Constitutional Government Is Not Coming

Much hoopla has been made over the RNC and Ted Cruz’s speech, wherein he withheld endorsement of Donald Trump. But, in truth, I was more surprised that he bothered to speak at all. Look, the truth of the matter is that the limited government mentality that many Conservatives subscribe to doesn’t exist, not even within the GOP, much less the rest of the country. So all of this conflict in the GOP is academic, at best.

Francis explains it for us at Liberty’s Torch:

No politician will succeed in restoring Constitutional soundness to government in these United States in our lifetime.


At this point in our political degeneracy, elected officials possess far less power than what has been called the Deep State: the millions of unelected bureaucrats and functionaries who are the true rulers of our nation. It is they who set agricultural, industrial, commercial, and informational policy. It is they who determine what shall and what shall not be done. It is they who thwarted the efforts of Nixon and Reagan to reduce the burden of government on our long suffering backs. Remember this blatant statement of conditions:


[United States Senator from Oklahoma David L.] Boren, formerly a state legislator and governor, went to Washington expecting to make some changes. “What impressed me most is the great power of the bureaucracy compared to that of elected officials. All the talk about growing control by the bureaucracy is not exaggerated. The shift in power is very real…. There is almost a contempt for elected officials.”…Senator Boren found, to his surprise, that a Senator has great difficulty even getting phone calls returned by the “permanent” employees, much less getting responsive answers to his questions.


The voters can’t “throw the rascals out” anymore, because the main rascals are not elected but appointed….


Regulatory bureaucrats have extra power because they can outlast the elected officials. “Often,” Boren explains, “I’ve said to a bureaucrat, ‘You know this is not the president’s policy.’


’True, Senator, but we were here before he came, and we’ll be here after he leaves. We’re not in sympathy with his policy. We’ll study the matter until he leaves.’”

The unelected bureaucracy runs this country, and they answer only to themselves, and to cold, hard cash. The rest can be waited out, or bought, or blackmailed, or shamed into obedience. Others, like the Clintons, are deeply embedded within the bureaucratic state. They represent the Mandarins, so to speak, and are their preferred vehicles. But they can, and will, use anyone else.

Much has been made of Ronald Reagan and his reinvigoration of the country in the 80s, but Reagan’s influence was always mitigated by the bureaucrats, and they merely bided their time, surviving his rule to reestablish themselves after.

So in that context, Ted Cruz’s speech was wasted air. And even if Trump were to do all that he claims, the bureaucracy will merely hibernate for a little while, bide their time, and come back into the fore when they may. Constitutional government will be impossible so long as they remain in power.

The Mandarins clearly don’t like Trump, for whatever reason, but it’s not clear that he represents a genuine improvement of our fortunes, either. The enemy of my enemy may still be my enemy, also. I don’t know. All I can say for certain is that the cause of freedom has been greatly diminished by factionalism in the GOP, and it’s my thought that this was an intentional ploy from the statists, a tune which both major factions of the party have danced to in predictable fashion.

At more or less the same time, we find that Milo and a host of other conservatives, have been banned from Twitter. Cristina Liala was one whom I had a lot of respect for. She was banned for being critical of Islam (she’s Armenian and has good reason, but that doesn’t mollify Twitter’s own Mandarins). The Mandarins and their bureaucracy have infested most of corporate America, also. Do not look to them for succor or support.

Milo was banned because he criticized the new Ghostbusters movie, and one of the actresses took offense. Leslie Jones told her followers to “get him”, and so Milo posted this call on his own feed. A host of people of indeterminate affiliation (trolls would be my guess) then piled onto Leslie’s Twitter page, and bombarded her with tweets about gorillas, bananas, and other offensive things relating to her race. But, and here’s the key point, Milo didn’t call for that, nor participate in it at all. And the only call to dogpile anybody was made by Leslie herself. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

Twitter, of course, disagreed and quickly banned him, this time permanently.

Now, Leftists have come out and said that Twitter has a right to ban people for whatever reasons they wish, because they are a private company. But where was this defense when they demanded that bakers make cakes for gay weddings? Or for when a pizza place declined to cater one? They say it’s not censorship, and that nobody has a right to Free Speech on Twitter, because they don’t own it.

This is fascinating, because I’m not sure if my readers are aware or not, but North Korea’s Constitution has emphatic support for Freedom of Speech. De jure, North Korea is a free and democratic country. Of course de facto we know that it is not. But therein lies the rub in this case. SJWs are de facto calling for the suspension and banning of Conservatives, or anyone who disagrees with them, frankly, but then hiding behind Freedom of Speech and Capitalism when challenged themselves. Suddenly private companies refusing service to gays is just fine, so long as the gay man in question is Conservative.

The Mandarins are everywhere, and not just in government, and they will twist anything to their liking, and obey those who pay them, bribe them, or control their employment (not us, by the way). They are good little stooges, and until they are gone, restoring a Constitutional government will be impossible.

Indeed, if we don’t remove them soon, they will successfully suppress Free Speech entirely, and reverse the Bill of Rights, the last remaining roadblock to their complete control of the country.

Next to that, I really don’t care if Ted Cruz doesn’t like Donald Trump, or vice versa.

Terror, Coups, and Black Lives Matter

Well, I picked an interesting time to step away from blogging and get some work done… We had three major events occur in quick succession.

First off, an Islamic terrorist did something I had been warning people about for years: he used a truck to bowl over as many people as he possibly could. I used to explain to people in debates on matters of gun control that plenty of weapons were available for mass killings even supposing a gun ban could work. My usual example was that a semi-truck could be driven into a populated place, and be used to kill as many (or more) than any AR-15 could. I didn’t intend for a terrorist to take the idea seriously.

But now the question is, will the Left demand an end to the easy sales and rentals of assault trucks?



Shortly thereafter, we had Black Lives Matter inspire another ambush of police officers. This time the nutcase responsible for it was clearly a Black Lives Matter supporter, and had repeatedly posted anti-white and anti-cop slogans all over his Twitter feed. His motivations are laid bare for us to see. TheRalph dissects the man’s motivations and connections to Black Lives Matter here. One of the interesting things to note, however, is that one of the three murdered cops was black.

