Terror, Coups, and Black Lives Matter

Well, I picked an interesting time to step away from blogging and get some work done… We had three major events occur in quick succession.

First off, an Islamic terrorist did something I had been warning people about for years: he used a truck to bowl over as many people as he possibly could. I used to explain to people in debates on matters of gun control that plenty of weapons were available for mass killings even supposing a gun ban could work. My usual example was that a semi-truck could be driven into a populated place, and be used to kill as many (or more) than any AR-15 could. I didn’t intend for a terrorist to take the idea seriously.

But now the question is, will the Left demand an end to the easy sales and rentals of assault trucks?



Shortly thereafter, we had Black Lives Matter inspire another ambush of police officers. This time the nutcase responsible for it was clearly a Black Lives Matter supporter, and had repeatedly posted anti-white and anti-cop slogans all over his Twitter feed. His motivations are laid bare for us to see. TheRalph dissects the man’s motivations and connections to Black Lives Matter here. One of the interesting things to note, however, is that one of the three murdered cops was black.

Remember, Black Lives only Matter if they are thugs, and if they have a long records. Black cops, of course, are fair game. So are the blacks routinely killed in urban enclaves from Chicago to DC. Those lives clearly don’t matter to the protesters.

And lastly we had an attempted coup, or at least what looked vaguely like one, attempted in Turkey. On this matter I have little to add, except to note that Tom Kratman has covered the topic much better than I could. He suspects a degree of foreknowledge on the part of Erdogan, and I cannot help but agree. As someone of Armenian ancestry, I cannot say I’m exactly in the Turkish fan club, but it must be noted that a secular Turkey under the shade of Kemalism is somewhat preferable to a radical Islamist Turkey. Especially if one considers the NATO angle.

Can you imagine being pulled in support of a radical Islamist agenda because of NATO? Erdogan has always been something of a tyrant-in-waiting, but now it appears the waiting is coming to an end, and the tyrant will soon be laid bare.

I feel bad for the Greeks. The EU has screwed them from both angles.

Tidbits and Errata

As we come up on Independence day, I have a few pearls of wisdom, errata, and other tidbits.

First, the esteemed Col. Kratman has written a number of articles on the character and nature of those who serve. They are worth reading.

Great Enlisted Men – Ferocity

Great Enlisted Men – Determination

My readers are probably aware that I have not served, though my esteemed colleague here at The Declination, KodeTen, has. For me, not serving has been a bitter regret. My father and brother served, as did both grandfathers. Military service has long been a sort of family tradition. On my wall, there is a picture of my grandfather, my father, and my brother, each in uniform on graduation day. And it remains a regret that I have none for myself to join them.

Samuel Johnson said it best: “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea.

Fortunately, Tom Kratman pointed out that the reservist age has been increased of late, and so it may be possible for me to do that, at the very least. Still, I will extol my younger readers to consider very carefully if they wish to serve. If there is ever a nagging doubt that the day may come when they want to, best to do so while still young.

Of course, if Hillary is elected, I’m not sure that would be wise… but that’s a very different kettle of fish.

On another matter, note that the political elites have decided, of late, that democracy isn’t such a good thing. As their plans to replace their constituency with third-worlders begin to fail, and the will of the citizenry reasserts itself, they become less enamored with democracy. This correction issued from the Washington Post is instructive:


Like that spin?

Of late, there is a tendency to portray the populace as stupid, and not entirely without justification, mind you. But the plan of the politicians has been to import idiots from other countries, thus to increase the pool of idiot voters. They do not want the best and brightest from Mexico (or Syrian refugees in the case of Britain), for example. They prefer a selection of random people from a country with a much lower average IQ, because they can be easily tricked into voting for bigger government.

However, as resistance increases and it becomes clear that the existing citizenry doesn’t want to go along with this plan, suddenly the elites are saying things like they say of Brexit now: ‘well, the will of the people is stupid, so it shouldn’t count.’ The Washington Post accidentally revealed this, but quickly corrected themselves.

Still, the spin should be obvious for anyone to see.

Lastly, the ISIS attack in Istanbul is interesting. Until now, Turkey has been tacitly supporting ISIS (even The Guardian suggests this), or at least running some level of political interference for them. So what changed? Or is there something else going on here?

This is damned odd… with the European Union coming apart at the seams, while Turkey simultaneously bids for admittance into it, there seems to be some kind of political funny business going on behind the scenes.

