Some Time Off

I’m out with the wife on a short 4-day vacation, and I fully intend to avoid politics for those 4 days. I gave my word… so I must.

But before I head out, here are a few noteworthy items. First, Kurt Schlichter has penned a great piece around the goings on this November. At this rate, I may have to rename my blog The Ascension instead of The Declination. Things have been going well for us. The Democrats are imploding. Pelosi and her ilk were quite nearly unseated, though she managed to hold on in the end. Trump, either through an intentional Xanatos Gambit, or accident, managed to convince the SJWs to head out into the streets and burn American flags, revealing themselves openly as the American-hating bastards they are.

I should note, however, that I do disagree with Trump’s tweet about that. If you’re a citizen, you have a right to burn the flag. I don’t want to go down that road. The First Amendment exists for a reason, and its protections are as near to an absolute as you can get in politics, idiots ranting about “fire in a theater” notwithstanding. However, if you’re not a citizen and you do it… I think we ought to ensure that you never become a citizen. We’ve enough native-born flag burners as it is. We don’t need to import more of them.

But it’s starting to look like Trump’s tweet may have been another great moment in trolling history:

If it really was intentional, then I must give credit where credit is due. If it was an accident, then I must warn Trump not to tread down that path with us. Let the flag burners reveal themselves as the idiots they are in full public view. That’s more effective than banning the activity and shutting them down, anyway.

In addition to all this, we have the intelligentsia revealing themselves as the Communists they truly are, in their praising and defense of Fidel Castro, who decided to take the express bus to Hell on Capitalism’s biggest consumer orgy: Black Friday.

Our enemies are stepping out into the light in their desperation, and that gives me hope. Don’t misunderstand, though, turning this ship around will be a Herculean effort. We’ve had false recoveries before. The clerisy is deeply embedded into this Social Justice nonsense, and ferreting them out and removing them from power will not be easy, or quick. Reagan once dominated the political scene, and was still unable to unseat the bureaucracy.

And we must keep an eye on Trump to ensure he doesn’t stray from the path, too. Again, if it was a deliberate trolling attempt, good on him. If not, then he needs some Constitutional scholars in his cabinet.

In other news, here are a couple of great moments in SJW stupidity, screencapped for posterity:


Math is racist folks. Didntcha know?



Fantasy Football is the moral equivalent of plantation slavery, according to this woman… I don’t even know what to say to this one.

I’ll see you all again in a few days. Don’t burn the place down without me.

A “Shooter” at OSU, Little Green Fuckheads, and Other Assorted Prog Idiocy from Today

Yeah, the title is long. The post will be mercifully short.

So here’s a sampling of Progressive stupidity in no particular order. First, in Canada, a female MP from Alberta takes issue with the loss of jobs in her province, and delivers a speech that contains the word “fart” in it. Another MP, with the sort of pompous, perpetually-offended scowl reminiscent of every Gender Studies professor you’ve ever seen then declares how offended she is. The SJW cannot even bring herself to say the word “fart” and must, instead, spell it out to protect her delicate sensibilities. Take a look for yourself:

All I can say is, thank God I am not a Canadian MP. My language would trigger Miss Cat Lady into conniption fits.

For our second display of Progressive idiocy on this Monday, November 28th, I present the following: Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, a blog that, many moons ago, once made a lot more sense than it does today. Ole CJ used to be something of a center-right kind of guy, until he had an epic meltdown that resulted in the banning of something like 75% of his readership (including yours truly).

Today, he takes offense with people saying mean things about Castro. I, naturally, had feelings about this which resulted in my immediate blocking:


Feel free to go to his Twitter to see the originals – blocked from my feed. He was taking offense that Trump said “assholish” things about Castro. He was also hurt that Hillary lost.

But today’s winner in the contest of who can be the biggest Progressive idiot goes to whoever was responsible for this headline:


The problem? Machete-wielding guy had no gun. He tried to run people over, and resorted to the machete after crashing his Honda 4-banger. The gun graboids were practically drooling… and were resoundingly disappointed by the result. Also, said terrorist turned out to be a Muslim Somali immigrant, instead of the militant Amish gun owner the media was praying for.