Remember, Black Lives only Matter if they are thugs, and if they have a long records. Black cops, of course, are fair game. So are the blacks routinely killed in urban enclaves from Chicago to DC. Those lives clearly don’t matter to the protesters.

And lastly we had an attempted coup, or at least what looked vaguely like one, attempted in Turkey. On this matter I have little to add, except to note that Tom Kratman has covered the topic much better than I could. He suspects a degree of foreknowledge on the part of Erdogan, and I cannot help but agree. As someone of Armenian ancestry, I cannot say I’m exactly in the Turkish fan club, but it must be noted that a secular Turkey under the shade of Kemalism is somewhat preferable to a radical Islamist Turkey. Especially if one considers the NATO angle.

Can you imagine being pulled in support of a radical Islamist agenda because of NATO? Erdogan has always been something of a tyrant-in-waiting, but now it appears the waiting is coming to an end, and the tyrant will soon be laid bare.

I feel bad for the Greeks. The EU has screwed them from both angles.

Idiot of the Week: Reality is Racist

Rant warning. This is going to be bad. You’ve been warned.

You know, I see a lot of stupid shit on the Internet. I consider it a service to scour the bottom of the intellectual barrel in search of prime examples of Social Justice idiocy. And so I have a relatively high tolerance for stupidity, borne out of necessity. But there are times even I recoil from the eldritch horrors I find in the festering, wretched hives of Social Justice.

Today’s example comes from one Emily Crockett, writing for It’s instructive that, like The Guardian, often supplies material for us brave, intrepid explorers of rampant idiocy. It’s like the the Mordor of Social Justice. Here, just take a look at this screencap:


Reality is racist. Seriously. That’s the argument this captain of idiocy is spewing from her mouth-hole. I’ve taken dumps from which more intellectual truths could be divined.

Yes, the horror from the elder days of Marxist assholery has manifested anew in the form of Miss (I’m sure she’s not a Mrs., who the hell would put a ring on a finger attached to a creature this stupid?) Emily Crockett, Social Justice Warrior and minion of the land of Let’s fisk this sewage and learn what we may.

“Warning: Pokémon Go is a death sentence if you’re a black man,” Omari Akil argued in an essay at Medium over the weekend.

You know, I’m not exactly a fan of this Pokemon Go shit. I’ve seen full grown men (at least in body, anyway) wandering around like drooling idiots from a B-rate zombie movie, looking for Pikachu, or whatever. “Braaaaaaaains.” No, no brains to be found here, I’m afraid. But to call it a death sentence for black men? What do you even say to that sort of stupidity? Do black men spontaneously combust upon loading the app onto their phones? I found Jigglypuff! *BLAM*.

It’s an idiocy that has exceeded the dumbassery of lesser beings. It is the sort of intellectual diarrhea that could only be spawned from the mind of someone who thinks themselves educated and enlightened, for no lesser form of ignorance is sufficient to produce it. No, the sky isn’t blue, says the intellectual. Because blue is racist, since cops wear blue sometimes. If my ass had an ass, and that ass expelled a load of fecal matter which, itself, was able to take a dump, only then would you reach the level of mental sewage this creature has, somehow, managed to expel from her mouth, distill into typed form, and display on the Internet.

Does she take pictures of her turds swirling in the bowl too, I wonder? And does post that, also? It would be a step up from this.

It’s a startling, even extreme-sounding claim. How could a virally popular smartphone game featuring adorable Japanese cartoon characters possibly endanger the lives of black men?

It doesn’t, at least no more so than it endangers the lives of other idiots wandering around like drunken zombies looking for Jigglypuff in between the legs of an Atlanta stripper at 2 in the morning.

But Akil’s explanation makes a lot of sense, and it is incredibly sobering. Akil says he rushed to download the game and try it out but quickly realized that its “augmented reality” interface also replicates the systemic racial inequalities of our regular, un-augmented reality:

Yes. I want you, dear reader, to let this one sink in. Pardon the shit analogies, both literally and figuratively, but I know of nothing more appropriate for this bile. This is a special sort of turd, the sort that, despite its foulness, and the gut-wrenching pain that led to its expulsion, must be grudgingly admired for its level of fecal perfection. What disgustingly unhealthy excuse for nourishment produced it? How, indeed, did something so flawlessly vile and nasty come out of a human being? What birthing pains were labored in its creation?

How, indeed, can any human being come to the conclusion that reality itself is racist? Let it sink in. Admire the perfect idiocy of this thing. Take it in. And then wonder how this human being can manage to put on pants in the morning, much less tie her own shoes.

Akil’s logic is simple: Black men are stopped more often by police for unusual or suspicious behavior. More police stops means a greater risk of violent interactions, and black men are disproportionately killed by police. Pokémon Go causes people to do unusual things in public spaces. Therefore, Pokémon Go poses a real risk to black men in America.

Why, I’m sure that police will be mortified to see an idiot staring into his cellphone, looking at stupid shit. Indeed, this could not possibly have ever happened before someone dumped this game onto the market, right?

Anyway, what does this tentacled, eldritch vagina want to do about it? If you’re black, no Pokemon for you?

A lot of people are making jokes about how the National Security Agency probably created Pokémon Go as a spy tool. Others are genuinely concerned about the potential ramifications for privacy and civil liberties:

Well, privacy concerns have some legitimacy here. I don’t want to install this crap on my phone either. But what the hell does this have to do with her premise that reality is racist, therefore no Pokemon for black people?

Another Pokémon Go user had a story about police and racial profiling in a viral post on Imgur. He said he’s a white man in his 40s who started bonding over Pokémon Go in a public park with two young black men — and was promptly questioned by police who thought they might be conducting a drug deal.

It ended happily, with the cop downloading the app himself. But it’s unsettling to think about how easily it could have gone the other way.

So an unconfirmed personal account of a police officer questioning people, who then decides to be interested in the game. THE TERROR. THE HORROR! JIM CROW! SLAVERY! POLICE BRUTALITY! How in the hell do these sorts of people manage to go anywhere, or do anything? Does Emily Crockett shiver in her boots when a policeman says “good morning”? Does she quake with fear if somebody talks to a black person in the park? Does tying her shoelaces fill her with dread and fears of racist oppression? Why, the shoelaces might be white!

