De-Constructing The Federal Government

This is basically a process that needs to be started – right now. The longer Trump waits, the harder it gets.

The first stage is to identify the Departments that more properly should be located in places other than Washington, DC. The best Candidates would be:

  • The Department of the Interior
    • Locate it in a relatively empty part of the Midwest, using federal properties that are no longer used. A good assumption is that those properties will need to be updated/rehabbed before they are ready to move in, so, in the interim, rent space in commercial buildings. DO NOT sign a long-term lease – 1-3 years max.
    • Move the Upper management first, with a SMALL staff.
    • Do NOT allow telecommuting – they have to physically move to the new location, or find another job.
    • After those people move in, transfer functions – phone support, report generation, customer service, paperwork, etc. If people don’t want to move, shake their hand, sign the departure paperwork, and replace them with local people.
    • The goal is to move as much of the activities of the Dept. as possible in the shortest time possible. Work to make this a one-way move – make it as difficult as possible for that Dept. to return to DC.
  • The Department of Education – perhaps in Iowa, the home of the famous assessment tests?
  • The Department of Labor – one of the Steeltowns – Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit?
  • Treasury – use one of the Mint cities.
  • Agriculture – pick a farm state.
  • The Services – Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.
    • Pick a city where they have an academy/base – move them there. Limit just how many people can be in Washington at a single time. The rest have to locate in another part of the country.
    • If they retire from the military, they may NOT receive their pension if they accept a job within 150 miles of DC.
  • HUD
    • Put this in one of the cities that has properties that they are administering. They can set up offices in one of the emptier buildings.
  • Transportation
    • Atlanta, or other transportation hub – NOT DC.
  • Energy
    • Someplace they dig energy out of the ground.
  • VA
    • Set up offices in the hospitals, satellite-style. Parcel out the essential functions to different ones.

The others get to stay, for now. But, they get reduced in size.

The most essential things to remember:

  • The goal is to reduce the size of the department. Some of this will be attrition – people will not move out of DC. Some of this will involve outsourcing of services – such as paycheck processing, HR, retirement benefits. These are all services that private industry does, cheaper and better than government.
  • Sell the buildings that house those agencies ASAP – take away their ability to just come back, under other administrations.
  • Get rid of functions. There is absolutely NO reason to have a GPO (Government Printing Office). The files can be sent electronically to where they are needed, and printed out locally. This both enriches the local economy, and eliminates a whole bunch of government employees. Save waste on storage of documents, too.
  • Engineers should be brought in to analyze the parts of government – don’t drag this out, just make a quick assessment. They should prioritize the changes, set them in motion, and Get ‘Er Done.

The longer Trump waits, the harder it becomes. Fund the change by ordering a 10% REDUCTION in the previous year’s budget – for EVERY department. Use that money to get the change made.

The Role of a Wife

Rush Limbaugh referenced Melania Trump’s comment about a White House staffer, who subsequently was removed from her post.

It’s the basic idea that a man has to take a subservient role in domestic disputes – “Yes, Honey – I was wrong”. That’s a common belief among men, and one that is encouraged by women who want The Final Word at home.

I’ve been married nearly 45 years (this January 12 is that anniversary). I won’t claim that we haven’t had some difficult times – we moved, for example 17 times in the first 15 years. We had 3 kids in 4 years.

We’ve endured the deaths of ALL of our parents, and each of us has lost a brother before their time.

We don’t always agree – for the last 10 years, I’ve voted differently than my husband, supporting candidates that he despised.

We’ve had “discussions” about housework, bills, and laundry.

In short, just like everyone else.

What we HAVEN’T had is me “pulling rank”, and insisting that the discussion better end in me winning. I do NOT enforce the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” philosophy.

Are there times when one person in the marriage should have more weight in some decisions? Sure – if the women has greater responsibility for household tasks, her method of doing them should be followed.

If one has a greater financial responsibility for paying the bills (must donate a larger share to the communal pot), then that person’s decision on whether a purchase should be made, and upper limits on that purchase, should be final.

This just makes sense. But, no person should act with disregard for the other’s opinion. Proper respect should be shown for that input, even if it doesn’t sway the final decision.