If any of my readers have insight into this, I’m all ears.

What is Treason?

Francis, over at Libery’s Torch, touches upon a very important topic in America, that frequently gets overlooked: treason. I will allow him to explain for us:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. [Constitution of the United States, Article III, Section 3]

Isabel Paterson noted the treason clause, in combination with the Constitution’s prohibition of bills of attainder and “corruption of blood,” as supremely important protections for the lives and property rights of Americans. Understanding this requires knowledge of how charges of treason were used by monarchies to destroy those who opposed the king. For all practical purposes, if the king charged you with treason, you were automatically guilty – and no one dared object, for reasons that should be obvious. “Corruption of blood,” another monarchical practice banned by the Constitution, extended the penalty from the accused to his family: it “justified” the attainting of the accused’s relatives, seizure of all family property, and in some cases the enslavement of all family members.

But these provisions, though critical to attaining a grasp of the mindset of the Founding Fathers, are of less interesttoday than the three words “War,” “Aid,” and “Comfort.”

Yes, Gentle Reader, those specific words are of vital importance to us today: the twentieth of June in the year of Our Lord 2016. There are several reasons, but the one I have in mind at the moment is Islam.

Now the interesting thing here is that Francis immediately brings up Islam. And he is not wrong to do so. Those who give Aid and Comfort to our Islamic terror enemies are among us. They are in our government. They are among the civilian population, also. Members of Omar’s family had reason to believe he was planning an attack, and did nothing. Are they traitors, then? A Court of Law should decide this, but certainly they should be charged. It appears his wife will be charged with accessory to murder, but this is too small a thing.

Our political leaders lie about terror attacks, most notably Hillary lying about Benghazi. Is this treasonous, via Aid and Comfort to the enemy? Again, quite possibly. She should have been charged.

But it goes beyond Islam. While Francis does an excellent job of laying out the case for those who support Islamic terror, what of those La Raza supporting Mexican immigrants (legal and illegal) who have been spotted at Trump rallies assaulting American citizens, burning the American flag, and then holding up signs saying “Make America Mexico Again”? They are, in effect, demanding that America cede the Southwestern states to Mexico.

We are not at war with Mexico, yet Mexico sends us millions of people through illegal channels. In normal times, this would be called an invasion. It would be grounds for war. If millions of Americans illegally crossed into Mexico, certainly the international community would condemn it as a warlike act. Are those within the government that support this via aid and succor treasonous? I don’t know the jurisprudence to make such a decision, naturally, but I do suggest that this should be investigated. If they are illegal immigrants, the decision is simple: deport them. They are active agents of chaos and destruction and have no right to be here. If they are legal immigrant citizens, then the charge of treason should be investigated. They have violated their oaths.

Are these traitors? If they are illegal, then no, they have taken no oaths -- but they must be deported. If they have taken an oath, then consider the possibility that they have violated their oath.

Are these traitors? If they are illegal, then no, they have taken no oaths — but they must be deported. If they have taken an oath, then consider the possibility that they have violated their oath.

Now, naturally, I have no issue with those legal immigrant citizens who are good American citizens, and do not demand that America be given over to Mexico, or make claims of racial superiority over Americans (La Raza does this). They are most welcome. And for their part, I have seen several Americans of Mexican ethnicity fighting back against these people. But those among them who make demands like these have violated the oaths taken to the United States. Is it treasonous, or do we account it merely as a voluntary renunciation of citizenship via the violation of their stated oath? I don’t know. But again, the matter must seriously be considered. Otherwise the oaths taken to become a citizen of the United States of America are effectively worthless.

These are serious matters. Like Francis, I do not invoke the charge of treason lightly. But what else can the definition have, if not to deliver America and her citizens unto her enemies?

The Problem isn’t the Deity. The Problem is the Priests.

Many years ago, I wrote a short story about the fading of the rational world, and its replacement with the mystical. It wasn’t very well written, and to some extent I still think I am lousy at writing fiction. But the premise was a fascinating one. I would like to revisit it someday.

Anyway, the concept was that, long after a nuclear war, knowledge of the rational world was failing, becoming piecemeal and quasi-mystical. And that the universe itself bent to this notion, that humanity’s collective experience was sufficient to change the natural laws of the universe. In simple terms, the Earth was becoming a magical place. The protagonists were on a mission to find the nearly-completed spacecraft from a pre-war colonization project.