But I suppose this is par for the course from people who consider “nice dress” to be rape, or who think that carting mattresses around campus, upon which you later decide to do a porn shoot, is somehow showing the eeeeevil patriarchy what’s what.

The level of stupidity these people call upon goes beyond the merely slow, or uneducated. It is a special brand of willful, knowing ignorance. And in the normal course of human affairs, this might be called a contradiction. A paradox of stupidity, as it were. And yet, there it is, before our very eyes, crawling up from the deep crevices of Karl Marx’s anus. Pokemon is racist. Reality is racist. Everything is racism, sexism, and homophobia. All of creation, the universe, and space-time itself has turned against black people. And for proof, we are supplied with a personal account of a cop asking about a crappy game from a couple of guys in the park.

I’ve seen more convincing fake-outs and exaggerations in soccer games.

I am reminded of the idiot who said calling a singularity a “black hole” is evidence of systemic racism in the academic community. Say what? No, the only singularity here is the hole inside your skull, which has sucked all possible intelligence into a parallel universe, and left nothing in its wake.

I took a breath this morning. Racist. My friend has a black car. Racist. Somebody right now is trying to find Pikachu in his toilet, and only succeeded in finding the floating relatives of one Miss Emily Crockett. Social Justice is an example of what one man termed a “Shit Midas”, a being which turns whatever it touches into excrement.

Miss Emily Crocket, congratulations on your achievement as Idiot of the Week, and Official Shit Midas of I proudly present to you four Golden Turds in recognition of this supreme achievement of cosmic stupidity.


My Thoughts on the Dallas Shootings

I’ve always been the sort to have very mixed feelings about police officers. On the one hand, I am no great friend of big government. Traffic stops for fund raising, not safety, are a fact of life for most of us. Yes, terrible, going 65 in a 55. Why, everyone’s life was at risk, right? Over-regulation and nanny state tyranny have their ultimate expression in officers of the law. Eric Garner died during his arrest, after he had been caught selling loose cigarettes. Why a law against selling cigs was even on the books to begin with, I have a difficult time understanding. But I know this: never pass a law for which you are unwilling to kill in order to enforce.

That’s what it comes down to. Am I willing to kill to prevent harm to myself and my family? Absolutely. Am I willing to kill to prevent some random slob from selling cigarettes on a street corner? No, not really. I can’t imagine why anyone would, honestly, except for obtaining more tax revenue from so-called “sin taxes”. But that happened in New York, and whatever else you can say about them, they sure love tax money. Whatever.

But this isn’t the fault of the police officers themselves. Oh, sure, there is some leeway for them to ‘accidentally’ overlook whatever it is you’re doing. And many will overlook small items if they can, and if they are not being hounded to report certain numbers of violations. But when you have someone pulled over because of a busted taillight or selling some cigarettes on the corner, a great measure of the responsibility ultimately rests on whatever idiot decided this merited armed police involvement in the first place by passing such a law.

The micromanagement coming from officers of the law is, in great part, a consequence of the nanny state.

What does this have to do with the shootings in Dallas? Well, quite a lot, actually. The nanny state has ensured that more confrontations between law enforcement and the citizenry (of whatever ethnicity) will take place. And some percentage of these will go bad, whether the fault of the officer, the citizen, or both.

Add to this a documented propensity for violent crime in the black community (again, regardless of the source — that’s a discussion for another time, perhaps), and you create the ingredients needed for police to feel more threatened and to simultaneously involve themselves more often in the business of the people. Then when the media comes in and makes a special issue out of those that involve blacks, you create a recipe for disaster.

Blacks feel on edge. Police feel on edge. And some of the citizens so stopped really are violent at a higher rate than the average citizen, and the cops know this. And then those very same people are fed a constant line about how the cops oppress them, and it’s okay to hate them (some even suggest it’s permissible to kill them). And somehow the media acts surprised when things like what happened in Dallas go down.

No, we’re in a state of affairs where increasing police involvement is demanded (who else is going to enforce the laws of the nanny state, I wonder?) by the very same people who hate cops and don’t want to involve the police. It’s a complete contradiction. And then you tell the cops that they must keep the peace in an area full of people who hate them and look upon them as racist oppressors. When they try to, by profiling those most likely to destroy the peace, they are called racist, and demands are made to disband them. Yet if that area becomes violent, decayed, and decrepit as a result of rampant crime (see: Detroit), those people will then demand that the government come save them from the madness. Usually with heaping piles of money that rapidly vanish into the ether.

It’s a mess of contradictions. The cops have contradictory missions. The politicians offer mutually-exclusive promises. Money is funneled away. And the nanny-state demands ever-increasing levels of scrutiny.

We have a police state. It’s a fact. But in an era in which the choices are chaos or police state, what choice is there? Any sane option was discarded long ago by our so-called leaders. Even looking at the demographics of criminals is considered contentious.

So all the blame falls upon the cops, because the politicians deflect it from themselves, naturally, and the citizenry fails to notice the correlation between nanny-state demands and an increase in police power, and because the black community routinely fails to even look at its own problems.

So the cops become the scapegoat for a host of problems, of which they are only a very small part. All the enmity thus unfairly earned is heaped upon them, and they are murdered by a bunch of self-righteous thugs claiming to be crusaders of moral virtue. This is why the families of those slain officers will shed their tears for those lost. This is why the partnership between police and citizens is wearing away, and why both are becoming increasingly antagonistic to one another. This is why racial problems in America continue to worsen.

I’m no fan of big government, and the police state worries me greatly. But let me be very clear on this, because I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding: in this foul deed, my heart is with the police. I am tired of them being unfairly blamed for problems that are far beyond them, and for which they can personally do very little. Certainly, them being slaughtered for doing their best when given contradictory mission objectives is far worse than anything they could have deserved.

But mark my words, more of this will come. More cops will die, and more citizens will die with them, and the politicians will continue to deflect, and the SJWs will continue to cry racism, and BLM will continue to act like the neo-Fascist thugs that they are. Because the American people have lost the ability to tell the truth, even when it is unpleasant. For those lies, we will all continue to pay. Some with their lives.