My good friend Nicki has dissected this in detail over at the Liberty Zone. I highly recommend it.

Castro’s Death and the Love of the Elite

So around 2 o’clock in the morning, on November 26th, we got the call from my father-in-law. Fidel Castro was dead, squatting over the coals in Hell. Most often, the Christian man would wish for someone to achieve a measure of repentance and forgiveness from the Lord as his life comes to an end.

I, on the other hand, must ask forgiveness for wishing nothing of the sort for this man.

There was celebration in Hialeah, where my wife’s family lives. An ad-hoc parade was on the streets not long after his call came through. A family friend captured this on video here, if you’re interested:

The most fascinating feature of Fidel’s death wasn’t the expected parades in Hialeah, or the celebrations of Cuban exiles and their descendants. It was, rather, the adoration and love expressed by our rulers.

Jimmy Carter had this to say about the Communist tyrant:

Rosalynn and I share our sympathies with the Castro family and the Cuban people on the death of Fidel Castro. We remember fondly our visits with him in Cuba and his love of his country.

Barack Obama, who famously attempted to hug Raul Castro, and posed in front of Che’s memorial was no less glowing in his eulogy:

We know that this moment fills Cubans — in Cuba and in the United States — with powerful emotions, recalling the countless ways in which Fidel Castro altered the course of individual lives, families, and of the Cuban nation…

…History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him.

No mention is made of the brutal dictatorship this man launched, the thousands murdered, and the millions exiled. Nothing is said of the property stolen, the economy ruined, and the rotting streets of Havana, once one of the most glorious of Caribbean cities.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was even more lavish in his praise of the dictator:

“It was with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest-serving president,” Trudeau said. “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century.

“A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

“While a controversial figure,” said Trudeau, “both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for ‘el Comandante.'”

Of course, there is a famous picture of Fidel holding Trudeau’s brother when he was a baby. The alignment of the political elites with Communism and tyranny has been a thing much longer than I have drawn breath:


Totally coincidental, right? The elites hobknobbing with Communists…

As far as I’m concerned, the only good Communist is a dead Communist. And in that, we might say that Castro finally became a good Communist. I do hope that someone flushed his ashes into the sewer, where they properly belong.

I have always despised Castro and other tyrannical Communists (but I repeat myself). However, upon meeting my wife and learning first-hand from my father-in-law exactly what life was like in Cuba, as difficult as it may be to believe, I came to despise Castro even more.

He spoke often of how, as a child in school, children were taught to regard Castro as their father, and to turn in parents who spoke ill of him in private, so that those people might be imprisoned or murdered. The children, of course, were rewarded with gifts for doing this — you can well imagine what such a system produced. A family friend once shared a film that showed his own uncle being executed by firing squad because of his political beliefs. The remainder of the family was fortunate enough to be exiled instead of murdered.

Don’t believe the people who say Castro didn’t do those things, or those who excuse him. He was a tyrant, and the only reason he didn’t kill more was because Cuba was a small island. A man like him in charge of a larger country would have slaughtered millions, not merely thousands.

Make no mistake, our rulers know exactly what men like Castro do, and they approve of it. Indeed, they can only dream of the day when they can take such measures upon us. Imagine if Hillary Clinton, for example, had the power to imprison or murder all of her political opponents on a whim. We all know how that story would end.

I had a taste of this on Facebook, where a fellow Industrial musician (who is much more skilled than I, mind you), Ted Phelps of Imperative Reaction, posted on the subject. He, too, married a Cuban girl and shares a disdain for Communist tyranny. Some of his erstwhile fans, however, most certainly did not share this view.

One decided to call Ted and his supporters Nazi Trumpkins, and proceeded to write on about how Communism is horribly misunderstood, and it is really Donald Trump who will kill millions and put them in concentration camps.

