As With Epstein, The Corruption is Evident, But…

…it’s very likely that nothing will be done to bring the culprits to justice.

You can probably get the video online of Dr. Oz’s show today. The link is of the preview. He’s made a model of Epstein’s cell setup, and is asking questions about the scenario of Tim Gallagher, a medical examiner. He is going to, in a few minutes, look at the information available about the autopsy, and make some conclusions about what happened.

He did point out that most autopsies are longer than the two lines that were released; often many pages of findings. So, it appears that he may be somewhat skeptical about the official investigation.

However, I doubt that he will find that it was murder. Oz did repeat a stat I’d heard, that only about 1% of suicides have a broken hyoid bone. Gallagher calls it doubtful that it could have been broken by suicide.

He is cautious, saying that he (Gallagher) has no EVIDENCE of murder, but he hesitates to call it suicide. Oz points out that Assisted Suicide might be a possibility.

For network TV about a controversial topic, that might reflect badly on the Elite, this is not bad.

Money in Politics

I found this article on The Intercept, on the tangled relationship between money raised for the parent political organization, and House committee assignments. It puts the chairs of each committee into a fresh perspective. Apparently, for the “money” committees – those that have the potential to use for raising money from corporate interests – ya’ gotta pay to play.

On those so-called money committees, like Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce, even freshman members are asked to pay higher dues. That’s because those committees have jurisdiction over effectively every major industry, giving members a leg-up in demanding checks from corporations who need — or oppose — legislation before the panel. It is also valuable for industries to have committee members write letters to agencies they oversee.

The Intercept was started up as an independent news organization, by Ebay founder:

EBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar provided the funding to launch The Intercept and continues to support it through First Look Media Works, a nonprofit organization.

If the linked article is any indication, the outlet is worth checking out. Warning: most of the stories on the site lean Left – the above article may have been planted as a strategy for the Young Turks to oust the Old Guard. But – aside from the entertainment value – such looks “under the hood” can be a valuable way to find out stuff that is usually hidden from the public.

Caveat Emptor.

Pre-2020 Thoughts

I’m living in SC, right near the NC border (I wrote a blog post about the upcoming McCready-Bishop District 9 election here). It’s too close to call, and heating up. The mud-slinging is heavy, and just about everyone I’ve talked to is heartily sick of the whole thing.

No matter what the outcome, it’s unlikely to give a sign of how the 2020 election will go. McCready (D) may well win, but that probably will be as much due to people’s disgust with the blatant fraud that the GOP candidate engaged in last year, as to favoring McCready.

In the initial election, McCready had wide support – war veteran, entrepreneur in the solar industry, and just generally a clean-cut image. It didn’t hurt that he was the victim of some serious fraud, that likely skewed the election to the GOP candidate (Mark Harris – NOT running this time).

The current GOP candidate, Dan Bishop, is being held up as in the pocket of the drug industry, based on ONE vote against a bill – but, the full record does NOT support that characterization.

McCready’s work in the solar industry did benefit from tax subsidies, as well as Chinese-made solar panels. Read the whole story, from a mainstream source, that may put the various claims in context.

If McCready wins, the Dems/Leftists will likely begin the crowing about the upcomingTrump-collapse.

I don’t see that happening. Here’s a link that might explain the difference between a weak and divided Democratic party, and the GOP, and why the pundits might – once again – be wrong about Trump.

The Whole World is Watching?

Not by a long shot. After seeing (on Raconteur Report) a picture of the Chinese army tanks massing at the border, I immediately opened a tab to Fox News – nada on the front page, buried on the Asia page.

I just started this post after seeing that the local news (Charlotte, NC) is showing Tips on How to De-Clutter Your Office – apparently, the very real likelihood that a lot of Hong Kong residents will die in the short term is NOT news.

So? It’s clear that the world is NOT watching, and the Chinese may freely stomp on Hong Kong to their heart’s content.

What can we do?

ONE thing we can do is to let it be known that we will NOT buy from companies with Chinese-manufatured products. Some alternatives for toys. The boycott doesn’t have to be total, just enough to cause a crappy Christmas for the Land of Self-Righteous Asians.

If you’re planning a computer buy, be aware that MOST of them are made in China – including Lenovo, notorious for spyware that is linked to the Chinese government.

Here’s a list of where computers are made (be aware, some companies may SELL them as an American company, but assemble them in China – Apple, for example).

Some companies still make them here (Dell), but the parts come from China, among other places.

What you CAN do is to install Linux as the operating system, taking back some control of your private info (although that depends on how securely it’s been installed).

A quick search here will bring up a list of alternatives. It’s still early for shopping and planning, so consider making it your first stop. Here is another source, although they are clear that full computers are NOT made here – they are assembled from parts made by foreign manufacturers.