They leave just in time, escaping a fantastical Earth into the “rational” universe. When their descendants return to Earth, generations later, they find no evidence humans had ever been there at all. The two worlds — the fantastical and the rational — had split off and become inaccessible to one another. It was a play on the nature of subjectivity versus objectivity, of Free Will and Fatalism.

In any event, the recent terror attacks reminded me of this old story, and a fundamental problem at the core of how we view Islam, terror, and the war we are fighting against both. This is a war in which you have already been drafted. The enemy always gets a vote…

People say “not all Muslims” and “Islam is a religion of peace.” They prattle on about the peaceful, moderate Muslims. They will tell you of Muslim friends, or Muslim coworkers, and how great they are. The fact is, they aren’t wrong. Such Muslims exist, presumably in large numbers, even. On the other side, we discuss how terror attacks are, almost invariably, perpetrated by Muslims. The question is not if another Muslim terror attack will happen, it is merely when, and how many bodies will be produced. We talk about history, how violent Jihad destroyed the old Roman world, how Islam has perpetually had bloody borders and genocidal madmen at the fore. The fact is, this is true too.

You see, the problem isn’t the deity. The problem is the priests.

Theoretically, Allah is one and the same with the God of Moses and the father of Jesus Christ. Oh, certainly there are differences (the divinity of Christ being a big one). But still, we are supposedly worshiping the same entity, right? Why, then, all the hate between the intellectual descendants of Abraham? For one, Mohammed as illustrated in the Quran and, more appropriately, the Hadiths, was a violent, megalomaniac of a warlord.

Robert Spencer, of course, wonders if a warlord named Mohammed even existed in the first place. The Hadiths are not attested before the beginning of the eighth century. The Quran only partially so, and with clear transcription errors. We cannot know with certainty who Mohammed was, what he did, or if anything written about him is true at all. In simple terms, the leaders of the Islamic world could have fabricated him out of whole cloth, or twisted him to fit an agenda of their own making. We wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Regardless of the existence or non-existence of Mohammed himself, the word of his priests, the religious leaders of Islam, is clear: conquest and subjugation in the name of Islam. This is not a religion of peace, as is assumed, but a religion of submission — the denial of the Thomist notion of Free Will.

Perhaps, if they chose to, the priesthood of Islam, such that it is, could interpret it differently. But it steadfastly refuses to do so. And when one or another rogue reformer in the Islamic world suggests they ought to (see the Bahais and the Ahmadis) the rest of Islam tries to murder them.

The problem isn’t the people. The problem is the priests.

Imagine if nearly every Christian churchman was an intellectual disciple of the Westboro Baptists. That’s the reality of the Islamic world. Whether or not the man herding goats in the Sudan is our enemy is irrelevant. He has no power. His opinion of us is meaningless. Moderate Islam, such that exists, has no voice, no power.

And in the Muslim world, like the fantastical setting of my short story, subjective experience is reality. When a warrior loses a battle, he thinks his loss is punishment. He was insufficiently devout. He must dedicate himself more to Allah, such that next time God will grant that his bullets fly true and smite the unbelievers. So the imam comes, and tells him to follow the example of Islam set forth in the Hadiths. Then the Great Satan will be beaten.

The Thomist notion of God, that of a being who set the universe into motion, willed it into being, and then left it to unfold, is completely foreign to Islam. There is no Free Will in Islam, save for the choice to submit or die.

Such peaceful, moderate Muslims that exist are Muslims who, like many Christians, are not particularly devout. They do not think about the Quran constantly, or follow the example of Mohammed in the Hadiths. But there is guilt for this, just as there is guilt for the Catholic who rarely attends mass, or the Jew who becomes a secularist. So, on occasion, a previously “moderate” Muslim will find his calling in the exhortations of a radical imam, telling him that he must be more Muslim.

The problem isn’t the prophet. The problem is the priests.

The war between Islam and everybody else predates the founding of the religion. It predates Christianity, Rome, and probably all of written history. The conflict is an ancient one, rooted in the battle between the Fatalists and those who believe in Free Will. It is Freedom against Slavery. Sovereignty versus Submission. Islam clothed itself in the uniform of the Fatalists. It was not the first to do so, and certainly not the last (Marxists wear the uniform, likewise).

