Words Cannot Express my Fury at This ‘Pledge’

This is being pushed by the Leftist SJWs of the Catholic Church. I am FURIOUS at this imposition of politics into the Mass – just as I would oppose a GOP pledge.

I was alerted to the Leftist pandering by Adina Kutnicki, a Zionist blog. It’s the kind of political pledge that the Nazis tried to impose on many churches (including the Catholic church), and was often successful in enforcing. I make no defense of the individual Catholics, including some priests who cooperated with the Nazis. Certainly, there were some who resisted; other cooperated, willingly or not. God will have to judge their actions.

The link to the ‘Pledge’ is here – you really have to read the entire thing to realize just how abominable it is.

I urge every Catholic to send a letter to the Vatican, citing this activity, and requesting the Pope to take action against this mis-use of the Mass.

A good guide to how to send mail to him is linked here.

I’ve put a link to a generic document here – it’s only 1 page – apparently, short letters are better. Replace The date, Your Name, and Your Address with your information, print, and send to Francis’s home outside the papal apartments (which he generally does not use).

Let a Million Letters be Sent!


The Road to Ruin

It’s really simple. Leftists (includes Communists, Socialists, Democratic Socialists, and AntiFa/Anarchists) have long had a plan to take over control of this country, and ‘transform’ it to their liking.

Here is one man’s explanation of how it is done – he was a defecting Soviet agent, so he should know something about the subject.

We’re nearing the endpoint. The Leftists in charge hope to use COVID as the means to force us into starvation. At that point, they think, we will give up.

If that tactic fails, there are always riots, thugs with guns, and the arsenal of the local politicians, who have expressed the desire to eliminate opposition.

By Any Means Necessary – BAMN.

How Does Civilization End?

Over the course of just a few months, it appears. The link is to the site where I found a video shot by a local resident of Austin, TX. (I’d forgotten to put the link to the site when I first posted).

Now, many of you may think of Texas cities as much more civilized than other states. And, generally, that may be somewhat true.

But, Austin has long been an outlier – a VERY Leftist blue city in a sea of red.

But, if you are a resident of the Lone Star State, keep in mind that – while most of the state is a staunch supporter of the Right, the cities have come to adopt the Phat-headed Philosophies of the Left.

Probably one of the most important things that state and federal government can do is apply the motto of Pottery Barn:

If you broke it, you bought it!

If there are no consequences for chuckleheaded decisions, people will keep making them.

For alcoholics, they have to have life hit them – HARD – before they will admit there is a problem.

For debtors, having no other options than bankruptcy is the best trigger for that Come-to-Jesus moment, when they will FINALLY realize that, no, they cannot keep up their financially feckless ways.

For Austin, and all of those other Red Hellholes, refusing to once again bail them out of the troubles they have made for themselves is the only way that they can learn from their mistakes.

Innocent Protester? Or, Trained Assault Team Member?

The news media frequently shows photos of ‘innocent’ protesters. They are said to have been ‘just standing there’, when – for absolutely NO reason at all – they were attacked by someone – civilian or police – who was out to get them.

The linked story – with video proof – puts the claim to rest as a defense. The masses that gather are being trained to commit assault on those opposing them, inflicting crippling pain and damage.

I had seen rioters on the news over the last several weeks, clutching skateboards. From my knowledge of urban youth, I knew that skateboard use wasn’t all that common. So, why were so many holding them?

  1. Use as a shield if physically challenged.
  2. Wielding it as a weapon against police.

Unlike other weapons (such as the common sock of bike locks), the skateboard can argued to be an innocent means of transportation, not an intentional weapon.

Other seemingly innocent devices have been deployed:

  • Leaf blowers – used to re-direct tear gas/smoke back at the police
  • Umbrellas (I’d seen this, and thought it quite odd to be carrying them to a riot). In a pinch, the bumbershoots can also be used to jab agressively.
  • Note the ‘soccer moms’ – all wearing bike helmets. Seemingly without nefarious use – but, could easily be taken off, swung by the straps, and used to batter opponents. That polymer material is meant to stand up to a lot of abuse.
  • Flags on poles – not only a great optic (hey, we’re just patriotic Americans!), but also leaves them with wooden poles to use as a weapon.
  • Lasers – depending on the type of light (green are quite harmful to eyes), can blind. They are deliberately using these in coordinated attacks on the police. This was planned – most people use the red lasers for innocent purposes.
  • The usual lighters, gasoline/bottle/wick combos, fireworks, IEDs, metal batons, bricks, etc.