Tolerance vs. Approval: Homosexuality and Christianity

As the political Left grows ever more bold, a great lie has made itself felt in political discourse: approval has been conflated with tolerance. And, correspondingly, disapproval has been confused with intolerance. Unless you give your wholehearted approval, your undiluted dedication, to the Cause of the Moment, you are labeled intolerant. No evidence is sufficient to dispel the charge, no apology is abject enough to forgive it, and long years will not wash it away. It is permanent and forever.

Nowhere is this philosophy more applied in modern discourse than the subject of homosexuality. Christians are labeled bigots and haters because many of them do not wish to celebrate the practice, nor to contribute to ceremonial trappings surrounding it. If invited to such things, many will decline, though some will not. Representatives of the church are usually expected to avoid engaging in the practice, though some churches have made exceptions. They are sinners, for their practice is a sin. But all of us are sinners, likewise, differing only in the sins we choose to commit.

Yet, in the pews of the church, homosexuals are made welcome. No church law prohibits them from coming, or from worshiping Christ with their fellows. Indeed, since Christians would regard them as afflicted with a peculiar sin, it is most important that they find Christ. Mark 2:17 explains for us:

When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Christ ministered most to those who needed it most, and so if we consider gays to be afflicted with a sin that is difficult or even impossible for them to break, it nonetheless behooves the Christian to minister to him, and to welcome him to Christ’s church. If Christians are supposed to hate gays so much, why would they welcome such people to their own spiritual home? There is no hate here.

Now, this is where SJWs and their ilk will say that we wish to make them self-loathing for their homosexuality. That we want them to hate themselves, and to make them deny their own nature. This is also false. There are sins that I commit frequently, though I won’t bore my readers with a long listing of my personal failings. Nonetheless, I know them to be wrong in the eyes of the Lord, and I repent of them. Yet, many times, I fail to find the strength of will to avoid repeating them.

Most people I know suffer this to some extent. Each of us has those areas in which we are weak. The point is not to deny this, or to hate yourself for doing them, but to understand that you are not perfect, that you are not Christ, and that you categorically will do wrong. From gluttony, to envy, to lust, and host of other sins, we all have failings. Every single one of us will fail, gays included.

No, Christianity does not single out homosexuality for special status in the roster of possible sins. Indeed, homosexuality didn’t even make the Ten Commandments. My frequent use of the Lord’s name in vain, a terrible habit I am trying to curb, is arguably worse. But if you wish to come to the church, and know Christ, and be Christian, then you must acknowledge that you do wrong. All Christians must do this. Homosexuals do not get a special exemption from this.

It is precisely that special exemption which the Social Justice folks have continually demanded. They demand that the Christian participate, under penalty of fine, lawsuit, loss of business, and other ills, in the ceremonies conducted on behalf of gays. To fail to do this, they say, is a form of hatred.

Is it? Is saying “I don’t want to be involved in your business” truly a form of hate?

But beyond that, this is, to the Christian, similar to cheating on your wife, then celebrating it Sunday morning at the church. Yes, many in the church pews may cheat. Some may be serial cheaters, even. There may even be those who practice open relationships, which may still be regarded as a corruption of marriage. Yet should the pastor get behind the pulpit and say that cheating is good, and we ought to celebrate the behavior? Does he preach marriages between one man and many women (or, for that matter, the opposite)? Does he, himself, engage openly in these things and recommend them to others?

No. There is a great difference between knowing that sins of lust are being committed by most people in the room, and celebrating those sins openly, even conducting ceremonies around them. Gays get no special treatment, nor any special condemnation, for this. Welcome to the club, we say, you are sinners too.

Homosexuality is tolerated by most Christians, insofar as they won’t hate you for it, nor expend undue effort to convert you from the behavior. There are even those who may attend your ceremonies, not so much out of Christian belief, but because of close friendship for reasons likely unrelated to your sex life. But the practice is not approved any more than having sex with your neighbor’s wife is approved.

Social Justice has a habit of putting everyone into only two categories: ally and enemy. If you are not one, then you must be the other. An intelligent individual knows that it is possible to be neither, or shades of either. I am probably more tolerant and accepting of homosexuality than most Christians, because of my natural libertarian instincts and because I have DJed for them for a long time, so I have befriended more than a few over the years.

But even I have no patience for those who come and demand that the church change its practices for them. Sorry, pal, I know it sucks, but you’re a sinner too. There are no special provisions for your sins, they are no better or worse than our own. You cannot remake us into your own image. If you wish to be Christian, then I welcome you. But this means accepting your own imperfections, just as I have accepted mine, and not attempting to spin yourself as free of sin. Don’t glorify your sins, or call us bigots when we don’t join you in such glorification.

This entryism is nothing more than a ruse to subvert the church itself, and to twist the message of Christ. It attempts to take advantage of a Christian’s natural inclinations toward peace and tolerance, and steer them into tolerating the destruction of the church, and the handing over of the reigns of power to arbiters of Social Justice, giving to them the power to determine what is good and what is evil, what is approved and what is not approved.

Christianity is not intolerant of homosexuality. It is intolerant of willful attempts to destroy the church.

I welcome gays into Christianity. I hope that more of them find Christ. I do not hate them, nor have I ever hated them. But I do not welcome SJWs, or any other subversive entryists. They attempt to usurp the role of Christ himself, and to take over his church, to dictate right and wrong as if they were the Son of God themselves. It is the same thing they do everywhere else, attempting to gain power and control, and gays are merely their political pawn in this quest. They have long used our general willingness to get along against us. They have weaponized empathy.

But they have forgotten what Christ did when he found the moneychangers profaning the Temple. Remember, Good is not always Nice. And tolerance of the intolerable is merely cowardice.

Politicians Are Not Great

People say “vote for this guy” or “support this other person.” They extol a long list of imaginary virtues of each politician, attributing great things to them. Photographers come, and capture that signature moment with the prospective leader staring vaguely into the future, as if they were prophets of old, looking to a brighter day. The color balance is perfect, the angle flawless, and each candidate shines.

