen were replaceable.

By 2010, it was clear that I could no longer stay in the neighborhood. My life was in danger. Gone were the rednecks whom I would smoke stogies with. Residents were now considerably darker, both in race and outlook. And they did not like the hangers-on who remained. The neighborhood belonged to them and they knew it. Whitey was neither desired nor permitted to stay in peace. Neither, however, could I rid myself of the troublesome property. The value had dropped to a mere $50k. So I decided to rent the home out.

The rent didn’t even cover the mortgage. Each month I lost $300. Tenants willing to live in such a neighborhood were invariably troublesome. The woman I found to rent the home was the least-terrible of a decidedly short list of malcontents, bad debtors, and bargain hunters. She paid, but was always late by at least a week and would only send the money if I harassed her three or four times for the check. Once or twice a year, the check would bounce and the process would have to be repeated. Demands to pay in cash or money order would typically only be heeded for a month or two before, despite anything I said, I would receive a check in the mail. But I let her stay because I feared the alternatives would be worse.

Poverty is often seen as a sort of noble state in the Bible, but those poor were more like the working class folks that were losing their jobs and their homes. The new poor that followed them into the neighborhood were of the loathsome variety, living on odd jobs, drug dealing, and welfare monies. There was nothing noble about them. Humility was not natural for them, nor was responsibility or even intelligence. My tenant repeatedly did the most idiotic things and, invariably, I wound up having to pay for those mistakes.

Once, she failed to change or clean the air filter for over six months. In my home state of Florida, this is among the dumbest things a person can do, or fail to do. The air conditioner seized and she was on the phone with me screaming at me to fix it immediately. Naturally, the technician found a filter caked solid with dirt, grime and lint. She would repeat this error twice again during her tenancy.

Another time she decided to store cereal and other foodstuffs in the garage. Rats found their way in and devoured the rotting food (never leave food in the humidity of Florida). Then they made their permanent home in the attic, tearing holes in the duct work. Over $1,500 was needed to repair the ducts, vacuum out the old insulation and blow in new insulation.

Many more stories like these exist, but they are not even the most infuriating factor. For, each time I got her voicemail, it would end with a catchphrase that this woman appended to everything. “God bless!” She would say with false enthusiasm, similar to the same phrase scrawled on the cardboard signs of street beggars everywhere. The analogy was fitting.

Still, my losses were limited to $300 a month, and if I was living in a room I rented from a friend for cheap to make up for the loss, well, that’s what I had to do. Yes, my tenant lived better than I did, driving a fancy new car, watching premium cable on a new big screen in the living room of the house she was slowly destroying. And I counted myself fortunate, for other homes were systematically gutted at a much faster rate. Scrap dealers roamed the streets buying up wiring and metals ripped from abandoned homes by scavengers and crackheads looking to score money for their next fix.

At this point, I knew I was in trouble. Values would never recover and the best I could hope for was continuing in my accidental role as a slumlord long enough to get the balance down on the loan. I figured that losing $60,000 plus $300/month for however long it took me to get there would be terrible for me, but I would suffer it anyway. After all, this was my responsibility.

But Fate was not done with me just yet. In the years after Hurricane Katrina made a mess of New Orleans, FEMA had been searching for more money. Government agencies are wont to do that anyway, but in this case, FEMA was really strapped for cash. By and large, most homes in New Orleans did not have flood insurance, yet FEMA paid for their reconstruction anyway. FEMA trailers were everywhere, FEMA debit cards, used often as not for such essentials as lap dances and new Air Jordans, were handed out like candy.

FEMA came to Florida for money in 2013. Many homes in the state, said FEMA, were being subsidized on their flood policies. The fact that Florida paid quadruple the amount in premiums as it received back in claims since the FEMA flood program began might have been a wrinkle in that argument. But not for our intrepid, cash-hungry FEMA agents.

The home I bought once cost $1500 annually for home owners insurance. About $1100 of that was the normal Hurricane and Homeowners policy. The remaining $400 was the flood policy. To make a long story short, the actuarial numbers were perfectly reflective of about $1100/year for insuring the home. In 2013, $7500/year was demanded just for the flood policy. Furthermore, the hurricane policy went up to over $2000/year. Citizens Insurance was not allowed to do that, according to Florida Law, but they found a loophole anyway. So much for state-run insurance companies being cheap. Then Citizens Insurance demanded I replace the roof, the HVAC unit (limping along under the mistreatment of my tenant) and the breaker box or they would refuse to insure the home at all.

