Thursday Afternoon Tidbits

Some quick points for today:

1. Social Media PR Campaigns

I mentioned elsewhere that many people – perhaps even a majority – are engaged in a constant social media PR campaign.

By this, I mean that folks take a strong interest in appearances on social media. They will post things that make them look like good, moral people (without regard to actually being good, moral people), or post things that make them look rich, interesting, trendy, whatever (again, without regard to actually being any of those things). This may very well make up a majority of social media posts, outside political arguments and cat memes.

Now, folks have always signaled status and virtue, since the dawn of time. So by itself, this concept is not new. What social media has brought to the table is a sort of marketing and PR angle to it. It’s like every individual has a miniature marketing and advertising campaign running. Constant pictures, link shares, and quick tidbits become advertisements of one’s value. Facebook is like “free” ad space for your personal PR campaigns. Instagram, of course, is even more dedicated to this. All social media platforms have shades of this, though at least on Facebook, we spend some of the time hating each other for various political positions, or posting stupid (but oddly addicting) memes.

There is a gradient between this activity, and the so-called social media “influencers”, whose personal PR campaigns have succeeded to sufficient degree that they can be monetized. They are those who appear most moral, or most trendy, or most interesting, rich, whatever…

…but still irrespective of actual morality, trend awareness, uniqueness, and wealth.

Pretending to be something you are not is so much easier on social media than it was in the past. But the competition is fierce.

2. Trump and Collusion – Nobody Knows Shit

Pardon my bluntness, but it’s true. Something like half the political conversations I overhear or see on social media invariably sink into the pit of Russian collusion and Donald Trump. By itself, this wouldn’t bother me. Yes, it’s stupid and probably completely fictional, but it’s conversation material.

What is annoying is everyone involved pretending they understand even a minute fraction of the legal wrangling and political bullshit surrounding it. A Leftist will say that some dossier is going to lead to an indictment, which will in turn force Trump to testify or be interviewed by such and such. Whatever. These are armchair lawyers who know nothing about any of this. They just repeat mainstream media talking points and fantasize about Trump getting impeached and Hillary Clinton somehow being installed as Empress, starting a dynasty of female Clintons ruling the world until the end of time. Or something vaguely like that, anyway.

It’s all fanciful bullshit. Nobody understands what’s going on. Not even, I suspect, a great many of the people who are involved in it in one way or another. This is a problem with any investigation or witch hunt (whichever you prefer) that happens at the federal level. It soon becomes a bureaucratic brier patch that nobody can navigate or understand. It’s a mess.

Many Rightists have taken to arguing with the Lefties in the same manner, saying that such and such document really says some other thing, and their legal interpretation is wrong, and Mueller is… well, some damned thing. I’m not much of a fan of this method, either.

I will be clear: I don’t think there was any collusion. I think the Left is using this narrative to distract from the fact that they colluded with pretty much everybody on Earth who would give them some campaign support, and is using this to try and limit the reach of Trump’s administration by tying them up in endless red tape. But I have no specific legal or technical arguments around this. I base this on the general hostility of the media, and the fact that most people involved have a track record of being corrupt liars.

Most of the people arguing this case don’t know any more than I do, but couch their arguments in legalese to appear like they do. It’s rhetoric pretending to be dialectic.

3. Facebook’s Stock Dump

I’ve been waiting for a long time to see Facebook suffer some consequences for their behavior. Zuckerberg appears to be in a world of hurt, insofar as a billionaire can possibly be said to be “hurting.” Facebook, like many social media outlets, has engaged in a stealth campaign against Rightists. Or, perhaps more accurately, has engaged in a stealth campaign to support Leftists.

I’ve spoken at length about the double standard before, and have witnessed it in person, and seen it well documented by others. But always, Facebook retains an air of plausible deniability. At first, they claim it’s an accident, or that there are no double standards. When the truth is discovered, they retreat to “individual employees did it.”

We all know this is horseshit. But for the longest time Facebook suffered no real penalty for it. Leftists control the establishment in the West, and their money can cover for a great many flaws, but not forever. It seems they may be reaching the limits of their pocketbooks. George Soros himself has said as much in recent days. Mark Zuckerberg’s troubles may be a bit of confirmation of the same.