Melania had endured friction with the offending staffer before – this was not a tantrum, nor a sudden decision. She’s not generally a difficult woman, nor a complainer. The person had over-ridden her desire to bring along a few of her staffers on a trip, and was rather rudely refused, and that staffer’s people took the trip instead.

That she felt strongly enough to bring the dispute to Donald’s attention, led him to act. That shows a lot of respect for her judgement, as well as sensitivity to her concerns. That’s NOT buckling down to the Wifey’s demands.

Hopefully, other staffers will get the point – don’t unnecessarily piss off the boss’s wife. Show respect, and don’t make unreasonable demands on her.

She may be generally quiet, but she carries a lot of clout. Trump did NOT cave into his wife’s demands, but rather, once the problem was brought to his attention, acted in support of her decision.

Wait Until the Dem Throwdown Starts

Rush was talking about this today (I actually have NEVER heard his show – I generally read the transcript. As a hearing-impaired person, it’s just easier than straining to listen).

Apparently, he’s been talking to Lindsey Graham, and the Graham-Man says that he’s looking for the Dem solidarity to fracture – that’s the word, fracture.

I can’t wait. I just have this gut feeling that Occasionally-Cortex is gonna get impatient, and go mano-a-mano with The Queen, in public.

I swear, I’d buy tickets for that fight. Can’t you just see it, the Wild-Eyed Hottie and Skeletor getting in each other’s face?

Nancy: “Hey, Kid, why are you taking off those big hoop earrings? Oh, shi–!”

Not only is Nancy gonna get dusted, so are a LOT of Old Not-So Activists – Ayers, Dohrn, Clinton, et al. They’re gonna get chewed up by the impatient New Guard.

Hell, they might even try to take on Old Georgie S! Wa-Hoo! as we say in Cleveland!

The FL Election Fraud Seen as Prep for 2020

This concept does make a lot of sense. Years ago, I remember reading The Ugly American, which laid out the way that Leftists of that time built the framework for “grassroots activism”. They did so by posing as amateurs. They would use a few well-placed allies, get them to guide a crowd into a relatively small space, and get them working in unison. They did this through chanting, coordinated movements, and gradually getting the crowd to begin working as a unit.

They actively tried to get the government to act. If they could, it was a unifying force.

FL is this. The testing ground for future action, the place they are working out the processes for the next assault on our system of government.

On The Slopes of Mount Parnassus

Source: Wikimedia

At the beginning of the 5th century B.C., Xerxes crossed the Hellespont with an army gathered from every subject territory of the Achaemenid Imperium. Per Herodotus, this army may have numbered as many as 2M soldiers, with a logistical train of 5M. 600 warships and 400 supply barges supported the colossal host and shadowed its march down the Greek peninsula.

The Athenians knew they were a primary target and quickly dispatched a high level delegation to Delphi to consult with the Oracle. The supplicants performed the obligatory rituals and approached the temple with laurel branches sacred to Apollo in hand, along with a sacrificial goat and a monetary offering.

Within the temple awaited the Pythia, a purple veil covering her face as she sat on a tripod placed over the sacred vapors emanating from cracks in the floor. When asked by the supplicants what the Gods counseled concerning the Persian invasion, the Pythia removed her veil and spoke thus:

Now your statues are standing and pouring sweat. They shiver with dread. The black blood drips from the highest rooftops. They have seen the necessity of evil. Get out, get out of my sanctum and drown your spirits in woe.

Seeing the doom of their city in the words of the augury, the Athenian delegation resolved to approach the Oracle again. Asking her what the Gods could suggest that they do to save themselves and their city, the Pythia delivered a second divination:

Await not in quiet the coming of the horses, the marching feet, the armed host upon the land. Slip away. Turn your back. You will meet in battle anyway. O holy Salamis, you will be the death of many a woman’s son between the seed time and the harvest of the grain.