Yes. I was going to have to pay nearly $10,000 a year and over $20,000 in improvements to insure a ghetto property worth $50,000. But soon it wasn’t even worth that anymore. It turns out even slumlords don’t want to buy properties that have insurance costs that high. Soon, foreclosures were going for $35,000. One went for $15,000. Democrats celebrated the “rich” finally paying their “fair share” for flood insurance. Never mind the million dollar waterfront properties with lower premiums than mine. Republicans made some mouth noises about government corruption but did very little. Par for the course with them.

There was no end in sight for me, now. It would take the full 30 year term to be rid of the property and in the meantime the terms of my mortgage would require me to pay $10,000 a year in insurance. I was on the edge of ruin. I called an attorney and attempted to negotiate with the bank.

After a year and a half of attempting to short sale the property it became clear that nobody wanted it. I did a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure with the bank and handed them the keys.

Oh, and the tenant? As soon as she figured out the property was going into foreclosure proceedings, she stopped paying. For six months she held up various attempts to evict her with threats of lawsuits and legal wrangling (in one case, she threatened to sue me for the rat problem she caused). My attorney finally gave up and advised me to bribe her to get out.

She demanded $2,500 for this service and then had the nerve to say “cash only, I don’t want you bouncing checks on me.” Naturally, the house was trashed when she finally left. Garbage bags were everywhere and spray paint was on the walls. The fridge was filled to the brim with rotten food.

She lectured me as she left saying “it’s all your fault that I gotta find some place to live.” I had to physically restrain my wife from beating her face in. It was like being the security guard at a live televising of the Jerry Springer show. As a result of the attorney fees and the bribe, I was flat broke and my wife, son and I had been living on ramen noodles and picking up coupons for cheaper formula from the neighbors. My wife, the hot-blooded Latina that she is, could no longer countenance the blatant disrespect. Nonetheless, if my reflexes had been a whit slower than they were, I probably would have had to bail her out of jail.

Now the IRS thinks I’ve made over $70,000 in untaxed income this year. Because it was rented out for so long, it does not qualify as a primary residence and so the “cancellation of debt” is “ordinary income” as if somebody just handed me a suitcase full of money. Navigating the complex tax codes to exclude this have required the services of a CPA and even he says we’re not going to be able to exclude all of it. Why? Because the IRS insolvency test pretty much guarantees an audit, and the burden of proof for all valuations is on me, so I have to “take the safe route” on every deduction and fair market valuation unless I want a garnished pay check. In simple terms, the IRS will say I have tens of thousands in assets when I have basically nothing.

I’ll have a tax bill next year somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000, in all likelihood. So the ramen noodles and coupon-cutting will continue for the foreseeable future. But I’ll make it anyway.

And my friends who lived with their parents until their 30s? Many of them still do. Maybe they were wiser than I.

What’s clear to me after all this, is that responsibility is punished and irresponsibility cheered on. I could not evict the tenant because she had “medical problems” and the courts would sympathize with her, especially if she made wild claims about rat infestations she blamed on me. She drives a new car while I’m going to have to sell mine and go pick up some piece of crap with 4 wheels and 200k+ miles on it. God knows my base model F150 isn’t a luxury vehicle, but it is newer and has value. I’ll need the money. Section 8 gang bangers live for free while I’ve had to pay more than the entire purchase price of the home, over the years, just to be rid of it and get exactly nothing.

Am I bitter? Yeah, I’m bitter. And angry. Government, banking, irresponsible people and ghetto trash ruined me. They ruined my old working-class neighbors too, some of whom were the most hard working, decent people I’ve ever met. I wonder about them sometimes, where they are today and how they ultimately fared. One man I knew only as “Chief” had a fondness for cigars and whiskey, and he would come over if he spotted me sitting on the front porch. He was in his 70s, but thought nothing of sipping whiskey with us younger folks. He’d commend me. “You’re doing it right, son.” He’d tell me. “Working hard.” Then he’d hand me a stogie and we’d smoke on the front porch with a few other neighbors talking about America-that-was. American flags used to wave lazily in the breeze in front of houses that are now filled to the brim with drug dealers and their addicts.

That America is just a memory for me now. But one thing is clear and inescapable. This was my fault too.

I should have seen it coming. We all should have. The whole country, our entire civilization is cracking around us and good people do nothing. That’s on me as much as anyone else. If only I could slap some sense into that idealistic 26 year old thinking he had it all figured out. But I can’t. This cynical, curmudgeonly bastard is all that’s left of him.

Tonight I’ll smoke my last cigar, for the humidor has been emptying slowly for months, and face another year of living on the cheap, barely hanging on to the Middle class, watching everyone else enjoy the fruits of my labor. I don’t envy them though, because the bill collectors will come for them too, someday. They will come for all of us.

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