Hitler is a Cliche

Good old fashioned rant time:

You know folks, I miss the days when there were other evil caricatures. More than just Adolf Hitler. You could call somebody Joseph Stalin, or Satan’s spawn, or the bastard child of Darth Vader and Jeffrey Dahmer. I mean, the sky was the limit, you know? You could be a blood-sucking Commie bastard, a zealous Puritan Witch Burner, if you were a real nerd, you could call somebody a member of the Fourth Crusade (oops… accidentally killed a boatload of Christians instead of Muslims. Uh… my bad?).

Not anymore. Everything is Hitler. Everything is Fascist or Nazi. That’s the only evil caricature anybody uses. There’s no creativity anymore. It’s just banal and cliche. Unoriginal. Oh, well, you’re not a vegan? HITLER! You have some policy beefs with Hillary Clinton? NAZI! You thought the Walking Dead was kind of boring? FASCIST!

Enough of the Hitler. I’m sick of Hitler. Tired of Nazi. Exhausted of Fascist. I don’t even care what they call me anymore, so long as they choose something different. When I hear a Hitler accusation, I just sigh and shake my head at the irritating banality of it all. If one-tenth of the Nazi accusations were true, the entire world would be the province of Zombie Adolf, Necromancer of the Undead Reich.

The accusations don’t sting anymore. They don’t even provide a chuckle of humor, or modicum of position reassessment. Never have I changed my opinion on something because I was accused of being a Fascist. There was a time when I would attempt to rationally convince my detractor that I was not, in fact, anything like what I was being accused of. But that never worked either, and so the default state rapidly changed to anger. That insult was beyond the pale, it was utterly disgusting to refer to someone as a Hitlerite. But eventually I became too tired to care anymore. Oh yes, call me a Nazi. Whatever. Like I haven’t heard that a thousand times before.

Adolf Hitler has become worse than a bad joke. Reductio Ad Hitlerum has become the default fallacy of the the mainstream media. Trump could pick his nose, and the resulting booger would somehow be a Nazi booger. He could play golf, and it would be Nazi golf (you see, the angle he holds his golf club at when he swings looks vaguely like a Nazi salute). He could eat a pretzel, and it would be a Nazi pretzel. Adolf Hitler, you see, once picked his nose too. And I don’t know if he played golf or ate pretzels, but hey, we’re not exactly in the domain of factual argument here. It doesn’t really matter what Hitler did or didn’t do. All that matters is that if the left calls someone Hitler, they are automatically disqualified from whatever it was they were doing.

This is a geopolitical stale fart that just keeps hovering around instead of dissipating into the ether like it ought to. Somebody fan this shit out of political parlance, please. The cliche has overstayed its welcome. Time to move on and insult people differently. SJWs like diversity, right? How about some diversity of insults? Just once, I’d like to hear them call us oh… I don’t know… a Paulican heretic or something. At least that would be original.

The Nazis aren’t coming back — they never were. If tomorrow thousands of Nazis clambered out of the woodwork, and put on their SS uniforms, and marched down the street, we wouldn’t even point and laugh at them. Laughing is reserved for things that are actually funny, or worth making fun of. Our reaction would be “oh God, not these things again.” The collective eyeroll would be a disturbance visible from low Earth orbit.

Donald Trump gets a nod on the cover of Time? Well, there are intrepid Leftists who want you to know that Hitler once received that honor, also, and that this is somehow evidence for the implication Trump is a fascist. My friend Nicki dissects this intellectual turd of an argument (and note, for the record, that she hates Trump and didn’t vote for him):

That said, this level of stupid needs to be nuked from space. Trump/Hitler comparisons because Hitler was once Time’s Man of the Year too? REALLY?

Well, post World War II, Persons of the Year also included John F. Kennedy, Pope John XXIII, Martin Luther King, “American women,” “The computer,” “The Endangered Earth,” Pope John Paul II, Barack Obama, Pope Francis, the Ebola fighters, and the American Soldier. I guess they’re all like Hitler too? And is President Obama twice as bad as Hitler, because he was named twice?

What. In. The. Everloving. Fuck?

The intellectual laziness and lack of objectivity in this article is stunning! It’s also stunning that readers “upvoted” this garbage, instead of ridiculing it and relegating it to the bin, where, in a sane world, such superb dreck should reside.

