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Why Are So Many Entertainers Leftists?

Everyone from your favorite actors down to the strippers at the local topless bars appear to be Lefty these days. Oh, exceptions exist. We can’t forget James Woods or Clint Eastwood. There’s Ted Nugent to consider. And, well… even in porn there is Mercedes Carrera who, if she isn’t exactly a Rightist, certainly isn’t a flaming SJW either.

But exceptions are exceptions, after all. For the most part, be they actors or writers, porn stars or athletes, entertainers are Leftist, some of them so far to the Left that they have to turn Right to see Lenin.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of theories about why this is true, many of them quite plausible. Some will tell you that what makes a person creative, often a prerequisite for at least some forms of entertainment, also makes a person want to push outside of cultural norms. Milo himself has said on many occasions that he sees himself this way, it is merely that the Establishment is actually Leftist now. To push boundaries, to explore the taboo, one must go Right. And let’s face it, one of Milo’s most interesting attributes is that he is not only correct on many of the political issues of our age, but he entertains us as he goes about explaining it.

Would you rather listen to Bill Kristol drone on about the next Never Trump pipedream, or would you rather see Milo intellectually slay a feminist on live television debates while talking about sleeping with black men? One will bore you to tears, the other will at least extract a laugh out of you.

So I suspect there is a lot of truth to this idea. But at the same time, it’s possible that there are many more of our people inside the entertainment world than we realize. In my other life, I am a club DJ, and nearly without exception, other performers I work with are Lefties. Or at least I thought they were for a very long time, because whenever anything remotely political entered into a conversation, they would typically spout off some canned, politically-correct line that sounded like a soundbite from CNN.

Something has changed of late, however. About three months ago, I was spinning at one of my usual clubs, and there was an SJW incident, something that’s becoming increasingly common these days. This particular club does some fetish events, and so they have some, shall we say, interesting entertainers. One of them expressed to me how pissed he and his girl were. Apparently, an SJW had forced him to put up consent fliers all over the club, which he found to be a waste of time, paper, and tape. Never mind that the fliers kept falling down because the walls were permanently saturated with decades of smoke and drink, and he kept having to chase them down and put them back up, all to satisfy some SJW’s obsession with the rules of proper, politically-correct Social Justice consent.

I had been working that club for seven years, and those two had been doing their act the whole time. I never had a clue that they were anything other than proper, true-believing Leftists. It turns out they were Libertarians, and now we enjoy ranting about Social Justice together before the doors open.

He told me that he felt like he had to hide his Libertarian sympathies, because everyone around him was a Leftist, and he worried about what they would think. Soon after this, a couple long-time regulars revealed to me that they were Trump supporters.

Apparently I’m no good at hiding my own political affiliation, something my regular readers probably aren’t terribly surprised about. And so it was known that I was a safe person to expose non-Leftist political affiliation to.

In the time since then, I’ve discovered that my neighbor who plays in a local band is a Libertarian, some of the bouncers I’ve worked with for years are Trump guys, a DJ I’ve been friends with for many years is a Trump supporter, and a good portion of the rest are not anywhere near as Left-wing as they pretended to be all this time. I still believe that my general entertainment ecosystem, Leftists outnumber Rightists, but it isn’t by anywhere near as much as I previously thought.

But it may not be just my level where this is true.

Recently Taylor Swift was attacked for not being enthusiastic enough about Leftist politics, because SJWs expect to have a solid lock on entertainers at all levels, but especially at the very top. An article in the Independent phrases it thus:

“Fans have to wonder how Swift, who has been called out repeatedly for appearing to be unaware of her own privileges as a white, rich pop star, would be able to make any kind of bold political statement given that status.”

There is an interesting sleight of hand going on here. Fans supposedly “have to wonder”. How many fans wonder about this? What percentage of the fan base do they represent? If it’s just a couple of screeching SJWs, who cares? It gets worse, though. Observe:

“Swift, who has never publicly stated the words ‘I am a feminist’…”

Is there some kind of requirement that to be a musician, you must say those words exactly? I mean, imagine if American Idol had a security guy in front of the stage, and if you wanted your audition you needed to speak the magic password: “I am a feminist.” Then he would stand aside and allow you to sing. It’s that ridiculous.

But this political affiliation is not only the expectation, it’s the assumption. It’s so bad that even I made the mistake of assuming it was true. Now, I have to wonder how many of those who are quiet about politics are secretly Conservative, Libertarian, or just not flaming SJWs How many who parrot the canned statements really believe in it?

What Harvey Weinstein did with sex, almost everybody in entertainment does with political affiliation. Do what I want, say what I want, or else suffer the consequences to your career. And when that curtain is pulled back, just as it was on Harvey’s casting couch, we might be surprised at just how many of our people were there all along.

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