It Didn’t Start With Hillary

The Elite Classes that are entrenched in Washington ALWAYS protect their own.

I’m always amazed at the number of people who have no knowledge of The Venona Papers. Now, I grant you that reading some of the books and articles put out about them can be an eye-rubbing, mind-stultifying experience. The mental effort to focus on the analysis, and to follow the logical reasoning of those who’ve spent years identifying those agents and their enablers can be hard.

But, multiple books have been published, and understanding the basics of the discovery is really quite easy.

Nigel West

Robert L. Benson

John Earl Haynes

Herbert Romerstein – this is one of the books I read. Fascinating, if a little overly-detailed at times.

To get a condensed version of the importance of The Venona Papers to understanding the infiltration of American government, click here.


Why Illegal Immigration IS a Crime

I keep hearing about all of these Illegal Aliens present in the USA, who “are law-abiding, hard-working, and kept out of trouble”. Why, we are scolded, are we so intent on removing these stellar people who have done NOTHING wrong.

Well, except for being in this country without our consent.

Piffle. Such a minor offense, if you can CALL it an offense. A minor misdemeanor.

Oh, really?

The fact is, those aliens have committed multiple crimes – crimes that, in fact, DO hurt Americans – quite a lot.


So, the next time someone tells you how important immigration is to this country, you might want to reference this post.

BTW, you will also want to read the Front Page Magazine article, by Michael Cutler, that sparked this post.

France is Rioting! I Think I’ve Seen This Before…

…and the outcome for future tourism was NOT good that time, either.

I know, I know. Amazingly, most tourists don’t see a riot and think, “Oh, GREAT! A real, authentic slice of Parisian life!”

They are more apt to think, “I’m never coming back to this increasingly Sh–hole country!” And, for France, like many other European countries, that depend on the tourists’ dollars to prop up an unstable and unmanageable economy, that decision means Things Are Going to Get a LOT Worse.

I realize that the young have no understanding of history, but – the Arc is special. It represents the epitome of a France that is civilized, strong, and a leader.

For cryin’ out loud, even the Actual Nazis treated the Arc respectfully.

Voice of America – Shut It Down?

I’m old enough to remember when this was a badly needed counter to official Soviet and other Leftist propaganda in Europe (Radio Free Europe was, I believe, the original idea).

I do believe, in a time when there is widely-available information dissemination world-wide, this agency may have outlived its mission. It’s become a comfortable retirement income for aging, overpriced journalists.

Easier than firing people – which allows the let-go person to pose, with the assistance of his journalist friends, as a VICTIM of the Horrible Orange Person – is to eliminate the agency entirely. Allow the non-partisan clerks/tech people to transfer to other jobs. No inter-agency movement for the news staff, unless reliably non-partisan.

They will still bitch, but their blatant partisanship has earned them loss of a government spot. This shutdown has the advantage of lowering the cost of government.

While we’re at it, the GPO – Government Printing Office – is a relic that needs to go. Farm out the jobs to local government offices, to be printed up by local printshops (a godsend to their bottom line). Place the files on the web – any printer can quickly set up a small run for less than the cost of moving the paper around the country.

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