From this, you can understand the underpinnings which bind the Social Justice Warriors and Militant Marxists with the Radical Islamists: all believe history has already been written. Everything is predetermined, and everything is predicated on devotion to the cause. The priests, of course, determine precisely what devotion means. They virtue signal, they “educate” their followers on what Allah — or the historical dialectic — desires of them, that they might find Paradise.

In the West, we have a priesthood, also. But this isn’t a priesthood who answers the call of Christ. The priesthood of Marx can be found in the media talking heads, in the ivory towers of academia. Remember, insufficient devotion to Marxism is cause for expulsion. You are a heretic. Or, if you are a right-wing Christian, you are an infidel. Like in Islam, it is permissible to do whatever they want to you.

The problem isn’t bigotry. The problem is the media.

Behind all of this, the Marxists and the Islamists both believe in a sort of subjective utopia, that their devotion is alone sufficient to change the world, to bend reality itself, to change the very laws of the universe. The Muslim fighter believes that Allah will bend the bullet’s path, and smite the infidel. The Social Justice Warrior believes that humanity contains an infinite number of genders, but that race doesn’t exist (it’s a social construct). The Dialectic shall change the very biological nature of mankind himself.

Neitzsche’s ubermensch was really just a fat genderqueer lesbian wolfkin with a cornucopia of mental illnesses. The worst mass murderers in ISIS-controlled Syria are paragons of devotion to Allah, model citizens of the new Caliphate. Both are freedom fighters against the terrifyingly bigoted Christian oppressors of the world.

The problem isn’t Free Will. The problem is Fatalism.

If Free Will doesn’t exist, then there is no point to anything. That is the path to Nihilism, the path to genocide, the path to every ill which humanity has ever conceived of. For, in the end, Fatalism tells you that nothing is really your fault. You have no will. You are a victim of history, a soldier of Allah, a vessel for another power that is not-you. And not-you did the thing.

It is the shifting of blame away from self, it is the destruction of self, the annihilation of purpose. And then, once this terrifying self-destruction has taken place, the priesthood of your Fatalistic belief system of choice will remake you in their chosen image. (How can you have chosen Allah or Marx if you have no Free Will? Answer that one SJWs).

The priests make of you what they will. You are now a vessel for someone else’s beliefs, a tool wiped clean for another’s purpose, a purpose that is not your own. The priest sleeps well at night saying to himself “I didn’t kill anybody, my slave did.” And the slave sleeps well at night thinking “I didn’t kill anybody, I followed my master’s orders.” Yet the killing happened.

That is how the person saying “not all Muslims” and the person saying “Islam is the problem” can be simultaneously correct. Everybody involved thinks there is no choice. The SJW thinks terrorism is just something that happens, like a natural disaster, an act of a God they don’t believe exists. Then they will light a candle and pray to a deity they don’t believe exists either. Hearts will be chalked onto sidewalks, messages of love and peace displayed in empty ritual, as if, like in my story, the very thought will somehow change the fabric of the universe. At least the Christian believes there is probably a God at the other end of the line. The SJW believes nothing exists, yet conducts the ritual anyway, filling some deep-seated human need.

This, in a world without choice, where oppressor and victim are preordained, where original sin is heaped upon a white baby, because somebody who looked vaguely similar once did something evil. But the chosen of God, or Marx, or whatever… they are free of sin. Paradise is for them.

Just as, half a world away, Muslims will cheer the deaths of infidels and those they see as sexual deviants. It will be seen, as with all such things, as the divine wrath of Allah. The terrorist was merely the vessel through which Allah’s will was carried to the Great Satan. The chickens come home to roost. Paradise is coming. The Caliphate will be real, merely because they think it so.

In the world of Fatalism, the problem is always the priests.

Of course, whether or not the priests believe their own material is another topic altogether.

Islamic Terrorism: Too Close To Home This Time

Ronald Reagan once explained the difference between a recession and a depression thusly:

“Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.”

I take a similar view of the war against Islamic terror. Terrorism is when you hear on the news that somebody died, that some restaurant got blown up, or a building was destroyed, or dozens died… in some distant place. When 9/11 happened, I lived in California. It was a sad and terrible thing, but it was distant. I didn’t know any of the victims. It was all so far away.

This weekend, I didn’t hear of the terrorist attack in Orlando from the news. I didn’t see it on TV, or hear about it on the radio. I heard about it from friends who knew people in the venue. I was, that very night, right as the shooting was happened, DJing at a gay club in Tampa.