Very few of them have ever done anything remotely great, or achieved much. We’re fast becoming a people who imagine ourselves better (or worse) than we really are. Our struggles are terrifying to us, but they are mere First World problems. Ah yes, the terror of the HOA hounding you for the grass in the cracks on the sidewalk, or the struggles to put gas in your luxury car. Terrible and awesome, those are.

Similarly, our achievements we note with too much pride. Ah yes, your child was student of the month at the kindergarten, and that new Rolex represents the pinnacle of horological achievement. First world successes, they are.

But for all of our faults, at least these things truly are personal problems and achievements of some sort, even if far smaller than we imagine them to be. Politicians imagine themselves to be movers and shakers of greater things, when they are really as much spectators as we are, if not outright bought and controlled by someone else. How many agreements have been made between the Israelis and Palestinians? How often, brokered by self-described great leaders? How many have been sold as “peace in our time,” as Neville Chamberlain once described peace with Germany? And yet each time, regardless of fault or grievance, the fighting begins again. More often, it never even stops to take a breath. No peace was to be had. The politicians failed. They always do, it’s as axiomatic as the rising of the Sun.

They will tell you that they can fix the economy, or end violence, or give us safety, but each time they fail. The party doesn’t matter. The leader in question doesn’t matter. They all fail. At least, perhaps, your child really was the student of the month. Peace in the Middle East would be a great achievement. Economic security, also. But they cannot give us these things. It’s beyond their power. There is no bumper sticker for them that can honestly say “I saved America.”

Jimmy Carter gave us nothing as President, but he built a lot of houses for the poor on his own steam. Perhaps he should have stuck to that, for that was a real, if far smaller, thing. Arnold Schwarzenegger made for a better actor than a leader. The Terminator entertained us, the Governator did not.

These aren’t prophets or wise men, no matter what the pictures on TV look like. They aren’t great, at least not in our day. If there was ever greatness in politics, it has departed America. They are just folks, and were they not caught up in the frenzied bottom-feeding of the media, akin to the paparazzi, they would, as you, have that sticker on the back of their sport-utility extolling the achievements of their kindergartner. Now ask yourself very carefully: could you trust yourself to run a superpower of over 300 million people? Truly, and without corruption? I know I could not.

Politicians cannot save you. But, it is possible they may possess the power to damn you.

Populism vs. Elitism: Trump and Hillary

Elitism is ancient, as old as mankind itself. Always there are those who claim greater wisdom and understanding, and naturally, they say, it is best for power to rest with them. This is a thing not entirely without merit, for no nation would long suffer the reign of fools. Yet the bargain for power requires two concessions on the part of such elites: competency and honesty. If either principle should fail, then it is morally permissible, even demanded by morality that they be cast out.

In both parties elitists may be found, though there is a greater tendency for elitism in today’s Democratic Party. It wasn’t always so, for in the days of Andrew Jackson, his faction of the Democrat party was very populist. Even as late as the 1960s, Southern Democrats were mostly populist. But as elitist as the Democrats may be, the phenomenon is known to the Republicans also. Tom Nichols represents a faction of the Republican party that regards populism as a great evil, and a celebration of stupidity. For such men, the problem is not elitism, the problem is merely that the wrong elites have power. The right elites, of course, are them.

On the other end of the spectrum are those who feel they have been lied to, or that those who are running things lack competency. It is true that many of them are not particularly intelligent or credentialed, though the assessment of them as stupid may be grossly unfair. Elitists would say that such men lack the qualifications to judge elites. They are lesser men, unworthy of consultation, and should stay out of affairs which they know little about. It is troublesome to the elites that such people are allowed the vote.

Yet the populists realize something is terribly wrong with America and her leadership. If you hire a plumber to fix a problem in your home, it is likely that you know little of plumbing, and require the services of an expert. Yet the plumber cannot say to you ‘you cannot judge my work, for you are not an expert.’ If the plumber fails in his task, and your house is flooded with leaks, you know that, whatever it was he was supposed to do, he categorically failed at it.

America’s leadership has failed, and that is as clear to great movers and shakers as it is to lowly workmen. The pool of jobs has dried up, and young men entering the workforce as retail laborers look at the heights the Baby Boomers achieved, and are understandably confused. Society told them to attend college, to obtain a degree, and enjoy the resulting success. But the success largely passed them by. Our old factories are closed down, and manufacturing moved overseas. Wars are fought poorly in distant hellholes, such that even the most simple-minded idiot might now say ‘why don’t you just kill the enemy?’

Meanwhile elitist wisdom extols that which makes no sense:

“If you kill your enemies, they win”

-Justin Trudeau

When challenged, the elites will say that the underdeveloped minds of the working class are unable to comprehend their nuance. The hoi polloi are not to be trusted, and their complaints are swept aside. Yet what of me? My IQ is firmly north of +3SD. Am I stupid, also? Please do not misunderstand me, I do not brag (and besides, with the individuals I know, +3 or +4 SD is small potatoes anyway). It doesn’t matter how intelligent a test makes you out to be, for intellectualism is no defense against foolishness. Indeed, intellectualism in the hands of academics may exacerbate foolhardy behavior. The man who knows he is not wise doesn’t claim to be great, and so the cost of his mistakes are small. The man who believes himself wise, and is not, can do great damage indeed.

But perhaps competency is not the problem, despite appearances to the contrary. Maybe the foolishness of the elites is deliberate, and part of an elaborate ruse designed to obtain greater honors for themselves. Where did the wealth of the Clintons come from? How has Barack Obama made his millions? At least we have a general idea where Donald Trump’s money came from. But where do the funds for the political elites originate? Consider the plumber example. Is it possible that the plumber’s work is deliberately poor, so that he might cheat his customer?

Again, the customer doesn’t know precisely what the bad plumber is doing wrong. He only knows that something is amiss. In such circumstances, the customer may toss the plumber out the door and call somebody else. Of course, there are no guarantees that the new plumber is any better than the old, but at least there is a chance of competency and honesty with a new one.

That is what is happening now with populism and Donald Trump. The peasants have tired of the excuses from the known plumbers, and are selecting one for whom competency and honesty is a shot in the dark. Maybe they’ll get lucky, maybe not, but better that than the guy who floods your house, and then tries to convince you that the flooding is a good thing and perhaps you just ought to get used to the idea of sleeping in a swamp. If you plug the leaks, the water wins, the plumber says. At least this plumber is saying that the house being flooded is, perhaps, not an ideal circumstance.