When cornered with well-sourced facts about the crimes of the Castro regime, our intrepid Leftist tried to escape with “well, nobody should speak ill of the dead.”

Sorry, when you found a brutal dictatorship that slaughters, imprisons, and exiles something like 20% of the population because of political beliefs, I will speak ill of you.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, echoed my own sentiments:

Trump followed that up a few hours later with a lengthier statement, in which he called Castro a “brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades” and said he hoped Castro’s death gave Cuban Americans “the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.”

“Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights,” the statement said.

Whatever Trump’s myriad of flaws, he got this right. And that’s one reason why he got elected. People were exhausted of mealy-mouthed statements like Obama’s, or outright praise of murderous dictators like the compliments delivered by Jimmy Carter and Justin Trudeau.

They wanted the truth. And Donald Trump delivered that, at least.

But remember, folks. Our ruling elite has told us that Donald Trump is literally Hitler, and Castro was a wonderful visionary who loved his people.

Never forget whose side they are on.

The Advantage of Being Christian

I was musing this morning over what being Christian means to me, and why I would choose this system of belief over all the others available to me.

There is a certain intellectual consistency that underlies Christianity, the notion that mankind is a flawed creature, a product of his own choices, many of them bad. I’m not speaking specifically of the concept of original sin so much as the idea that every man is a sinner.

Every man will be wrong. Every man will make mistakes. Every man will commit immoral acts, will do wrongs to their fellows.

It is consistent with the world I see around me every day. It is consistent with my own life, where I have made grievous errors, and committed sins I can’t possibly atone for, were it not for the grace of God. I can admit these wrongs, I can ask forgiveness for them, and know that at some level in this universe, I am forgiven of them.

Do you understand the power of this? The intellectual freedom it provides? Christ carried the weight of the world so that we didn’t have to. The misconception has often been that a faith in Christ restrains you, places your mind in chains. No. For me, it is freedom to let go of crosses I am not equipped to bear.

SJWs prattle on about the sins of those that came before us. There was slavery, and genocide, and conquest, and rapine. The world is full of sin. Full of wrongs committed by one people against another, brother on brother, since the dawn of creation.

You and I, dear reader, are not equipped to bear these crosses. The weight of them is too great. The scales of balance could never be righted. SJWs would try to make us bear them even so (note that they absolve themselves of the responsibility), but we cannot. I am incapable of righting all the wrongs I have committed personally. What makes these people believe that all the wrongs of history could be shouldered upon us?

No, it is difficult enough to bear the weight of my own sins. Christ provides relief for us, a way to lay down those burdens. He did not ask us to bear the weight of the world. He took that upon himself.

I want to shake some sense into these SJWs and tell them that things they propose to make right will never be made right. The scales will never be balanced. History cannot be rewritten. And their attempts to make us all carry these burdens will only break us, and leave the world a darker place for us having been broken.

This is why Social Justice is so wearisome. Why even trying to understand them enough to enable us to communicate with them grants only the worst of headaches. Since they have no God to turn to, no solace even in the chaotic nature of the universe that I’ve seen some of the better atheists turn to, they must believe that mankind is perfectable. That it can be made to carry the weight of its own sin.

It will never be. It cannot happen. No man is big enough to do it, and it is the height of arrogant pseudo-intellectualism to presume otherwise. So I refuse to atone for those sins I did not commit, and I ask Christ for forgiveness for those I do commit.

And it will never be otherwise.

If you bark up my tree and say that I must make up for slavery, or Jim Crow, or the conquest of North America, or the Crusades, or the Roman Empire… I will just laugh. It is a farcical category error. It cannot be.

But you, SJWs… when you say that you desire to take what I’ve earned. When you burn down businesses, block ambulances, and overturn society in your temper tantrums… when you look down upon the teeming masses of middle America, when you say that all men are rapists, or that straight white men are inherently racist… when you demand our wages for your own, when you say that we ought to be made extinct, when you call Conservative folks Nazis, when you call Christians haters…

You are sinning. Not the world beyond your control, not the myriad of sins buried in human history. You, as an individual, are sinning right now. And it would be better for you, perhaps, if you stopped and asked Christ to forgive you. Or, if you did not want to ask him, perhaps you ought to stop and realize that the universe is too big for you. Either way, stop telling me to shoulder the burdens of the world. I can’t do it. And you are in no position to demand it of me.