Reductio Ad Hitlerum continues to get worse every year. It’s so bad that not an hour goes by without someone on my Twitter feed being accused of Nazism, Fascism, Hitlerism… whatever. Every right-of-center politician is invariably compared to Hitler. Everything is white supremacy, white nationalism, racism, sexism, homophobia. Not a day goes by that I don’t see a Hitler comparison in the mainstream media.

Hitler was already a sort of cartoon villain. Nazis were the mooks of choice in Indiana Jones, cartoonishly evil villains who perpetually carried around the idiot ball. Inglorious Basterds took that up to the eleven (great movie, by the way). But now they aren’t even funny anymore.

It’s hard to imagine who is a more cliche villain at this point, Darth Vader or Adolf Hitler. If anyone put on a Hitler mustache, got on stage, and started ranting about the Jews, he wouldn’t even be laughed off the stage, or booed off the stage. Rather, people would be genuinely perplexed. They’d be asking themselves “is this retard for real? What gives?”

From now on, anybody who resorts to Reductio Ad Hitlerum will be ignored. Get with the times and figure out a more original insult. Calling somebody Hitler today is like calling them a poopyhead. And that’s real sad, when you get right down to it. Because Hitler was no joke, and his regime was one of the purest strains of evil in all of recorded history. But you, intrepid SJWs, have reduced that historical lesson to a tired old joke that isn’t even funny anymore.

That’s on you. Have fun with Trump, okay?


A “Shooter” at OSU, Little Green Fuckheads, and Other Assorted Prog Idiocy from Today

Yeah, the title is long. The post will be mercifully short.

So here’s a sampling of Progressive stupidity in no particular order. First, in Canada, a female MP from Alberta takes issue with the loss of jobs in her province, and delivers a speech that contains the word “fart” in it. Another MP, with the sort of pompous, perpetually-offended scowl reminiscent of every Gender Studies professor you’ve ever seen then declares how offended she is. The SJW cannot even bring herself to say the word “fart” and must, instead, spell it out to protect her delicate sensibilities. Take a look for yourself:

All I can say is, thank God I am not a Canadian MP. My language would trigger Miss Cat Lady into conniption fits.

For our second display of Progressive idiocy on this Monday, November 28th, I present the following: Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, a blog that, many moons ago, once made a lot more sense than it does today. Ole CJ used to be something of a center-right kind of guy, until he had an epic meltdown that resulted in the banning of something like 75% of his readership (including yours truly).

Today, he takes offense with people saying mean things about Castro. I, naturally, had feelings about this which resulted in my immediate blocking:


Feel free to go to his Twitter to see the originals – blocked from my feed. He was taking offense that Trump said “assholish” things about Castro. He was also hurt that Hillary lost.

But today’s winner in the contest of who can be the biggest Progressive idiot goes to whoever was responsible for this headline:


The problem? Machete-wielding guy had no gun. He tried to run people over, and resorted to the machete after crashing his Honda 4-banger. The gun graboids were practically drooling… and were resoundingly disappointed by the result. Also, said terrorist turned out to be a Muslim Somali immigrant, instead of the militant Amish gun owner the media was praying for.

My good friend Nicki has dissected this in detail over at the Liberty Zone. I highly recommend it.

Idiot of the Week: Reality is Racist

Rant warning. This is going to be bad. You’ve been warned.

You know, I see a lot of stupid shit on the Internet. I consider it a service to scour the bottom of the intellectual barrel in search of prime examples of Social Justice idiocy. And so I have a relatively high tolerance for stupidity, borne out of necessity. But there are times even I recoil from the eldritch horrors I find in the festering, wretched hives of Social Justice.

Today’s example comes from one Emily Crockett, writing for Vox.com. It’s instructive that Vox.com, like The Guardian, often supplies material for us brave, intrepid explorers of rampant idiocy. It’s like the the Mordor of Social Justice. Here, just take a look at this screencap:


Reality is racist. Seriously. That’s the argument this captain of idiocy is spewing from her mouth-hole. I’ve taken dumps from which more intellectual truths could be divined.

Yes, the horror from the elder days of Marxist assholery has manifested anew in the form of Miss (I’m sure she’s not a Mrs., who the hell would put a ring on a finger attached to a creature this stupid?) Emily Crockett, Social Justice Warrior and minion of the land of Vox.com. Let’s fisk this sewage and learn what we may.

