#2A: Die Trying.

Dystopic: KodeTen is back, folks. And his piece below is very important – the Second Amendment is the cornerstone of this country.

It’s not often I weigh in on the gun debate. Trying to engage in thoughtful conversation with someone vomiting “common sense gun control” is an exercise in… well;

brick wall

But after California, and now a strike too close to home for Dystopic in Orlando, I’ve been able to put my entire gun control argument into four simple words:

“I will die trying.”

There’s a mentality we developed in Afghanistan, fighting the Al Quaeda and the Taliban. You see, we watched the news, we combed through YouTube, and LiveLeak, we watched al-Jazeera. We had our Intelligence officers brief us on what was going on. We planned for the worst.

We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if we ever found ourselves overran, cut off, and alone, we had two options. Allow ourselves to be captured, where we’d be put in front of a camera and butchered, or die trying.

We made up our minds, each of us individually, that if we were met with that situation, we would do everything in our power to take out as many of those bastards as possible. We would force them to kill us in battle, because if we didn’t, the alternative was torture and our families potentially subjected to the horror of watching our murder broadcast around the world.

And so, we come to the simple conclusion of my gun control argument.

I will never stop battling against it. No worthless semantics like an “assault weapons” ban. No “hi-cap” magazine restrictions, absolutely no ban on concealed carry. Nothing. The laws we have in place are effective enough. I have a gun. If that makes you uncomfortable, fuck off!

Maybe I will be killed. Maybe, God forbid that moment comes and I’m face to face with a psychopath, maybe he’ll get the upper hand and slay me.

Maybe that will happen. I have to be realistic, I have a gun, not invincibility, but if that should happen, I will not die in a ball on the floor, begging for my life.

I will die trying.

Weep for those we lost in San Bernadino, in Orlando, in Paris. Weep for the children we lost in Sandy Hook. But do not presume to use their deaths as leverage to deny me the ability to try and put a stop to violence like this if I am ever met with it. You cannot legislate crazy, and I will not allow you to legislate my ability to level the playing field against crazy.

Because in the end, it’s not about having a military grade weapon as a civilian. It’s about having the chance to stand up and raise my weapons against evil, and actually have a fighting chance.

We have more important things to be focusing on than laws that ban ownership of inanimate objects, if only we threw so much effort at tackling the out-of-control medical costs in this country, maybe we’d start getting to the root of this problem, rather than slapping a band-aid over it.

You want to die curled up in a corner and begging for the police to show up, that’s fine, but do not presume to tell me I have to do the same. I’d rather stand up and die trying.

Two of New York’s finest are dead, and I am furious.

There is a lot that I can say. But there are a few who said it far better than I could summon the vocabulary to do so.

It may not be in the spirit of The DecliNation, but it is in the spirit of the Warrior.

First, from Pat Rogers, formerly New York’s finest and one of the most respected gunfighting instructors of our time;

The problems are not one of race- though some are intent on making it so in order to gain power.

It is about two broad cultures.

On one side is the culture of the Thug Life

These are the entitled one- those who do not perform and honest days work, who breed like rabbits, who suck the nations coffers dry with their ever burgeoning population.

They believe armed robbery is “Getting Paid”, as that is what they believe is owed to them.

They are the ones that commit the majority of crimes, are the majority of the people arrested, and complain when Cops are sent into their bastions to force them to cease their Thug Life.

They are the ones who commit crimes and bitch about being arrested.

They complain about cops killing them, to the point they hoist on their shoulders the carcasses of Thugs who made the decision to rob or assault Cops, and create martyrs for their twisted cause.

I am sure that some of the recent ones will be Canonized in the church of The Thug Life for their resistance to The Man.

Then there are the Good Guys.

They are responsible. What a concept!

They contribute to society, rather than suck it up.

They go to work. They have families. They support them.

Some members of this group prevent the Thugs from flourishing in their criminal actions.

They populate the gangs, the organized criminal enterprises that fortunately reduce the population of other like minded Thugs.

Shocking, I know.

Other extinguish fires started when the entitled ones burn their houses so they can get into better housing.

Or they try to save business that the entitled ones burn in their communities that make sense only to the Thugs.

There are two cultures.

Good Guys and Bad. Not Black and White. Or Brown, Yellow, Purple or whatever moniker the Thugs want to place on them.