For Great Triggering

Here is a selection of inauguration All Your Base highlights.

From Tom Kratman at EveryJoe:

If I didn’t make it clear enough eleven days ago, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign begins now. Moreover, the SJWs, the special snowflakes, the thumb suckers of collegiate campuses, and the legion of the perpetually outraged are all going to help us get him re-elected.

For those who don’t like Donald Trump, think of it as the campaign to keep unutterably corrupt Democrats who hate you because you’re either white or an Oreo/Uncle Tom or, in any case, a doubleplusungood male, or a conservative or other than lesbian female, or at least someone who hasn’t embraced victimhood status, away from the White House silver and china. We all have a part to play in this and we can have great fun, fantastic fun, while we play our parts.

From Vox Day at Vox Popoli:

#GamerGate didn’t die, it evolved and expanded. And now it is Making America Great Again.

From Emperor Misha of the glorious Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

Thanks to LC & IB Angry Webmaster (whose website you’re already visiting on a daily basis unless you really are into missing out on shit), we find this absolutely full of awesome sauce Youtube vid that he stated we must post tomorrow.

Tomorrow?, we say. Why not get the beat going ahead of time? We hate being behind the curve and, besides, the wondrous sight of Prozi heads exploding tomorrow will only be made better this way. It will be GLORIOUS!

So here it is. Share, spread, make it go viral, memeify the fuck out of it, as our Heirs would say, shitlord it all over the Innertubes until it crushes under the weight of it.

And the great news is that it’s already starting to trigger some Progs. Go forth. Spread the message further. All Your Base Are Belong to Us. Obama is out, Trump is in, and my Schadenboner is taller than the Washington Monument.

As for the inauguration speech itself, Trump said the following, which resonates pretty well with the usual subject matter at The Declination:

Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning. Because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another.

But we are transferring power from Washington D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.

For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered, but the jobs left. And the factories closed.

The establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs. And while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. That all changes starting right here and right now. Because this moment is your moment. It belongs to you.

I can only say that I truly hope he means it. Trump carries with him the potential to reverse a great deal of Progressive damage. But even the mighty Ronald Reagan was only able to arrange a delay in our decline, he wasn’t able to arrest it completely, or turn it around.

And as I said before, this was a Hail Mary pass of epic proportions. It is a thing we are unlikely to see again in our lifetimes, so we cannot count on it happening again. We must keep our momentum. The one thing Trump did, love him or hate him, that no Republican has done since Reagan, is mobilize the Right in a Culture War. Other Republicans routinely cede control of the media, the narrative, education, entertainment, and all other such cultural matters to the Left.

And the Left then uses these things to browbeat us into submission via what amounts to peer pressure and virtue signalling. You’re a big nasty meanie racist (or Uncle Tom) unless you agree with the Left politically.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the only two Republicans in living memory to counter this force were entertainers, actors, people able to mobilize support on a cultural level, not just a political one.

And so we see the tactic that works. We must not just ignore the mainstream media, we must destroy it. We cannot merely have Republican meetups on college campuses, we must dominate them. When Antifa thugs show up to your event, mobilize the Bikers in retaliation. Every dirty tactic the Left has embraced for years is now ours for the taking.

Yes, yes, many of you will find such tactics disdainful. But if an enemy country nuked your major cities, would you not strike back in like fashion, if you were able? If the enemy deploys a tactic against you, and is defeating you with it, it is permissible to counter-attack in like fashion. If you don’t, you merely hand the enemy a weapon they can utterly dominate you with. That is what has happened over the last several decades. So as far as I’m concerned, the gloves are off now.

Trump said no more ceding of the culture to the Left. Now it remains to be seen if he lives up to his immense promises. If he fails, then this will be but a temporary respite. If he succeeds, he could very well be the greatest president in living memory. Some, like the esteemed Nicki Kenyon, are very doubtful of him (but she nonetheless hopes that he can do it). Others are very confident in his abilities. I’m probably somewhere in between those positions. I’ve grown more confident as I’ve seen his cabinet picks, and seen how he adeptly manhandles the media.

The ultimate choice, I suppose, is his. God Bless America, and our new President.