“Warning: Pokémon Go is a death sentence if you’re a black man,” Omari Akil argued in an essay at Medium over the weekend.

You know, I’m not exactly a fan of this Pokemon Go shit. I’ve seen full grown men (at least in body, anyway) wandering around like drooling idiots from a B-rate zombie movie, looking for Pikachu, or whatever. “Braaaaaaaains.” No, no brains to be found here, I’m afraid. But to call it a death sentence for black men? What do you even say to that sort of stupidity? Do black men spontaneously combust upon loading the app onto their phones? I found Jigglypuff! *BLAM*.

It’s an idiocy that has exceeded the dumbassery of lesser beings. It is the sort of intellectual diarrhea that could only be spawned from the mind of someone who thinks themselves educated and enlightened, for no lesser form of ignorance is sufficient to produce it. No, the sky isn’t blue, says the intellectual. Because blue is racist, since cops wear blue sometimes. If my ass had an ass, and that ass expelled a load of fecal matter which, itself, was able to take a dump, only then would you reach the level of mental sewage this creature has, somehow, managed to expel from her mouth, distill into typed form, and display on the Internet.

Does she take pictures of her turds swirling in the bowl too, I wonder? And does Vox.com post that, also? It would be a step up from this.

It’s a startling, even extreme-sounding claim. How could a virally popular smartphone game featuring adorable Japanese cartoon characters possibly endanger the lives of black men?

It doesn’t, at least no more so than it endangers the lives of other idiots wandering around like drunken zombies looking for Jigglypuff in between the legs of an Atlanta stripper at 2 in the morning.

But Akil’s explanation makes a lot of sense, and it is incredibly sobering. Akil says he rushed to download the game and try it out but quickly realized that its “augmented reality” interface also replicates the systemic racial inequalities of our regular, un-augmented reality:

Yes. I want you, dear reader, to let this one sink in. Pardon the shit analogies, both literally and figuratively, but I know of nothing more appropriate for this bile. This is a special sort of turd, the sort that, despite its foulness, and the gut-wrenching pain that led to its expulsion, must be grudgingly admired for its level of fecal perfection. What disgustingly unhealthy excuse for nourishment produced it? How, indeed, did something so flawlessly vile and nasty come out of a human being? What birthing pains were labored in its creation?

How, indeed, can any human being come to the conclusion that reality itself is racist? Let it sink in. Admire the perfect idiocy of this thing. Take it in. And then wonder how this human being can manage to put on pants in the morning, much less tie her own shoes.

Akil’s logic is simple: Black men are stopped more often by police for unusual or suspicious behavior. More police stops means a greater risk of violent interactions, and black men are disproportionately killed by police. Pokémon Go causes people to do unusual things in public spaces. Therefore, Pokémon Go poses a real risk to black men in America.

Why, I’m sure that police will be mortified to see an idiot staring into his cellphone, looking at stupid shit. Indeed, this could not possibly have ever happened before someone dumped this game onto the market, right?

Anyway, what does this tentacled, eldritch vagina want to do about it? If you’re black, no Pokemon for you?

A lot of people are making jokes about how the National Security Agency probably created Pokémon Go as a spy tool. Others are genuinely concerned about the potential ramifications for privacy and civil liberties:

Well, privacy concerns have some legitimacy here. I don’t want to install this crap on my phone either. But what the hell does this have to do with her premise that reality is racist, therefore no Pokemon for black people?

Another Pokémon Go user had a story about police and racial profiling in a viral post on Imgur. He said he’s a white man in his 40s who started bonding over Pokémon Go in a public park with two young black men — and was promptly questioned by police who thought they might be conducting a drug deal.

It ended happily, with the cop downloading the app himself. But it’s unsettling to think about how easily it could have gone the other way.

So an unconfirmed personal account of a police officer questioning people, who then decides to be interested in the game. THE TERROR. THE HORROR! JIM CROW! SLAVERY! POLICE BRUTALITY! How in the hell do these sorts of people manage to go anywhere, or do anything? Does Emily Crockett shiver in her boots when a policeman says “good morning”? Does she quake with fear if somebody talks to a black person in the park? Does tying her shoelaces fill her with dread and fears of racist oppression? Why, the shoelaces might be white!

But I suppose this is par for the course from people who consider “nice dress” to be rape, or who think that carting mattresses around campus, upon which you later decide to do a porn shoot, is somehow showing the eeeeevil patriarchy what’s what.