Now, when this happened, when the working class became exhausted of the lies and excuses, the GOP had a golden opportunity. They could have done as Trump is doing now and claimed to recognize the problems facing ordinary Americans today. They could have listened, and agreed that the leaks were bad, and the squishy carpet was undesirable. Populism, like elitism, is neither inherently bad nor inherently good, but requires more information. It can be harnessed for either purpose.

Truly, the Republican party missed the boat. For all of their claimed wisdom and credentialed authority, they missed the obvious: Americans were tired of lies and excuses. They wanted results. They wanted to see the leaks plugged and the water drained. They wanted their home back. Instead, the GOP went the way of the Democrats, to decry populism and insult their customers. This is what happens in a monopoly, you see. Poor service and inflated prices abound.

Far from being an effective competitor to the Democrats, a large fraction of the GOP has, in essence, thrown in with them. Like the record label cartel, they have collectively decided to screw the customer and ignore his pleas. Overpriced political dreck is the inevitable result. Complaints from unsatisfied customers are ignored, and the prices are ever-inflated. Eventually, the IRS is utilized to force the customer to buy certain products, under penalty of fine (the non-payment of which can eventually result in imprisonment).

And GOP analysts are surprised that, when some rogue plumber comes along and promises to fix the leaks and drain the water (regardless of whether he actually can, mind you), the people who have been lied to, called stupid, racist, sexist, homophobic, hateful and every other name in the book are receptive to his charms? Trump shows the road map that better men should have followed.

Unlike his supporters, I highly doubt Trump will live up to his claims. But I at least understand why people are listening to him, and that’s more than supposedly wise men among the political elites have been able to divine.

Perhaps instead of belittling the customer’s concerns, they ought to do the job for which they have been paid an exorbitant amount of money. Failing that, they could at least go away and let someone more competent and/or more honest do the job. Populists aren’t the problem today. Elites are the problem now. But I doubt the solution to the elitism can be found in another elitist. And maybe this is merely another ruse to hold on to power in a world that clearly doesn’t care for them any longer.

To technocrats everywhere, I advise brushing up on your Socrates. You are fools and liars masquerading as honest wise men.

Reductio ad Hitlerum

I tire of this “Trump sounds like Hitler” garbage. And that’s what it is, garbage. Hitler started a world war and committed genocide. Hitler hated Jews, and other various ethnic groups. Hitler ran a quasi-Socialist state, whereby private companies only had nominal control. He militarized the state and intentionally placed it on a war footing, and openly antagonized his neighbors once he felt strong enough to do so.

No serious American candidate has called for these things as long as I’ve been alive — perhaps ever. Trump is an asshole and a vulgarian, this I will readily concede. But he doesn’t hate Jews (his daughter is an Orthodox Jew), he does not agitate for world war, nor desire to commit genocide. He does not argue for the micromanagement of business and private life, at least no more so than any other recent American President has (and less so than Obama).

Call him an ass, an egomaniac, a narcissist, a man running only to ensure himself a place in the history books. Call him self-serving, and his policies crazy or unworkable. Follow my friend Nicki Kenyon and call him… more colorful things. All of these things may be true, and they give plenty of legitimate concerns for a voter to worry about at the ballot box.

But the notion that he’s a Hitler, or at all Hitler-like, is beyond ludicrous. It betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of what Hitler was, and what he did. If you follow the media, everything is Hitler, these days. Everything is sensational. Suddenly closing the border is Hitlerish, when today, right now, at least half the nations on Earth practice that. Are they run by Hitlers?


It’s the most foolish of rhetorical tricks, and it’s almost patronizing that the media and idiots on the Internet think we’re going to fall for that. It’s insulting. It’s a shaming technique, designed to keep people from speaking up. If a person says anything positive of Trump, the predictable response is: “what, do you support Hitler?”

It’s instructive that I’m here, effectively defending Donald Trump, a man I’ve never liked, and don’t support, except to say that I agree with Kurt Schlichter when he says that Hillary is worse, and I also agree with Tom Kratman when he explains that Hillary might lead to open Civil War. Insofar as I don’t desire those things, I’ll at least consider Trump as an alternative.

But I don’t like him, and it pains me to be pushed into a box like this where I feel the need to explain to a crowd of brainwashed fools that, no, just because you don’t like Donald Trump and don’t agree with what he says, doesn’t mean he’s Hitler reborn. Not all assholes on this planet are reincarnations of Hitler. It’s like Bush Derangement Syndrome all over again, where in protesters used to hold up signs saying “Bush equals Hitler!” I often asked such people “so how many Jews has Bush killed? None? Oh… so you’re a mental infant, then?”

These are the same people, by the way, who claim to be paragons of unbiased scientific reasoning. Their response is effectively ‘everybody I don’t like is literally Hitler, because feelings.’ Grow up.

Tidbits and Errata

As we come up on Independence day, I have a few pearls of wisdom, errata, and other tidbits.

First, the esteemed Col. Kratman has written a number of articles on the character and nature of those who serve. They are worth reading.

Great Enlisted Men – Ferocity

Great Enlisted Men – Determination

My readers are probably aware that I have not served, though my esteemed colleague here at The Declination, KodeTen, has. For me, not serving has been a bitter regret. My father and brother served, as did both grandfathers. Military service has long been a sort of family tradition. On my wall, there is a picture of my grandfather, my father, and my brother, each in uniform on graduation day. And it remains a regret that I have none for myself to join them.

Samuel Johnson said it best: “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea.

Fortunately, Tom Kratman pointed out that the reservist age has been increased of late, and so it may be possible for me to do that, at the very least. Still, I will extol my younger readers to consider very carefully if they wish to serve. If there is ever a nagging doubt that the day may come when they want to, best to do so while still young.

Of course, if Hillary is elected, I’m not sure that would be wise… but that’s a very different kettle of fish.

On another matter, note that the political elites have decided, of late, that democracy isn’t such a good thing. As their plans to replace their constituency with third-worlders begin to fail, and the will of the citizenry reasserts itself, they become less enamored with democracy. This correction issued from the Washington Post is instructive:


Like that spin?