Themistocles of Athens, a skilled orator and exemplary strategist, deduced the meaning of the prophecy and convinced the Athenians of his interpretation. From this followed the evacuation of the Athenian populace to the nearby island of Salamis where, after witnessing the army of Xerxes burning their city to ashes, a combined Greek fleet led by the Athenian navy lured the Persian armada into an ambush near a cape of Salamis and annihilated them as the ShahanShah of the Persians watched from his throne atop a mainland bluff.

The prestige of the Delphic Oracle was at its peak in those days. But now the once sacred site lies in ruins, its purifying springs having ceased to flow, the thermal mists no longer rising from the floor of Apollo’s desolate sanctum. Yet the disorder, menace and tribulations of today rekindle memories of ancient crises and the ways in which our forebears confronted them.

People with advantages … come readily to define themselves as inherently worthy of what they possess; they come to believe themselves ‘naturally’ elite, and, in fact, to imagine their possessions and their privileges as natural extensions of their own elite selves. – C. Wright Mills

We know the nature of the crisis. The federal government taking a dominant role in the nation’s political affairs to win the Civil War but not relinquishing that authority upon the war’s conclusion has led step by step to a challenge of the fundamental makeup of our civilization – centralized control by our ‘wise elders’ driven thru collectivist group conformity/identity versus the freedom of the individual, constitutionally mandated decentralization of political power and respect for natural rights. Our civilization is on the verge of a breakdown, as birth rates further deteriorate, the internal proletariat increasingly loses faith in society’s institutions, and the current cultural leadership in political, economic and social spheres attempts to establish itself as a dominant minority, exercising power as a self-awarded moral and intellectual privilege while tearing down what is left of the current cultural infrastructure in order to replace it with people and frameworks that solidify and expand their preeminence.

Nassim Taleb believes the root of the problem is that our world is run by self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who are in fact not anything of the sort, since their ideas, efforts, programs, policies and principles are based in elegant theory, not reality; furthermore, the damaging consequences of their errors do not rebound on them, but on the rest of us, as these ‘experts’ have no skin in the game and thus suffer no consequences for their failures. Thus, they never learn from their mistakes and, contrary to the natural (Darwinian) ramifications of being found lacking in ability and merit, remain to benefit from their privilege and position, free to continue pontificating from their ivory towers on the intrinsically just precepts of Plato’s Republic while looking down their noses at the ‘ignorant proles’ who are too ‘common’ in their worldview and limited in their education and perceptive faculties to fully understand.

With all of this in mind: how did the Left manage to have a decently successful midterm?

Let’s be clear about one thing: the Left did not achieve its gains thru promoting a detailed platform with an appealing view of the future. MONEY BOUGHT THE LAST ELECTION CYCLE. Every victorious candidate on the Left – and quite a few of the ones who failed, including a far left progressive in Texas who had a $72M budget to contest a senate seat – had ‘anonymous’ donors who provided anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 of their budget. The DNC had almost nothing to give; for the last two years, their coffers have been empty and they have been effectively bankrupt.

We also know where that money came from – Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg and a handful of others who see an opportunity for colossal profit in the collapse of America by grabbing a tremendous number of assets at fire sale prices. Unlike the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. of the James Bond films, this loose fraternity operates in the open, leaving their enclaves in Silicon Valley and the old money archipelago of mansions in upper New York State to rub elbows with like-minded confederates at Davos.

Though they claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of an upper-middle-class professional elite, top-heavy with journalists, academics and lawyers. – Camille Paglia

The money provided to turn the House to a small Democrat majority and flip 7 governorships incurred an obligation. We can already see the form its payment will take. The MSM, already disgusting before, is plumbing new depths of mendacity and vileness in its role as the Minitrue of the Progressive/Neo-Maoist left. House democrats have declared their intent to launch 85 ‘investigations’ against the president and his associates to contrive scandals and controversies with which to feed the MSM megaphone, like a round-the-clock “Two Minute Hate.” And the early indications regarding legislative priorities of a Democratic House are clearly intended to harm and inflame the President’s voting base.