The level of stupidity these people call upon goes beyond the merely slow, or uneducated. It is a special brand of willful, knowing ignorance. And in the normal course of human affairs, this might be called a contradiction. A paradox of stupidity, as it were. And yet, there it is, before our very eyes, crawling up from the deep crevices of Karl Marx’s anus. Pokemon is racist. Reality is racist. Everything is racism, sexism, and homophobia. All of creation, the universe, and space-time itself has turned against black people. And for proof, we are supplied with a personal account of a cop asking about a crappy game from a couple of guys in the park.

I’ve seen more convincing fake-outs and exaggerations in soccer games.

I am reminded of the idiot who said calling a singularity a “black hole” is evidence of systemic racism in the academic community. Say what? No, the only singularity here is the hole inside your skull, which has sucked all possible intelligence into a parallel universe, and left nothing in its wake.

I took a breath this morning. Racist. My friend has a black car. Racist. Somebody right now is trying to find Pikachu in his toilet, and only succeeded in finding the floating relatives of one Miss Emily Crockett. Social Justice is an example of what one man termed a “Shit Midas”, a being which turns whatever it touches into excrement.

Miss Emily Crocket, congratulations on your achievement as Idiot of the Week, and Official Shit Midas of Vox.com. I proudly present to you four Golden Turds in recognition of this supreme achievement of cosmic stupidity.


Humor: Don’t Steal People’s Stuff

On a more lighthearted note, it can be pleasing to see someone get their just deserts. In this case, the only flaw is that the deliverer of righteous fury felt bad after the deed was done. I’d be celebrating. Observe:

I work in an office with around 20 people and we all use the same fridge.


We’ve had problems for months with food going missing and no matter how many passive-aggressive notes management put out or naming of cartons/packets; shit keeps going missing.


One day some greedy shit eats my ENTIRE portion of leftover lasagna I’d brought in leaving me with no lunch and I was mad as hell.


As a hobby I am a competitive chili eater and I have experimented with making my own chili sauces so I have some 5,000,000 scoville extract in my cupboard (357 Maddog extract) and decided to lace some food with it and leave it in the cupboard. I got a pack of 3 sausage rolls, lifted the pastry off of one of them, dabbed several drops of extract at one end and put the pastry back on top and back in the packet. Revenge is a dish best served red fucking hot.


I have one hell of a tolerance to hot food and in hindsight this was a DUMB idea even if I was super mad that someone had eaten my lunch. I was bad and I feel bad.


2 days later my colleague (it turned out to be the fat gal in the office) starts screaming in agonizing gastronomical pain and we have to call an ambulance for her. She is legit having seizures and vomiting and crying and everyone in the office is freaking the hell out She was taken to hospital by ambulance and discharged a few hours later (thankfully) once the pain had subsided.


Food stopped going missing.


TL;DR Someone stole my food, I put them in hospital

The author purports to feel bad for putting this woman in the hospital, but note how effective the defense was: food no longer goes missing in the office. This was a fat woman who, by virtue of her fatness, clearly did not need to be scarfing down her coworkers’ lunches. She wasn’t starving, obviously. And she kept right on doing it until she met unpleasant consequences.

Bravo, good sir. Keep up the good work, and stop feeling bad about it!


The ShirtStorm Social Experiment

Back in 2014, Matt Taylor was condemned by the media for wearing a shirt depicting scantily clad pinup girls with guns, cars, and helicopters during a press conference about his achievements surrounding the ESA’s Rosetta mission. The man landed a probe onto a comet, but had to deal with such accusations as “one small step for man, three steps back for women,” and other radical feminist nonsense.

Amusingly enough, the shirt was designed and made by a female friend of his by the name of Elly Prizeman, who now sells a line of similar clothing. Naturally, being the provocateur I am, I had to have my own. A few months ago, I ordered the same shirt from her site. For awhile it sat in my closet more or less unused, because I was waiting for just the right sort of moment to wear it.

Some time ago I decided to try a social experiment of sorts. I wore the shirt to the family-friendly Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens. I was hoping to get a rise out of people, to see offended scowls, muttering tones of disapproval, or even outright confrontation. I saw none of this. There wasn’t a single scowl, muttered remark, or disapproving glance. The shirt did, however, receive a number of compliments, an enthusiastic vote of approval from a few tattooed bikers, and joy from one of the park workers who actually recognized Elly Prizeman’s work for what it was and was thrilled to see the shirt that launched the shirtstorm in person.