More about computer hardware (the article is one year old).

Until I looked into the issue of Chinese manufacture, I hadn’t realized the penetration into the USA market – see here.

Consider calling, emailing, etc. your Senators, House Reps, and the White House – come to think of it, give the ol’ State Dept. a lil’ goose, as well. The State Dept link goes straight to their email system; note that one of the categories is Emergencies Abroad. If this anticipated invasion doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does. Maybe if they hear directly from the American Public, they won’t be so inclined to make nice with their Leftist associates abroad.

Harsh Words for the Soft-Hearted

One factor that hasn’t been mentioned as fueling the number of people urging the US to accept ALL the people who show up at its door is the reluctance of those people to actually travel to those countries of origin to help the downtrodden masses.

It’s just a lot safer, not to mention less unpleasant, to help those people HERE, rather than THERE.

Americans of the missionary type (religious or secular) used to travel to South America, Africa, and Asia to perform their good works. Most of them no longer do so, at least in part, because the governments of those places had a nasty habit of evicting, killing, and imprisoning those do-gooders.

Not to mention other hazards:

  • Sexual assault by natives, who didn’t have the American “nuanced” understanding of sexual expression, and, instead, thought of sexually-active volunteers as “free game”.
  • Resistance by the entrenched powers – civil, religious, and business/landowners – who found that the volunteers threatened the current balance of power.
  • Outright war/inter-tribal hostilities.

These are just a few of the reasons that many social activists would prefer to work with the underprivileged in America. It’s safer. It is subsidized by the government. And there is less chance of the government forces coming into their homes and butchering them.

All that stuff about Trump representing a “real danger” to activists?

Pul-ease! As a friend of mine used to say.

They know they can “act out” and nothing will happen to them.


Some Random Thoughts

I’ve been wandering around – hither and yon – always wanted to write that – and decided to throw in a hodge-podge of news/thoughts/opinions to offload them from the back of my brain.

In short, a Brain Dump.

In no special order:

  • From Raconteur Report, a film you really will want to watch. Peter Jackson is amazing – the LOTR trilogy would have been sufficient to secure his place in film history, but he also produced – WITH HIS SERVICES FOR FREE – They Shall Not Grow Old. The story of WWI, from the viewpoint of Tommy – generic term for British soldiers.
  • Crusius, the Dayton shooter, has his Profile on MyLife changed from Democrat to Republican – and also adds a lot of other “info” that smears Deplorables. Funny how that “just happens”. What’s that Russian word for Disinformation?
  • More social media from the Dayton shooter.
  • Scary – Ebola crosses into Rwanda, that country closes its border – kind of. What they are doing is checking those wanting to cross for fever. But, apparently, fever doesn’t show up in many that are infected with Ebola, until it is too late. The African countries aren’t stupid – eventually, the countries bordering outbreaks will throw up a quarantine around affected neighbors. See the map showing distribution areas below (original at link):
  • And, Ebola is not the only problem disease around. Europe has its own superbug. Graphic of deaths below from caarbapenum-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae; that antibiotic is basically the last defense against many diseases.
    • The more people with weakened immunity systems that are around, the more antibiotics will be overused. That’s a major problem when 1st-World countries get overrun with unchecked immigration – the kind we’re facing at our border.
    • They come in with diseases that are already resistant to treatment. Often, they are minimally compliant with directions to use the medicine for the entire period needed to ensure eradication. That’s a common problem with diseases needing prolonged time periods to completely cure them, such as TB (here’s what the CDC has to say about it, and, remember, they are probably minimizing the risk).
    • Muslim women often don’t see doctors for illness, as their culture may prohibit examination by men. That’s a lot of people who may potentially harbor some downright nasty stuff.
  • Apple Owners – you (and I – I have an Apple phone, 2 IPads, and a Macbook) – need to have a come-to-Jesus moment, real soon, about whether to continue supporting a company with so little concern about Human Rights and Worker Abuse – which now includes children.
    • For those needing to make a switch in computers, may I suggest the Raspberry Pi family? I’m on my 2nd Pi (my Pi 3B went to my sister, and I bought the new Pi 4).
    • They now make laptops using Linux, too (when my MacBook dies, I will make the switch – I’m not a fan of dumping working tools for philosophical/political reasons).
  • Appropo of tech, this piece about Andrew Yang does put his proposed solutions into perspective. His indifference to human desire to be free of government interference – a basic tenet of the American Way of Life – marks him, not just as another soulless technocrat, but, perhaps, captive to his Asian heritage.
  • Last, a site I just found today, that moved me to put it at the top of my Blogs I Have to Read bookmark list, Tsionizm. The post that got me to Get All In? Here. Definitely a guy I’ll be referencing in Leftism 4 Beginners (which is slowly moving along – I should be able to post another chapter by next weekend).
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