Consider carefully who you want to be associated with.

That is all…


And another, from an NYPD wife who chose to vent her thoughts on a simple backwater blog;

I was driving to a Christmas party when my phone rang. I heard the words and my heart felt shattered. Every fear, every worry, every feeling of panic came rushing into my throat and I couldn’t stop it. I had to stop it. My babies were with me. I was about to meet new people and see old friends. It was a party. Everyone’s supposed to be happy. My heart felt ripped to shreds. I kept looking at my phone, even though I knew there would be nothing good to see. My face kept smiling, my mouth kept speaking but my heart was racing and the tears were always right beneath the surface.

Today it was them. You don’t know them. They’re just names to you. To some of you, they are symbols of heroism and honor, but to many of you they are symbols of “oppression” and “brutality.”

Today, they kissed their families goodbye, they went into work,  and they were sitting in a car.

They died tonight – slaughtered – bullet after bullet pumped into their bodies. Not because of crime, not because of fear, but because of the uniform they wear. “Going to give some pigs wings tonight,” the killer boasted on social media, before taking to the streets.

They died tonight… and you let them.

You – sitting in your safe house with your enlightened thoughts and your selfish politics.

You – every one of you who supported the “protests,” the riots, the Sharptons and de Blasios of this nation.

You – sitting smugly behind your screen, commenting on police policies, the “unnecessary force,” the “racism” of the police.

PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos.

Remember their names.

You let them die tonight.

My heart is aching with sadness, loss, fear. I can’t stop the tears. My body is shaking and my heart is broken.

Tonight I am so angry.

You betrayed them!!!

You chose to honor the criminal and demean the innocent. You chose to make a thug like Michael Brown and a career petty criminal like Eric Garner the names on everyone’s lips, while the names of those who die protecting your freedom and your rights are soon forgotten.

You betrayed them.

More lives taken – but no one thinks THEY matter. More blood shed – heroic blood, not criminal – but no leader stands up to mourn them. Two more widows and fatherless sons, days before Christmas – but no one will be rioting or marching in the streets.

Men and women – HUMAN BEINGS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR COLOR – are being slaughtered, dying to protect your right to speak, to live, to march – and you choose to honor the criminals because of their color!?

You betrayed them.

People are indeed being targeted for who they are, but it isn’t the police doing the targeting.

My husband has been literally getting spat on as he walks into work – but he’ll still be standing there protecting your right to hold a sign saying “I Can’t Breathe.”

What did you think was going to happen? Who did you think you were supporting? Or did you not bother to think about it at all?

You betrayed them.

Tomorrow my children could wake up without a father.

Tomorrow the light could leave my own heart, even as I must go on living.

Tomorrow that knock on the door could be the one I dread.

Tomorrow the hands that calm my soul, that fill me with life and love and passion – tomorrow they could be cold forever.

So by all means, march through NYC, scream in their faces, call them pigs, threaten their families, deface their tombstones, mock their pain, and ignore their sacrifices.

But acknowledge the truth of what you are doing.

You have blood on your hands tonight, every one of you.

RIP, Blue Angels. You are now in a far, far better place.

There’s nothing more to say.

Two men were murdered. For no other reason than the outfit they wore, and the profession they chose. Killed while trying to grab a quick bite to eat, while covering for their brothers who were stretched too thin in that particular district, and desperately needed some rest.

Is this what you wanted? Children denied this Christmas, and every Holiday after, because their father chose to wear a particular shirt?

Hands up, don’t shoot? Fuck you. The thugs of America, regardless of skin color, are lucky I’m not declared Grand Warlord of the United States just yet, for this, I would paint the streets in their blood.

The “Jack Booted Thugs” of America’s Thin Blue Line

Pay attention class, we now have a prime example of our civilization in decline…Ferguson, MO.

I hear a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, of late, as to the “overstepping of authority” and “militarization” of police. Considering I am Military, and having spent some time on the front lines, I feel a little “called out” as it were, and will, reluctantly, weigh in on the matter.

First, I will state up front, I do not see the police as “militarized.” They are 21st century cops, equipped to handle the problems of the 21st Century. You see, when we moved into the 21st Century, we embraced these awesome advances in technology, like, body armor, accurate duty rifles, armored vehicles, and vision enhancement systems, all developed with the unspoken intention of putting LESS people in boxes, on both sides of the gun.