Yes, I’m a Conservative Christian guy, but I’ve DJed for the gay community for many years. They pay well, and they like my music. And they have been very good for my music career. The owner of the club I was spinning at Saturday night is well connected with the staff at Pulse. And many of the gays who were in the club that night were from Orlando.

Thankfully, the ones I account among my friends were in Tampa, there to listen to me spin and do their thing, so they were not slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist madman. Who would have thought that my music could save lives?

I know the club in Orlando well enough, and while I have not worked there, I worked at a number of clubs in the area (including the old Firestone club — not very far away from there). I know people who go to Pulse, and it’s entirely possible that I may have, at some time or another, met some of the actual victims.

In other words, the terrorism that was once a distant thing — something that happened to people in Paris, or New York — is now very local, it has reached my own circle of friends, coworkers, and fellow DJs.

My Facebook wall was, the following morning, plastered with people trying to figure out if their friends were safe or among the dead. It’s very surreal to see that.

It’s even more surreal to know that it could have been me. If our intrepid terrorist had been in the Tampa area instead of Orlando, it probably would have been the club I was spinning at that would have been hit. Crazy to think, isn’t it?

Am I going to have to start carrying when I go DJing in Ybor City? Usually I don’t — the bouncers know me, and nobody screws with the hired help in Ybor, not unless they have a death wish. But terrorists don’t seem to care.

So I will modify Ronald Reagan’s quote thusly:

Terrorism is when you hear about the attack on the news. War is when you hear about it from friends and family.

Yes, my friends, we are in a war with the Islamic world. Oh, I know not all of them are bad people, or our enemies. But neither was every German a Nazi, or the majority of Germans bad people. World War II still happened.

The reason the war seems different to us is because it is different. The war we are fighting today isn’t articulated so easily as a line on a map someplace. It is not accounted for in terms of war material; not in numbers of tanks, bombs, or warships.

The currency of this war is fear. It is a battle being waged at a psychological and moral level. It is fought between ideologies, not nation-states. William S. Lind calls it “fourth generation warfare.” I’m only an amateur in matters of military history, but the point is an apt one. There is something very different about the war we fight today, but it is no less a war for that.

I now have to legitimately wonder if DJing a gay club is putting my life at risk for Islamic terror. Am I a target? I was talking to one of the club’s frequent patrons yesterday, one who is recognized well enough to be able to use the back door. The discussion went right away to whether or not it would be advisable to pack heat, now, regardless of legality. I make no recommendations on that note, but it does make you wonder.

The war has come to my circle of friends. It has entered my personal world.

How soon before it enters yours?

Germany, Turkey, and a Genocide: Identity Politics Gone Mad

Recently, Germany’s MPs decided to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, a politically sensitive topic because of Turkey’s strategic position and NATO membership. Turkey, naturally, doesn’t want to admit it ever occurred. Indeed, they don’t want to admit other peoples ever lived in Turkey. It’s a combination of the usual behavior from the Islamic world combined with militant Turkish nationalism. Business as usual in the wrecked remains of the old Byzantine world.

Even the BBC puts the word genocide in quotations, as if the thing is somehow in dispute. Like Dr. Evil is describing his laser beam in air quotes.


“Genocide” says the BBC.

The genocide happened. My own family speaks of it. Areas containing Armenian ruins, graveyards, churches, and even entire cities no longer have any Armenians in them. Where did they all go, I wonder? Did they all just decided to leave peacefully, perhaps, and cede the land to peace-loving Turkish immigrants?


Still there in 1914. Where did they all go?

The official Turkish line is that the Armenians tried to conquer them and were understandably fought off in a defensive action which, regrettably, resulted in some innocent deaths (but not very many). It’s a line of bullshit spun by amateur propagandists who cannot even manage to make a coherent argument.

My own Armenian ancestors came from a region called Cilicia, which was once a Byzantine province that drifted out from Imperial control after the Seljuk Turks invaded Byzantium, became independent for a time, and was eventually conquered in turn by the Mameluke Turks, and then the Ottomans. There are no Armenians left there, either.


None here either.