So, while I was pleased to note that I could wear the shirt in public without a mob of angry feminists coming after me, I was disappointed that I was unable to offend anyone with the shirt. So I decided to try the same social experiment at a different venue: a local car show. Hundreds of muscle cars lined up in the hot Florida sun for this particular event, and it was likewise a family-friendly affair, so I brought along my 18-month old son and donned the shirt.

Everybody wanted to know where I bought the shirt, so that they could get one (Elly, I may have just sold a bunch of shirts for you). One of the female muscle car drivers was downcast. Not, I should note, because the shirt offended her, but because everyone was checking out the scantily clad women on the shirt instead of her (she was half-joking, mind you, but still). She asked if the shirt-maker also made dresses, to which I replied in the affirmative. I wouldn’t doubt if she patronized the seamstress in the future, also.

Again, not one unkind word or furtive glance. And, if anything, an even more enthusiastic reception for the shirt from both men and women. Forget my car and the work I’ve done to it — everybody wanted to know about the shirt.

The lesson from this little social experiment is that radical feminism, while it controls media, college campuses, and has a strong voice in government, has little impact on the sensibilities of the common man. Go to a theme park or a car show, and far from being offended by such things, they want to know where to buy one themselves.

Matt Taylor’s mistake wasn’t to wear the shirt, but rather to  do so around a hostile media establishment. I doubt his coworkers, male or female, cared one whit. In fact, if the reaction at both of the venues I mentioned was any indication, people probably admired him for wearing it. Once again, modern feminism is making mountains not just of molehills — but things that weren’t even molehills to begin with.

The Future is Stupid

Years ago, I saw the movie Timeline, itself an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name, and I was struck by one very profound insight in the otherwise atrocious film. Superior knowledge is not superior intelligence. Or put more appropriately: our predecessors were not morons.

In the film (and, I presume, the book as well), a band of time travelers wind up stuck in 14th century France, and find that all of their supposedly superior knowledge is useless. Only one man manages to utilize his future knowledge effectively at all, and that only gains him employ (quasi-slavery, really) as a weapons designer for a warlord. Think for a moment what you would really do if you were cast into the 14th century and left to fend for yourself. How much of what you know would be useful at all? Could you even survive?

Read the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and try to come away from it with the notion that you’re a smarter man than he. And even where the ancients were demonstrably wrong, ask yourself very carefully if you, having been brought up in their time, would have done any better.

Contrary to the common belief that mankind is locked in an endlessly progressive trajectory, where each day humanity’s collective wisdom ever-increases, I suspect it has actually done the opposite.

When I read some of Thomas Sowell’s work on economics, for instance, I am often struck by the notion that when he passes there is no one left to replace him. Who else alive is even capable of carrying on in his place? In essence the Austrian-Chicago school will die with him. And yet, when Thomas Sowell was young, there were many masters in the field.

When I read G. K. Chesterton, I can see no living man who can equal him. The same for Tolkien, or C.S. Lewis (though John C. Wright comes close, at times). Western civilization as a whole has entered into a realm of intellectual twilight, in which the great thinkers are either long dead, or nearing death, and there are few in the new generation even willing to take the torch from them and carry on. Of those willing, how few are able?

I’m a nobody. Contrary to the Secret King rabbits of the world, like John Scalzi or Wil Wheaton, I have no delusions of my paramount importance. I am not able to carry the intellectual torch of those who came before me. But if I cannot do it, and very few are even capable of doing it, how will the West go on?

Some of my readers may be familiar with the movie Idiocracy, which didn’t see wide release because the studio blocked it. One wonders if this was because the film hit too close to the mark. In any event, the story posits that intelligence will decline in Darwinian fashion because only idiots bother having lots of children. Five centuries later, an average Joe of exactly 100 IQ thaws out and finds himself to be the smartest man in the world.

Yet is this truly the mechanism for the dumbing down of the West? The Flynn Effect posits a natural increase in intelligence, rather than a decline. And the Progressive narrative is one of consistent human improvement. So what’s going on here?

Certainly, the decline of the college campus is a contributing factor. Obsession with identity politics, gender studies, and other nonsense does not produce a higher grade of intellectual. Ostensibly smart people are steered away from legitimate inquiry into Progressive political spew. But there’s another factor at work, and I’d like to provide some anecdotal insight into it.