Idiot of the Day: This Guy

Straight to my desk from the “you can’t make shit like this up” department, here it is, the dumbest thing you will read all day. Congratulations to the author for being the least intelligent human being since Neville Chamberlain made peace with Adolf Hitler.


SJWs & Marxists: Intellectual Posers

If you’ve ever seen the movie Office Space, you may remember the restaurant Jennifer Aniston’s character worked at. The manager constantly harped on her for not wearing enough “flair”, or little useless pins attached to her uniform, saying the restaurant was about fun. It reminded me right away of every chain restaurant I’ve ever been to. You would go to Applebee’s, for example, and see random fake or reproduction Americana plastered on the walls, and I suppose it was there to make you feel… something.

I don’t know. It all comes off as fake to me. Similarly there is a new restaurant down the street called Ford’s Garage. The theme is automotive, of course, with old model T cars outside, random pieces of automotive history stuck to the walls, and a tire around the sink in the bathroom. Everything is perfectly clean and thought out, in typical chain restaurant fashion. The local Mustang Club, of which I have been a member for some time, discussed moving their meetups to Ford’s Garage, because that theme tied in well with the Mustangs.

That never happened. And the reason it never happened is instructive. For many years, the Mustang meetups were held at a dive bar and burger joint called the Biff Burger. It was mainly a hangout for bikers and gearheads of various stripes, and over the years car shows and meetups just kind of naturally happened there. Unlike Ford’s Garage, the place lacks the usual chain restaurant modern cleanliness, the politically correct wall art, and the carefully focus group tested menus.

No. When you go there, there are pictures of mostly naked pinup girls on the wall, a retinue of leather-clad bikers at the bar bullshitting about various topics, and a slew of muscle cars and gearheads drinking out in the parking lot. The beer is cheap, the food greasy, but good. Somebody decided to drop the body of a rusted out 57 Chevy on top of the building for God only knows what reason. Biff Burger doesn’t have to try to be a gearhead hangout. It is a gearhead hangout. There’s a certain level of authenticity the chain restaurants just never figured out.

And so the petition to move the meetup to Ford’s Garage stalled, and on the first Monday of every month, there we are at the Biff Burger, bullshitting about car parts and drag races. SJWs would be horrified at the girls in low cut tops, swaying their hips for the benefit of bikers talking about getting laid, the muscle cars belching greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, and the loudness of the whole affair. The Biff Burger would be triggering to every one of them.

I started to notice one day that this sort of thing plays out across America, across a variety of groups, ideas, and locales. We’ve all seen it. Gamers know it well enough from the whole GamerGate affair. Hardcore gamers, playing everything from Call of Duty to Starcraft II, had little patience for so-called grrrlpower “gamers” who played Candy Crush, or people like Anita Sarkeesian, who found misogyny and woman-hatred in the outfits of fighting game characters. This held true even for those hardcore gamers who were women.

Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk, of course, wanted to do to games what Ford’s Garage did to gearhead hangouts: sanitize it. Oh sure, the packaging of gaming would remain. The metaphorical wall art would be plastered on the walls. It would look kind of like a game. But the essence of the thing would be stripped out by the same process that sanitized it. An SJW “game” would no longer be a game in any real sense. Jonathan McIntosh famously said that games shouldn’t be “fun” anymore.

Just as gearheads want to hang out at the Biff Burger, so would gamers want their prodigious violence, the things that blow up, the female characters in tight shorts, the men with comical, cartoonish muscles. It’s no different than the bikers revving their Harleys on the way out of the biker bar.