Understand, most people, even on the Left, don’t actively participate in these violent actions. But they DO spread the lie that these are peaceful protesters. They are allies of the Left.

Weaponizing your money – how the Left uses ActBlue and other NGOs to promote revolution.

You may see this ‘letter from an unbiased observer’ circulating on social media – here is the reality.

UPDATE: After posting this, I found another site that looks at some of these same issues – here.

We Are At the End of the Old World

…and we are starting the new.

What has changed?

  • Many of those who previously lived a relatively stable life, have lost it – forever.
    • That includes the many small business owners, wiped out of cash, deeply in debt, too old to start over.
    • Some of them had, optimistically and reasonably, taken on car/home/life debt, as they had stable jobs, and some savings. Gone. Not only unlikely to return in the near future, but they are less able to move, thanks to the anchor of a home.
    • Over 65, retired, and depending on that investment account to supplement Social Security, and possibly a pension (most workers don’t have them). Some may have few alternatives but to move in with relatives. Others, to work for the rest of their lives – IF they can find a job.
    • Those graduating – you are well and truly screwed. You won’t get much of a job for a long time, unless you are fortunate enough to have some experience in one of those fields that is still booming. Can’t think of too many at this time. Plus, you have debt – a LOT of debt. Unlike car loans, house loans, credit card debt, and the like, student loans are NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy. May you should have put all that debt on the VISA, eh?

Well that’s the bad news.

There are some bright spots. Many have learned to get along with what they have coming in as income. Some have taken up those old-time homey crafts – sewing, knitting, canning, home repair, gardening. All of which might stretch out what money does head their way.

Many families found extended time with family rewarding. Time to play with the kids, teach them some useful skills, assist with learning academic subjects, and just have family fun – card games, puzzles, Nerf gun fights, home theatrical play, taking up musical instruments.

Many stepped to community needs, volunteering at food banks, running errand for elderly/ill neighbors, finding ways to cheer up others, and making masks – a LOT of masks. All of which they shared, prompting others to do likewise. Sometimes, peer pressure is a GOOD thing.

Many learned to appreciate the average guys and girls – the nurses, cleaners, truckers, store clerks – all of those people who weren’t sitting around while the shutdown was on. Whether or not that appreciation lasts, it was nice – and long overdue.

Many, seeing their available cash dwindle, vowed to climb out of the Pit of Debt. If you have an interest in that, try the Dave Ramsey site – I have friends who swear by his ideas.

But, the rest of the world is in much worse circumstances. They are even deeper in debt, with less chance of getting out. And, for some (Yes, China, I’m TALKING about YOU!), the great efforts they made to hide their problems have led them to be widely distrusted. The speed at which countries are moving to detach them from dependency on supplies from China may well bring down Red China.

The main bright spot? Both that Trump is still hanging in there, despite the valiant efforts of the Anti- and Never-Trumps to bring him down. I’ve no doubt that the Failing Left (trademark pending) will whip their Media-boys into another frenzy – well, as soon as they can drum up another Fake Scandal to bring the Bad Orange Man down. It’s just that the Left is both obvious, and so damned bad at that conspiracy thingy. Their lies are beginning to surface, and they haven’t a clue how to bury them again, other than the willful blindness of the determinedly Anti-Trump.

Keep in mind, I’m not a Trump-bot, who can’t see his many flaws. It’s just that I don’t have infinite choices – I have to go with someone who, though carrying some baggage, is still heading to the station, and willing to board the train, to the right destination.

I’ve been connecting with several people on social media, who are good-hearted people who oppose Trump because he isn’t hitting their soft spot – they like to think of themselves as caring and selfless. They operate on an emotional level, and cannot be reached by reason or hard sense.

So, I’ve been working on a new approach for communications. I’m trying to introduce topics from an emotional standpoint.

It’s tough. I’m not generally a touchy-feely kind of person. I have to go against my preferred method of relying on logical reasons to support my views. Ultimately, I’m getting better response to what I write/post than if I used all the Spockian logic in the universe.

Just a thought – others will likely be better suited for that approach than I. I’d love to hear about your experiences with that mode.


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