On my high school’s math team (yes, there was a math team, and yes they were all nerds), we were assigned a battery of ten questions, with a bonus eleventh question that was considered supremely difficult. Immediately, I took that question and left the rest of the questions to my compatriots. These were studious geeks who had memorized arcane formulas, knew each and every documented method for doing anything required of them. They went home and lived math, breathed math, and I know at least one of them went on to MIT.

No so much for me. Everything I used was constructed on the fly from whatever I managed to remember. I spent the entire hour on this one question, and my work to achieve the answer covered several pages in barely-legible chicken scrawl. In the end, I was the only one in the meet to come up with the correct answer. I later learned that the method I used to solve the problem was how the original mathematician came to figure it out. Though, of course, he eventually simplified the process considerably. Since my compatriots had not reached that level of education yet, they could not solve it. Since I relied upon my ability to just figure things out, I had a chance to.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m no mathematician either. But the point is, there is a difference between people who can competently reproduce the work of another, and those who can step outside that and innovate. Since I was a supremely lazy student, my talent for figuring things out was used primarily to avoid studying or memorizing. But I could fill in the gaps, and before long it became clear to me that most other people either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do the same. I have no doubt that some of my compatriots on the math team could probably score higher than I could on any test covering subject matter already memorized. I also knew that, at some level, I would always be beyond them.

To this day, I rely on my ability to just “figure things out” rather than take formal training. A few years ago, I purchased a badly-damaged pinball machine and restored its functionality. Pinball machines are complex electronic and mechanical devices, and most people would have balked at doing that. I knew that I would figure out each problem as it came, and that I could do whatever I needed to do. And yet most Americans of the modern generation can’t even change a tire. It is possible that they score higher than I do on many tests, but they are still lacking something essential.

I’m not trying to brag here. As I mentioned, I am supremely lazy in many ways, and I know I have wasted a great deal of my potential, which is not something to be proud of. And there are areas of life in which I have been profoundly stupid. But this may go some way to explaining how the Flynn Effect and the Great Dumbing Down can be simultaneously true.

We’ve created a generation of people who can quote Plato, but who don’t understand him. We have people who can read and understand the archaic language of the available translations of the Meditations, but who could never author something anywhere near as profound. We have Americans who can memorize the formulas, but never really understand the math. They can’t just figure things out, they must be told. But the Progressive narrative continues to be the endless betterment of the human race.

If Idiocracy were made properly, based on the trajectory of society today, it would be filled with low-IQ SJW morons who nonetheless acted like pretentious jackwagons, never admitting their own errors. They would assure you that 2+2 = 5 because someone else told them so. It would be axiomatic to them. Their arguments would be an endless appeal to authority, laced with unsubstantiated accusations of judgmental behavior. It would be full of fat people who insisted that being thin was unhealthy because they didn’t have fat to survive the winter. Simultaneously, they would assert that winter would never come because global warming.  They would assure everyone that pink was a natural hair color, and nobody was ever born with a gender. Science would be considered discriminatory and therefore wrong. Everything that felt bad would be considered bad by default, they would say, because nothing that feels bad can be good, and nothing that feels good can be bad.

In other words, Idiocracy would look like a modern American college campus writ large. The President wouldn’t be Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, porn star and pro wrestler. No. The President would be a fat old lesbian woman who spent her entire life spewing blatant falsehoods about how oppressed she was. After all, she would say, she’s only a multimillionaire. She’s totally one of the regular folks. She would be Hillary Clinton.

The future is stupid, but it’s a special kind of stupid, unlike the drooling idiocy we’ve seen before in history and depicted in Idiocracy. It’s a sort of book-smart, life-dumb, pretentious superiority complex. It is idiocy masquerading as intelligence, like the guy who laces every sentence with ridiculous jargon in order to sound smart. It’s the guy who looks in the back of the book for the answer, and then says he completed the assignment. It’s the game developer whose sole achievement is writing a word document, it is the game critic who hates games. It is the movie reviewer that loathes cinema, or the vegan food critic assigned to review a steakhouse. It is the Socialist who insists that, though every form of it has resulted in great heaping piles of human corpses, we really ought to give it another go, only this time with the entire planet.

It’s a very highly evolved form of stupidity. But, nonetheless, the future is stupid… unless we can successfully change course.

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