The same holds true for the realm of Science Fiction, where Sad Puppies want to write novels about slaying monsters, or blowing up spaceships, or crazy women attracting the attention of genetically engineered political anarchists (Sarah, I’m looking at you). The attempt to sanitize Science Fiction with a ruthless focus on Leftist politics and Social Justice strips away the essence of Science Fiction. An SJW author would use these things as decorations for a political message.

It’s no longer Science Fiction. It’s focus group tested Social Justice with some Sci-Fi themed wall art. Leftist Science Fiction is, in essence, the Applebee’s of Sci-Fi. It is utterly sanitized, cleansed of any meaning whatsoever, carefully branded, and served in precisely measured fashion.

Everywhere I go, I see Leftists doing this. They will strip away the meat of a thing, and replace it with Social Justice, decorated with the bleached bones of whatever the thing used to be. A Mustang club in a Leftist world would be about addressing the inequalities of race, gender, and sexual orientation first, and gearhead activities second. You probably wouldn’t even need to own a Mustang to be a member. Certainly, you don’t have to be a gamer to be a Social Justice gaming advocate (remember, gamers are dead, right?).

And so one day it occurred to me, plain as day: SJWs are Posers.

That’s right. Just like the guy who comes into the Mustang club claiming his hunk of junk is the fastest thing in the world because he a put a JMS PedalMax in it, you see these people who have absolutely no clue what it means to be anything at all. They are tourists. They come in and culturally appropriate the wall art (how’s that, SJWs? That’s your term, not mine). They are not gamers, or gearheads, or Sci-Fi fans. But they like the decorations these things have, and they have a grudge against people who are having a good time without them, and so feel a need to insert themselves into our business.

And since they are not us, and don’t really understand us, they try to modify the scene to their own tastes. This means removing the essence from it, killing it, stripping away what made it great, and stuffing the whole thing with Social Justice like some kind of twisted intellectual Marxist taxidermist. And then they have the utter gall to take their fake, stuffed monstrosity, wearing the skin of whatever it once was, and say to us “we are the real gamers, the real gearheads, the real Sci-Fi fans.”

No, SJWs, you’re the guy with a beat up old V6 Mustang, with a fart cannon strapped to the back, who thinks he’s the biggest, baddest thing on the block. You’re the Candy Crush player who says “I’m a gamer too!” You’re the Sci-Fi author who spends all of his time screaming about Vox Day and declaring his love for pies on Twitter, who then comes up with the most lame title for a book I’ve ever heard in my life: The Collapsing Empire.

And not only do you demand a participation trophy for your “contribution,” you want to lead the group. You want to determine its future, because you have some sense of moral indignation that you weren’t automatically handed the keys to the kingdom because you were a genderqueer woman of color, or some such.

SJWs are, in my opinion, part of a wider trend in which people want to feel that they belong to something, but are unwilling to pay the price of admission, and in many cases, don’t even like the thing they want to belong to. Does Anita Sarkeesian really like gaming? Why would she spend all of her time heaping hatred upon gaming if she did like it?

So yes, SJWs are posers. They are Marxist chameleons pretending to be a gearhead, a gamer, a Sci-Fi fan, or a thousand other such things. I guess some people figure that they can use the posers to bolster their membership numbers, but it never works. The posers wanted the chain restaurant, us gearheads are happy with the pizza burgers (yes, this is a thing), cheap beer, and the scantily clad pinup girls of the Biff Burger.

You fuck with our fun at your own risk. We are WrongFans having WrongFun. Keep out.

Unrelated side note: there is an ongoing debate whether it should be properly rendered “poser” or “poseur”. I’ve no particular opinion, since both appear to be valid in the dictionary. But this is apparently something of a grammar tripwire, so by all means, post your opinions in the comments.

Speaking Leftish

I don’t think I even speak the same language as the Left anymore. We all say the same words, mind you, but the meanings are different, even opposite.

Often times, trying to understand it gives me a headache. Up is down, war is peace, freedom is slavery. It’s Orwellian, true, but in a bizarrely emotional way. I guess it’s hard to describe, but I was reading through a thread of Leftist agitating, and while I was able to follow the gist of the thing, I realized I wasn’t reading standard English anymore. I was, instead, reading a burgeoning Leftist dialect, replete with its own definitions, syntax, and grammar.