The goal, of course, is chaos in the polity, economic disruption, tribalism and the “death by a thousands cuts” of the Rule of Law. It doesn’t go quite the full distance that would instigate a Civil War, but is more in the nature of a “Cultural Revolution.” Blood has already been spilled – the Republican House baseball practice that was shot up in 2017, the Antifa associate who sent out mail bombs last year that killed two and maimed four, the other Antifa acolyte who gunned down 26 people (including a 9 month old baby) in a church in a SE San Antonio suburb, as well as people who have been assaulted and injured (some permanently) at Antifa riots in Berkeley, Portland and elsewhere. But a Cultural Revolution targets only those who lead the polity and are in positions of authority, along with any of their followers in the internal proletariat who have the nerve to resist. The goal is to capture the polity intact but bereft of leadership, so that it can be herded and then shaped to Revolutionary ends.

This leads to an important question: how many acolytes are there in this Cultural Revolution? Not just the fanatical Red Guard, but others who believe in most or all of the same vision but aren’t quite as ‘enthusiastic’ in the efforts to implement it?

The view of the Establishment as promulgated by the MSM is that a new Mason Dixon line exists in America, with the boundary running between Urban & Suburban America and Rural regions. But logic suggests that this cannot possibly be the case. After all, over 81% of Americans live in urban & suburban areas; thus, the House of Representatives should not be anywhere close to an even split.

Consulting polls to gauge the political divide is a mostly fruitless endeavor. Polls can be quite slanted. Methodologies can be questionable. They can disagree quite dramatically. They can also be horribly wrong. And voters can also be very fickle. Perhaps the ancient Greeks understood human psychology far better than we do, as the divinities of the Hellenic pantheon that served as stand-ins for various aspects of Hellenic culture were often temperamental, vain, irrational, wanton, undependable, callous, sadistic, erratic and foolish – a rather accurate reflection of Ancient Greek society that has more than a little in common with our own. In the end, we can only characterize the American polity in broad generalities – rural areas are usually some shade of red, urban areas are frequently a lighter or darker shade of blue, and the suburbs are typically a battleground. Taken as a whole, Americans seem to be about 1/3 to the right and 1/3 to the left, with the rest waffling.

Trump forcefully appealed to them all, quite energetically and directly. That’s how states previously considered blue bastions turned to him in 2016 and how so many Republican congressmen emerged victorious in suburban districts. It was a highly inclusive message, intended to cross boundaries of race, creed, color, class and gender, and was recognized by many voters as a sincere appeal.

The Left, driven by their deep-pocketed corporate donors, has responded not by seeking to win back the hearts and minds of a majority of Americans, but by waging political, informational, legal and cultural war against political opponents and their supporters in an effort to energize their own base and demoralize that of their rivals. Theirs is not an attempt to revive their fortune thru the traditional democratic process, but to destroy the opposition and grasp absolute power.

If they are successful, what will follow, however, will not be the collectivist, redistributionist, egalitarian paradise of the left’s ideologues. They will become mortal enemies of the State just as much as the Right, as wealthy donors unite in common cause with the political and social elite to impose their oligarchic/plutocratic rule.

Like the Persian host of old, the forces arrayed against us are daunting and could easily provoke despair in even stout hearts. If we were to follow the example of the Athenians and made the journey to Mount Parnassus today in order to seek the counsel of the Pythia, what would she say to us?

There is a history in all men’s lives,
Figuring the nature of the times deceas’d,
The which observed, a man may prophesy
With a near aim, of the main chance of things
As yet not come to life, which in their seeds
And weak beginnings lie intreasured. – William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part II

I believe the Pythia would recognize that we have a Grey/’Orange’ Champion already – a man from an earlier time, one who is defiant, resolute, unbending and more than a little ruthless. He does not wither, yield or merely defend, but attacks and counterattacks, always regaining the initiative with redoubled ferocity to keep his enemies reeling and unbalanced.

The seeds of our destiny may already be sown, and the Delphic Oracle was esteemed for divining the crop such a planting would likely yield. My guess is that the Pythia would say something along the following lines:

Honor your ancestors, who once toiled and sacrificed for your future; be steadfast and confident, for a mighty pilot has grasped the helm of your ship. Your allies are more than you know, and the helmsman shall steer your course true. You shall have revenge upon those who have usurped your house, like Odysseus of old.

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