I’m Surrounded By Idiots

You know, I’m starting to understand why all these people say of me “Dystopic, you’ve got an old soul.” I’ve never really gone in for such metaphysical claptrap, insofar as my love of fart jokes and sex humor is proof that, whatever I soul I may or may not possess, it is not terribly mature.

But watching the Political Left act like spoiled children, kicking and screaming in the grocery store aisle because, God forbid, their parents chose the cereal without the Hillary campaign sticker attached to it, I have come to realize that I do posses an old soul in a much more relative sense.

Because around half of the folks in this country appear to have souls that have not aged far past the toddler stage. Compared to the morons blocking streets and lobbing baseball bats at cars full of pregnant women trying to give birth, because Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected, I am a paragon of proper behavior. Why, I am quite polite and civilized next to these cretins.

No, my friends. I am not wise, nor do I possess an “old soul”, nor am I God’s gift to punditry. I am merely a relatively normal individual in an age full of adult toddlers pretending their Progressive spew is proper and moral political discourse.

Please, scream racism louder, why don’t you?

Maybe call everybody Hitler like Tad Williams.

Or demand that the election results be ignored because Joss Whedon said so:


Old soul? Young soul? Either way, it’s the soul of an idiot.

Whatever you say, Joss. You know, I genuinely liked Firefly and Serenity, but let’s consider for a moment that Hillary Clinton probably would have been wearing blue gloves in that series. Some held hope that he was a closeted Conservative, because of the distinctly anti-big government tone of this show. I think we can safely assume that theory to be utter horseshit at this point.

I remember someone suggesting that electing someone who let Podesta, a Dark Acolyte of Satan, run their campaign was probably a bad idea. After all, God knows we don’t have particularly high standards for politicians these days, but certainly we can at least avoid that, right? Except we very nearly didn’t.

Poor Richard Nixon, vilified forever for such a comparatively small scandal. Tricky Dick doesn’t hold a candle to the Clintons. And still, they agitate for her in the streets. One protester decided to go a little to far onto the freeway and wound up getting run over for her trouble.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Lena Dunham tells us that the extinction of white people would be great, then Slate runs an article wondering why white women voted predominately for Trump. Hillary’s campaign staffers are flabbergasted that she lost the election, meanwhile her rural outreach staffer was based out of Brooklyn. Because unemployed factory workers in Michigan are going to be wooed by a Brooklyn hipster. You really can’t make this stuff up anymore.

No, I don’t have an old soul. It only feels that way when you live in a country populated by toddler-esque morons.

It’s bad enough that a wealthy and powerful elite have such a tight grip on this country. But it’s even worse that they are incredibly stupid elites. Hillary appeals to Jay-Z and Miley Cyrus to save her ailing campaign, as if anybody cares about the political opinions of a woman who romps with inflatable penises on stage.

A quote I found floating around Fecalbook this morning sums it all up nicely:

The last time Democrats were this mad at Republicans was when the Republicans abolished slavery and let black people vote.

These days, of course, they are more angry that white people can vote. But there it is, the essence of being a Democrat: telling anybody who disagrees with the narrative to just shut the fuck up and stay out of the voting booth.

Compared to that sort of “wisdom” I may as well be Socrates himself. I’m sure they have plenty of hemlock they wish they could make me drink, after all.


Trump: The Hail Mary Pass That Connected

I’ve had time to collect my thoughts from the election results, and the riots and protests that came after. You’ll note, of course, that I predicted the latter sometime ago, in the event of a Trump victory.

Of course, you don’t have to be Nostradamus to figure that out, these days. It’s almost as if the Left will burn down their own cities on the slightest of pretexts. The day may come when they don’t even need an excuse.

Friends, this was the Hail Mary pass. With the media, education, and cultural centers of power firmly in the hands of the Left, with Donald Trump facing headwind from his own party (some of it not without justification), with the Hillary machine awash in cash, and the entire world lined up to support her… the game was ending. We were down 7, the referees lined up against us, and the crowd was booing. The QB lobbed a Hail Mary down the field, in one last attempt to tie the game…

…and it connected to one Donald J. Trump.