Of late, there is a tendency to portray the populace as stupid, and not entirely without justification, mind you. But the plan of the politicians has been to import idiots from other countries, thus to increase the pool of idiot voters. They do not want the best and brightest from Mexico (or Syrian refugees in the case of Britain), for example. They prefer a selection of random people from a country with a much lower average IQ, because they can be easily tricked into voting for bigger government.

However, as resistance increases and it becomes clear that the existing citizenry doesn’t want to go along with this plan, suddenly the elites are saying things like they say of Brexit now: ‘well, the will of the people is stupid, so it shouldn’t count.’ The Washington Post accidentally revealed this, but quickly corrected themselves.

Still, the spin should be obvious for anyone to see.

Lastly, the ISIS attack in Istanbul is interesting. Until now, Turkey has been tacitly supporting ISIS (even The Guardian suggests this), or at least running some level of political interference for them. So what changed? Or is there something else going on here?

This is damned odd… with the European Union coming apart at the seams, while Turkey simultaneously bids for admittance into it, there seems to be some kind of political funny business going on behind the scenes.

If any of my readers have insight into this, I’m all ears.

Denizens of Middle-Earth Speak in Support of Hillary:

Well, it seems as if Hillary Clinton has won some campaign support from the most unlikely of places: Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, where the forces of Sauron, long oppressed by the so-called “free” peoples, have made common cause with the Witch-Queen of New York. Sauron could not be reached for comment, but his emissary, the Mouth of Sauron had this to say:

Long have we suffered under the yoke of the white-skinned Elves. Indeed, they have oppressed Orcs of Color (OoC) for all of the ages of Arda. Orcs, Goblins, and Men of the East have been enslaved and oppressed for generations, having their wealth stolen from them by the Elves and their treacherous Numenorian allies in Gondor. Did you know that the men of Gondor once had a land of their own? Numenor it was called, but they were not content with it and so the Imperialists colonized and oppressed Orcs of Color. Orc Lives Matter! Enough of this bigotry and hate that the white Elves and white Numenorians spread!


Then, through poor environmental management, why, the Numenorians sunk their own island! And now they come to Middle-Earth and pollute the environment from their capital of Minas Tirith. Mount Doom continues to spew toxic waste into the air because Aragorn refuses to give Sauron back the One Ring, which was forged to provide a stream of carbon credits to offset the pollution of the mountain. So the dark days are the fault of Gondor. We want to fight against bigotry, oppression, and Climate Change. And for that, we need the One Ring.


Only one candidate for the Supreme Leader of Man offers to mend this grave injustice, these centuries of enslavement and oppression of orc kind. Sauron the Great bids thee to vote for Hillary Clinton!

And so many enlightened souls from Middle-Earth have made their statements heard:

Smeagol speaks up for Hillary: “Mean, nasty, tricksy Republicans. False! Hillary is Precioussssss.”


Smeagol is a fine, upstanding citizen of Middle-Earth whom the bigoted hobbits have stolen from. Why, Bilbo freely admits stealing Smeagol’s most prized possession! “They stole it, tricksy ShitLords,” Smeagol said. “Gollum, gollum, gollum, but we know voting for Hillary will hurts them, those bigotses. Oh yes, it will hurts them. Then maybe we will be master of the precious again.”


“Hillary understands that we dragons are creatures of peace, love, and understanding,” says Smaug.


Republicans have long associated dragons with violence, murder, and pyromania. Yet only a fraction of dragons have ever committed acts of terror. Dragons worship peace, love, and understanding. Smaug himself unequivocally condemns the acts of violent terror committed by a very small fraction of dragon-kind. “There is no truth to the rumors that I have billions of gold coins,” Smaug said in a statement last week. “These are lies meant to tarnish the impoverished, selfless reputation of dragons. It is pure Dwarven bigotry. We have ever been a peaceful folk.”


Denethor, Steward of Gondor, favors Hillary: “Like me, Hillary understands the needs of the common man.”


Poor Denethor has been terribly maligned by the upstart, so-called King of Gondor, Aragorn. Hillary understands that Gondor needs a caring, kind-hearted Steward with real political and leadership experience, not some warmongering populist ranger from the north.


“The Elves have long discriminated against my kind,” says the Wraith, “Hillary will fight for my rights.”


RingWraiths have been unfairly painted by racist, bigoted Republicans as committing more crimes than the average resident of Middle-Earth. While technically true, it unfairly omits the oppressive activities of the Elvish Patriarchy, which has continually impoverished them and kicked them out of their homes. Why, RingWraiths are driven to crime by poverty and extreme circumstance, not because they are innately violent.


Cave Trolls for Hillary: “Hillary good. Humans tasty [something unintelligible].


They are painted as dumb brutes by ableist Right-wing ShitLords because of their cognitive disabilities. But this is only because the bigots can’t see past the low math scores to the loving, kind-hearted souls within.


“I gave gifts to the peoples of the Earth, and they stole from me. Hillary will correct this injustice.”


He forged a great ring, designed to fight bigotry, hate, and Sauronophobia. And what did the racist white Elves do? They stole it!


The Goblin King Speaks: “Fat liberation and body positivity are central planks of Hillary’s campaign.”


“Just because I have an eating disorder,” the Goblin King further explains, “doesn’t mean I’m any less beautiful. Why, those stick figure Elven women need to eat more! Nobody wants skinny Elvish women when they can have fat goblin men with skin disorders! Big and covered with pimples is beautiful!”


“As a feminist, sometimes violence is necessary to oppose the Patriarchy,” Shelob explains, “That’s why .”


“Sexism is privilege + discrimination. So female spiders cannot be sexist against men,” Shelob explained in an interview with Salon magazine. “And murder similarly is privilege + killing. And it’s totes justifiable, my Gender Studies professor told me. Spiders have no privilege, so when I kill a sexist Hobbit and drink his blood, it is just speaking truth to power, baby.”


Residents of the Dead Marshes agree: “Hillary ensures that even the votes of the dead are counted.”