So the thing happened. And to spin a line that the Armenians were the aggressors is foolish in the extreme. An argument can be made that some were Russian collaborators during the war, but it must be said that in this era Russia was no great friend of Armenia either. Certainly the Soviets wasted no time absorbing Armenia as a province after the war. Russia, however, was at least willing to concede the existence of Armenians. The Young Turks party in the Ottoman Empire wanted to erase all non-Turkish elements in the Ottoman Empire. Trebizond was still a largely Greek city in this age, in the middle of old Pontus. Today it likewise is Turkish.

I’ve read the first-hand accounts of the genocide, and spent a considerable amount of time researching it. And it must be said that not all Turks were a part of it. My own family was saved because they had a Turkish friend in the Ottoman government who warned them and paid for them to escape. So Turkey admitting that it occurred doesn’t put any personal responsibility on anybody. Most (perhaps all) involved are long dead.

But pretending it didn’t happen is a blatant lie.

I don’t understand why Germany chose this particular moment to admit the thing, but I commend them for doing so.

Soon after the announcement, I posted this to Facebook:

I’ve been avoiding posting inflammatory political stuff lately, at least as much as I am able. The reason is that the political climate of modern America has crossed a worrisome threshold, wherein people are forgetting that the opposing side(s) are still your countrymen, still fellow Americans. I’m not a fan of hardcore identity politics — regardless of the identity in question. Your heritage and various attributes are a part of who you are, there is no denying that, but I don’t advocate shunning those who don’t share every attribute with you.

All that being said, this is an issue that is near and dear to me and my heritage, insofar as my grandfather told stories of our family’s tribulations during World War I, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and the Armenian genocide. I didn’t expect that it would be the Germans who would recognize the thing for what it was before America acknowledged it. Especially since Germany and Turkey have had some deep historical ties. But, perhaps that is because Germany feels a unique responsibility to point this sort of thing out, that it should never happen again.

Regardless of why or how, I salute the Germans for having the courage to do what too many others have failed to do, including my own country. Beware of the fruits of tribalism and identity politics — that is how my own family found itself exiled, how the Jews found themselves in camps, and how many other peoples have been exterminated.

Note that I’m referring to the fact that I avoid posting politically inflammatory things to my public Facebook wall. Considering the direction of modern politics, the recent anti-Trump riots, the SJWs looking to get people fired from their jobs and to destroy businesses… it seems unwise to stir the pot any more than is absolutely necessary. But on this matter I could not keep silent.

I’m wondering if the new Facebook regulations mean this will be removed for hate speech sooner or later.

Anyway, after the post, a few Turkish individuals came out of the woodwork and made some rather unpleasant accusations toward me, spewing blatantly false propaganda. I checked each Facebook profile, and in all instances found a wall absolutely covered with Turkish flags, propaganda, and otherwise.

Not even the most ardent American patriots I have ever met have so much nationalistic material on their Facebook walls. These people were, quite literally (in my opinion, anyway), paid agents of the Turkish government. I’d have difficulty proving this to you, dear reader, in that I have no money trail for them. Nothing that would stand up in a court of law.

But the speed at which they found my post at random, and the utterly fake nature of their profiles gives strong circumstantial evidence to their artificial nature. Turkey is paying people to troll social media with propaganda to avoid admitting that a genocide occurred a century ago. The lunacy of it is staggering to contemplate.

And now they have recalled their ambassador to Germany over it, also. There was a time in which this was considered a precursor to war, and Turkey does this to a nominal NATO ally.

Every country has terrible sins buried in its past. America herself still debates the impact of slavery, Jim Crow, and our broken treaties with the Native Americans. We debate what should be done if, indeed, anything can be done (I don’t think there is much that can be done – history moves in one direction). But we don’t deny the existence of these historical events, especially at an official level, as Turkey has done here.

I want nothing from Turkey, mind you. I am an American. The Armenian side of my family has been here for a century now, there is no going back even if I wanted to, which I don’t. And personally, while I think it would be good if Turkey finally admitted the truth to themselves, I don’t want anything from them. You can’t roll the historical clock back, and every attempt to do so has only resulted in more bodies. But I tire of their punitive antics to try and give life to the lie. Turkey has made a mockery of itself. If any Western country acted half as badly as they do, it would be condemned by every international agency anyone has ever heard of.

It’s only wrong when the West does it.

Erdogan demands that Germany punish its own citizens for insulting him. And far be it for his administration to admit the genocide to themselves, they cannot even stand the notion that another country recognizes it.

All this while boatloads of Islamic refugees continue on into Europe.

What a complete fucking disaster. Pardon my French.

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