I’ve never seen a fight like this. Every possible weapon that could be deployed against Trump was used. Scandals made up out of nothings. Media hit pieces from both Left and Right, corruption at the highest levels, cheating from DNC and CNN. Personal attacks were constant, the bleating of sheep omnipresent.

Racism! Sexism! Homophobia!

The shouts were constant, the language always the same. Toward the end of the election, my head hurt from it. I could close my eyes and hear the accusations, like a song stuck in your head.

Racism! Sexism! Homophobia!

The battles were in the streets with Black Lives Matter, in the colleges with hateful tirades and attacks on everyone Right-of-Center, and even a few Left of it. Bernie supporters now know, as those of us on the Right always knew, how it feels to be on the receiving end of a culture that despises you at a visceral level.

And so it wasn’t without some degree of surprise that I saw the Progressive tears flow, the hugs, and offers of safe spaces and comfort. Hillary’s concession was almost an afterthought, like the wind had just fallen out her sails, and whatever cocktail of drugs kept her functioning finally wore off.

For a moment, we all knew the Emperor had no clothes. It was almost a let down, in the end. Like a Boss in an old side-scroller, layers upon layers of power were defeated, peeled off, and revealed stronger levels within.

But when we reached the beast’s final form, all we found was a shrunken, sickly old woman, trying not to cry (or perhaps trying to cry) because supreme power had been snatched away from her at the last minute by the most desperate of buzzer beaters.

And so the would-be Emperor hobbled off the stage, the tears flowed, and the paid protesters took to the streets to whip up a fury of temper tantrums. But they were powerless. The machine was screaming with rage and thrashing on the mat, but it was down for the count.

Folks, this was so close to the end, I could almost see the bottom. A 1% demographic shift would have delivered this whole thing to Hillary. I felt we were a hair’s breadth from Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic, where Civil War or Venezuelan-level corruptocracy were the only possibilities left for America.

Love or hate Donald Trump, he saved us from that, at least. For a while, anyway.

A lot of us on the Right didn’t like him. Many still don’t. But that matters not. What does matter is that we have some time, and we need to use every second of it, because we won’t get another chance. This is it, the final chance to turn the Titanic around before the iceberg.

The media came all out for Hillary in ways we’ve never seen before. We always knew they were biased, but now they came at us with their full strength. And we beat them.

Media, culture, education. We must retake these bastions (or raze them), and do so while the media remains weak and reeling from their defeat. Our message must drown out the useless bleatings of SJW sheep. The chanting of reflexive Progressive slogans must be met with stronger rhetoric. Their “facts” met with real truth. Their hate mobs and bullies must have the wind knocked out of them.

We have only a few years before another Hail Mary pass will be demanded of us if we fail. Do not expect it to work a second time.

We have work to do. Let’s get to it.

America: 476 AD

Centuries ago, Odoacer deposed a puppet emperor and his father, Orestes. It was nothing new, that being the accepted practice in the West Roman Empire. Odoacer claimed to be a loyal viceroy of Julius Nepos, an emperor deposed a year before, still maintaining himself in Dalmatia, one of the few remaining provinces of the West.

A few years later, Odoacer had Nepos killed, and was sole master of what remained of the West.

Nothing really changed in the Empire in 476. It was business as usual. There was still an Emperor, residing in New Rome (Constantinople), which had long been the source of real power anyway. Theoretically, the Visigoths in Spain and Gaul acknowledged the suzerainty of the Emperor, as did the Burgundians. A Roman official, Syagrius, maintained himself in northern Gaul, and even Odoacer himself received his title from the Zeno, now the sole Roman Emperor.

You could make the case that nothing happened in 476. No empire fell, no great battles were waged, no cities sacked or armies annihilated. It would be a few generations before Emperor Justinian and his star general Belisarius even realized the West had fallen at all. Their efforts, of course, very nearly reversed the situation.

The point is, a peasant scrabbling for a living in Italy would have never known anything happened at all.

So ask yourself, would you know if America had fallen? Would the shuffling around of titles, the deposition of one ruler exchanged for another, clue you in to the fall? Or would it be business as usual, and only the hindsight of history would see it for what it was?