“In the Dead Marshes, we have been forgotten and disenfranchised by Republican bigots, who care nothing for the life-disadvantaged,” one resident of the Dead Marshes explained. “Yeah, we even light candles to light their path, and the wingnuts don’t even come down to say hello. It’s like they think they are too good to hang out with dead people,” another answered.


“Just ’cause we eat different than you,” the troll explained, “doesn’t mean you get to make fun of us!”


Our reporters tried to get in contact with the Trolls again, but it turns out that Bilbo Baggins had turned them all into stone! Such closed-minded bigotry! These poor, gentle creatures will never strip the flesh of racist, sexist homophobes to the bone again. A candlelight vigil will be held next Thursday in memory of these loving souls and fighters of the White Supremacist Patriarchy.


Balrogs for Hillary: “I don’t understand why the Republicans don’t let us pass. So racist!”


“I thought that segregation ended decades ago,” the Balrog told Huffington Post journalists. “But every time I try to cross the bridge to get some fresh air, that damned wizard denies me passage. He tells me to use the other crossing, you know the ones white folks don’t use. Why, I can’t even call for a cab in Moria anymore. Taxi drivers are always rolling down their windows, mimicking the wizard, and saying ‘you shall not pass!’ Then they go drive off to pick up Elvish women. It really hurts me inside, you know?”


Uruk Hai for Hillary: “We’ve long suffered bigotry in Rohan. All we want is some flesh redistribution.”


“It’s not right,” the Uruk Hai said, declining to be identified. “We’re always so hungry, and the Rohirrim won’t share their flesh with us. How come they get all the flesh? It’s just the 1% again, taking all the wealth. We’re just trying to raise our children, beautiful Orcs of Color, and these citizens of Rohan go on about, warmongering, and starving us. We want better wages! We want to be paid in flesh! So we’re going to Helm’s Deep to strike and demand our rightful due.” The Uruk Hai claimed to be a member of the Isengard Worker’s Union, Local 666.


“The ableism of Men and Elves is sickening,” Gothmog says, “Hillary will fight for victims of lookism.”


“All bodies are beautiful,” said Gothmog, captain of the Peace Brigade of Mordor, demonstrating peacefully outside Gondor. “You know, every time I approach the white city, filled with racists, they say ‘look there, he’s a hideous orc.’ Those words hurt me inside, they make me feel excluded. And lookist exclusion has no place in a civilized, inclusive, open-minded society.”


Saruman switches sides: “At first I opposed Hillary. But now I see the way forward is to join with her.”


Saruman the White explains his change of heart for the benefit of The Guardian’s readers: “…yes, I was once a white racist. A homophobe and sexist, too. Maybe even a pedo EdgeLord like Sarah Butts. But the day came when it hurt too much, when the love in my heart expunged this hateful bigotry. I know I can never make amends for all the hurt I have done to Orcs of Color, loving Goblin families in their terrible poverty, and beautiful feminist death-spiders. But I will try. I know in my heart that Hillary can help other evil racists find truth and open-minded inclusiveness, if only they embrace the love and peace of Mordor.”


“People need a President they can trust,” Grima Wormtongue explained, “Hillary is that woman. Trust me.”


It is rumored that Grima Wormtongue will be accepting a cabinet post from the Hillary campaign. When questioned about his forced resignation from King Theoden’s company, Grima had this to say: “I tried to counsel the king to choose the way of peace and inclusiveness, but his racism against Orc-kind could not be extinguished. But now we have a new leader, a wiser, more trustworthy leader. Someday they will say of Hillary that a more honest woman never breathed air.”


“The Hobbits refused to share the flesh with us,” says the Orc, “we’re starving, and they are so fat.”


“Everybody knows that, under a Republican Congress, the food stamps have grown thin,” the orc told us. He refused to be identified for fear of reprisal from Gondor. “We asked the Hobbits for a small sacrifice, just a bit of wealth redistribution from their legs. They didn’t need legs, because we carried them, we served them. But they refused! And they even poisoned some of the Uruk Hai against us, making the poor Uruk Hai self-loathing. Hillary will help us, and the rich 1%, lording in their splendid Shire, shall finally be made to pay their fair share of flesh.”


“You fools,” the Witch-King of Angmar told Fox reporters, “no man can earn my vote.”


The Witch-King’s speech impediment sabotaged the rest of the interview — WE INTERRUPT THIS CAPTION TO NOTE THAT THE ABLEIST REPUBLICAN WHO WROTE THAT HAS BEEN SACKED — the beautiful music coming from the Witch-King of Angmar soothed our souls, even though it sounded like a bag of cats being banged together repeatedly — SORRY THE RACIST WHO REPLACED THE MAN WHO WAS SACKED WISHES YOU TO KNOW THAT HE HAS BEEN SACKED — The beautiful wraith of color had no further comment.


And so The Mouth of Sauron endorses Hillary Clinton: “It’s time we selected a President with real values.”


“And as an aside,” the Mouth of Sauron told us, “STDs are a badge of honor. I’m tired of people pointing and laughing at my Herpes infection. It’s not my fault that the Orc woman I went down on last year was poisoned by rangers from the north. You know, those rangers invented Herpes to kill Orc-folk. And meth, too. They made meth. That’s why my teeth are so screwed up. I hate the rangers, I really do.”

And so our interviewers have determined that the realm of Mordor, a bastion of animal rights, climate change activism, hope, change and inclusiveness will most likely favor Hillary Clinton. It is said that through pure voluntary community organization and grassroots efforts (no coercion of any kind), early predictions indicate a 100% favorability rating for the Witch-Queen of New York in Mordor, Mirkwood, and other areas where Sauron is seen not as a Dark Lord, but as a liberator for the oppressed peoples of Middle-Earth.

His eye couldn’t be reached for comment. Because it was a fucking eyeball suspended in space at the top of a gigantic penis-shaped tower of death. Sauron assures us that the shape is purely coincidental, of course. “Sauron is a good feminist,” the Mouth of Sauron explained, “if his tower looks like a penis and his eye is positioned at the top of it, well that is just because the sexists of Gondor have forced him to do it through peer pressure. Nobody pays attention to you in this society if you don’t have a giant phallic tower of doom. Even Saruman, back when he was racist scum, knew THAT.”


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