A 21st Century Police force utilizing restraint and technology in Ferguson

Utilizing restraint, psychology, and technology in Ferguson

They may appear intimidating, (they’re supposed to), they may appear similar to Soldiers (they don’t, and aren’t.) but the simple facts are, they are equipped to effectively counter to threats to Law & Order that we face within our communities today.

“Militarized”? Says you?

A military acts in such a manner as to disguise it’s movements, defend and attack from concealed positions, respond with overwhelming firepower, using all available means to maim and kill in an effort to break the backs and the will of our enemies and end the fight. We use belt-fed machine guns, launched and hand thrown high explosive grenades, artillery and mortars, rockets, white phosphorous, heat-seeking and wire-guided missiles, just to name a few, with the express goal of killing the enemies of our nation, wholesale. And we try to do it before they even realize we’re there in force.

The author hides in wait for an opportunity to kill the enemies of his country.

Similar look, entirely different mission, means, and motive.

The police in civil unrest situations act in such an anti-thesis to a “military” that to even draw the correlation is laughable. They get out in the streets, in force, with bright flashing lights, PA systems, and the word “POLICE” big and bold across their chest. They draw as much attention to themselves as possible, they act with restraint, employing non-lethal means, tear gas, smoke, pepper spray, bean bag rounds, flash-bangs, they do everything in their power to restore order and inflict no lethal harm until the last possible moment, when the choice is kill this crazed rioter, or leave the scene in a body bag.

I admire their restraint, especially with the amount of gunfire coming from the animals and the molotov cocktails being thrown. You ever had a molotov thrown at you? You’d want to shoot that motherfucker too.

The Second Amendment is a beautiful thing, and I am firmly in the camp of relaxing restrictions on firearms because it is simply a guaranteed right (and potentially my duty as an American) to own one. But, unfortunately, it goes both ways. Just the same as the Police can have possession of a rifle that fires a .50 BMG, so too can Snoop Diggity fo’shizzle thug life in Detroit. And let Snoop have it! Until such a time that he proves that he lacks the maturity to properly execute that right (and inherent responsibility) i.e. participates in felonious fucking activities.

And when said felonious fucking activities involve that .50 cal rifle, or molotov cocktail, or AR-15, or AK-47, you, I, and everyone nearby, are gonna be glad when the cops pull up in that vehicle with armor too thick for Snoop to shoot through.

Look. I get it. There are concerns about the depth and breadth of authority our Police enjoys in this day and age, for every good news story of a police officer adding to the enjoyment of life within his community, there’s a horror story about an overreaction, an overstep, or a bad policy decision, but there is an effective way to challenge this authority and see it curtailed, should you so desire, and that desire is shared by many.

Spoiler alert!

The “effective way” does not involve chaos in the streets of your community, burning businesses, and pillaging anything you desire. Such activities can, should, and will be met with appropriate force, and the “Jack Booted Thugs” will return with their armored vehicles.

The courts, and the offices of your legislators is the place to fight the police. Or maybe, hell, stay within the bounds of the law. I personally have enjoyed a very fulfilled life up to this point and the only run-ins with the police are when I was driving my souped-up truck too fast. I can’t really complain.

But for fuck’s sake, keep your battles with police out of the streets. Fight the Police in the streets and they will, rightfully, do everything in their power to ensure that you lose.

It’s not just their job, it’s their duty. (And it’s of great amusement to guys like me, I might add.)

I want you all to watch Ferguson closely. This is it, folks. Ferguson, is the Declination. The Free Shit Army is on the march and what we saw the night of the 24th is what “they” want. Total Anarchy, mob rule, and it ain’t over yet.

I don’t know about you, but I feel for the average Joe American in Ferguson right now, just trying to raise his family and get by. It’s a terrifying thing to try and sleep at night not sure if the next thing you’re gonna hear is some ignorant race-baiting cowards  smashing down your door to assault you and yours, steal everything you worked so hard to get, and set your house on fire just because some thug who so happened to be black, fought a police officer (who so happened to be white), tried to take his gun, and, rightfully, got gunned down in the street for his trouble.

That’s what they keep screaming, anyway. I’m pretty sure the rest of us sensible folk have already seen through their lie.

Fucked up world we live in. I really wonder if we’d a having this discussion if Ofc. Wilson was black?

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