The fall of an Empire is rarely some kind of Mad Max apocalyptic scenario. It is slow, and measured, like a tree falling, but in absurdly slow motion. Is it merely swaying in the breeze, perhaps? How can you tell?

America has been swaying in one direction for a very long time. Each year is a little worse than the one that preceded it. Oh, there are periodic recoveries such as the one that Ronald Reagan presided over, but they never sway fully back to the zero point.

Only a two decades before Odoacer deposed a puppet, Emperor Majorian had reconquered Spain, Gaul, Burgundy, and even threatened to annihilate the Vandals with a great fleet. He was only a step or two away from completely restoring the entirety of the Western Empire. The Western Empire had seemed healthy, despite the rapine of the Vandals a few years earlier, if not completely back to its old self.

Twenty years was enough to see all the progress reversed again. Majorian was fighting the tides of history, and he lost.

Let me tell it to you as plainly as I can: America has come to its 476 AD moment. The common folks don’t see it, just as they didn’t back then. Few realize what is happening, and why. But it is happening. Hillary Clinton is our Odoacer, set to declare herself King, in fact if not in name. But then even Odoacer was careful to acknowledge de jure rule of Roman law.

Under Hillary Clinton, we will have a de jure Constitution, but nobody will pay any attention to it. De facto, she will be Queen, and she will designate her own successor. The people will have no say in this. And America, such that it once was, did not break bread with monarchs. An America with such a figure ruling it is no longer America, just as Odoacer’s fief was no longer the Roman Empire.

Will Trump reverse the damage? Unlikely, but remotely possible. More likely, he will be another Majorian, and will buy us a few more years before the end. But it matters not. We must try, or we shall find ourselves foreigners in our own land, Americans in a world where there is no America. We will wander in shadow until the day comes when the people realize that America is no more, when the reality of it all hits them.

By then it will be too late. We will all be in chains. And as the tide of Islam soon put the remains of ancient Rome out of her misery, so too shall Islam do it again. An age of darkness is the optimistic scenario.

Vote today. Fight. Give America one last chance to survive.

Vote… But Vote Wisely

My readers know where I stand at this point. I’ve made my case as well as I can make it. In case you don’t read my updates tomorrow, and I’m sure they will be entertaining no matter how the election swings, here is a reminder of the facts on the ground.


Hillary is the end for us.

Who is “us” in this picture? That’s an open question, and in that I am more inclusive than some. I take this to mean all of us who more or less like America, and who think ourselves to be Americans of some fashion or another. When it comes right down to it, one of the defining features of America is that most of us are descended from people who were kicked out of tyrannical shitholes around the world, or ourselves were kicked out, like my father-in-law, booted out of Castro’s little hellhole.

No, we don’t agree on a whole lot. But we agree to disagree. One of the defining features of “us” is that we respect the right to disagree, we don’t censor, or engage in political correctness. We certainly don’t burn down our own cities when we don’t get our way. In that, Black Lives Matter supporters of all races aren’t “us”.

Is “us” a racial thing? No, it isn’t. For Michael Moore is not us, and Thomas Sowell is. Tom Kratman explains it well over at EveryJoe:

So let me throw a little damper on the KKK/alt-white-wing of my readership, if any; Trump is leading by comfortable margins in Louisiana (over a third Black and Hispanic), Mississippi (close to 40% Black and Hispanic), and Alabama (over a quarter). He’s not leading in those places by the kinds of margins he is without a more than fair sprinkling of Blacks and Hispanics, who will not be much like the rioting for fun and profit thugs of Black Lives Matter (and White Lives Don’t). Those people are us as much as anyone can be. It would be a grievous and perhaps unhealable wound to your alleged souls if you don’t treat them that way.

He’s right, and I want to go on record as saying so. If “us” is somewhat more white than the national average, so be it. That’s the reality on the ground, and there isn’t much that can be done about it. But those of any race will always be welcome if they choose to be “us”. That is to say if they respect freedom and self-sufficiency, and our other American values, as much as we do.

All of us have a lot to lose if Hillary wins. You see China? India? You see Third-world countries? One thing you will see in each one is that there is a comfortable and powerful elite. They have armed guards, walls, and islands of beauty and prosperity surrounded by seas of poverty, destitution, and violence. This is the future of America, ethnic territories split by war and gangs, with small islands of Leftist elites living comfortably and thinking themselves morally superior to the trash outside their walls.

And notice one persistent feature. In those countries, there is no “us”. No free men. For we don’t exist. That’s Hillary’s grand vision of the future, a high-heeled shoe stomping on a once-free man’s face, forever. Does it matter to her what color the face is? No, no it doesn’t. It never did. Leftist racial politicking and demographic replacement has never been a principle to them, it was merely a means to an end. White Americans wouldn’t do what they wanted in large enough numbers, so they imported and/or elevated people who they thought they could fool. Yeah. That’s how racist they are.

Hillary will make amnesty happen, one way or another. And when that occurs, there will be no coming back. Texas will go blue, Florida too, and the flyovers will be isolated and powerless. Hillary is the end. The Second Amendment won’t survive her. Neither will the First.

Donald Trump is not the end for us.

Yeah, I know. One thing that’s been obvious for this entire election: Donald Trump is a figure who inspires polarized feelings. Some of his supporters are energized in a way no GOP candidate has inspired, except Sarah Palin (and her in far less degree). But there are others who are very reluctant. Even those who may have supported a GOP candidate, but found they could not support him. His support is high among independents, and he has the potential to flip some Democrats… but he has become the boogeyman to most Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise.

The Mexican immigrants who came to escape the political corruption of that country know better, of course. But truth be told, most of them did not come for that reason. They came for the money, offered by elite GOP and Democratic Establishment folks both. It remains to be seen how this demographic change will shape up tomorrow night. Trump could outperform expectations wildly, or go so far in the tank as to become an embarrassment for decades to come, in the tradition of Barry Goldwater. It could be a Trump landslide, a Clinton landslide, or anything in between.

The reason the polls and talking heads are not to be trusted is because the magnitude of the demographic shift in politics is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately account for.

Regardless of that, let’s put a few things on the table. Donald Trump, at worst, will still be better than Hillary. He could spend his entire term of office acting like a clown, and it would be a net gain over a Hillary Clinton Presidency. If he does even a small percentage of what he promises, it would be more of a boon than anything we’ve had since before 2006. If he builds a wall, and makes a dent in the illegal immigration problem, he’ll have done more good than any Republican since Reagan.

But even if he doesn’t, he won’t be overturning the First and Second Amendments any time soon. So even if he makes a mess in office, he will not destroy “us”. I don’t fear a midnight raid into my home to confiscate my firearms on spurious grounds if Donald Trump is President. I don’t anticipate being jailed or blacklisted for my speech under Donald Trump. Both are distinct possibilities under Hillary Clinton. Certainly I don’t expect ruinous taxation under a Donald Trump Presidency. We all know that’s been a wet dream of the Clintons for decades.

Perhaps best of all, Donald Trump appears to be in no particular hurry to start a war with Russia. It’s difficult to tell with Hillary, who is a sort of schizophrenic hawk, with a heavy dose of hubris and idiocy. Trump may mouth off about a foreign leader, but he’s unlikely to start a shooting war over such. With Hillary, you just don’t know. It’s a possibility.

Love him or hate him, understand that Donald Trump is NOT the end.

This is why I implore you to vote for Donald Trump tomorrow. I don’t want this to be the end, folks. I love my country, and like many in this particularly nasty and divisive election, I wish with all of my heart that it had never come to this. But like it or not, here we stand. No amount of wishful thinking will make this anything other than what it is.

So I ask all of you on the side of Freedom, whether you swore to be NeverTrump, or if you, as I have, came reluctantly into the Trump camp, or even if you are a Trump Train firebrand supporter… I ask you to unite for one day, and one day only. To vote against Herr Hillary von Pantsuit, and all the Marxist elitism behind her, and the Banana Republic for which she stands. Us freedom-minded folks can fight amongst each other the day after — we agree to disagree peacefully, after all. We are us, but we are not clones of one another. We are not creatures of political conformity, and there is no shame in that. But let us unite one last time, for one rotation of this ball of dirt, to give America one last chance to get her shit together.

I don’t know if we can do it. But I know for certain what will happen if we do not try.

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