Consider the word “ally”. In English, this means one who cooperates for mutual benefit. In Leftish, this means one who agrees with your political worldview in toto.

In English, tolerance means to live and let live, even when there is disagreement. In Leftish, this means to approve of completely. Intolerance in Leftish, therefore, means disapproval of any kind, in part or in whole, even if no action is taken as a result of that disapproval.

In English, racism means to believe one’s race is superior, and the associated antagonism or ideology attached to that belief. In Leftish, it means the behaviors and attitudes of white people.

Here are some more words and phrases, with a handy translation between Leftish and English:

Leftish: “I’m an ally of marginalized indigenous Americans of color”
English: “I once attended a rally with Elizabeth Warren.”

Leftish: “Donald Trump is a Nazi.”
English: “I don’t know who Joe Biden is, and I certainly didn’t vote, but I’m pretty sure Donald Trump is not very nice, so I’m going to torch my own city.”

Leftish: “Rape Melania.”
English: “Rape Melania.” This is one of the few times that English and Leftish use the same syntax and vocabulary.

Leftish: “I was raped.”
English: “I got drunk at a club, and someone looked at me a little funny.”

Leftish: “I’m Pro Choice!”
English: “Abort the world!”

Leftish: “Lena Dunham is so beautiful.”
English: “I like child rapists.”

Leftish: “Donald Trump is a child rapist.”
English: “I never get my news from any outlet other than HuffPo.”

Here are few one word direct translations:

Leftish: “Racism.”
English: “The behaviors and attitudes of white people.”

Leftish: “Sexism.”
English: “The behaviors and attitudes of men.”

Leftish: “Homophobia.”
English: “The behaviors and attitudes of straight people.”

Leftish: “Islamophobia.”
English: “Not wanting gay people to be thrown off of buildings.”

As you can see, the syntax is very odd, and seems highly contextual. Words like “rape” have very different meanings when used in conjunction with different demographic groups. I will continue to investigate. In the meantime, please feel free to submit your own translations so that we may all better understand the language of Leftish, and how it relates to English.

I’m Surrounded By Idiots

You know, I’m starting to understand why all these people say of me “Dystopic, you’ve got an old soul.” I’ve never really gone in for such metaphysical claptrap, insofar as my love of fart jokes and sex humor is proof that, whatever I soul I may or may not possess, it is not terribly mature.

But watching the Political Left act like spoiled children, kicking and screaming in the grocery store aisle because, God forbid, their parents chose the cereal without the Hillary campaign sticker attached to it, I have come to realize that I do posses an old soul in a much more relative sense.

Because around half of the folks in this country appear to have souls that have not aged far past the toddler stage. Compared to the morons blocking streets and lobbing baseball bats at cars full of pregnant women trying to give birth, because Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected, I am a paragon of proper behavior. Why, I am quite polite and civilized next to these cretins.

No, my friends. I am not wise, nor do I possess an “old soul”, nor am I God’s gift to punditry. I am merely a relatively normal individual in an age full of adult toddlers pretending their Progressive spew is proper and moral political discourse.

Please, scream racism louder, why don’t you?

Maybe call everybody Hitler like Tad Williams.

Or demand that the election results be ignored because Joss Whedon said so:


Old soul? Young soul? Either way, it’s the soul of an idiot.

Whatever you say, Joss. You know, I genuinely liked Firefly and Serenity, but let’s consider for a moment that Hillary Clinton probably would have been wearing blue gloves in that series. Some held hope that he was a closeted Conservative, because of the distinctly anti-big government tone of this show. I think we can safely assume that theory to be utter horseshit at this point.

I remember someone suggesting that electing someone who let Podesta, a Dark Acolyte of Satan, run their campaign was probably a bad idea. After all, God knows we don’t have particularly high standards for politicians these days, but certainly we can at least avoid that, right? Except we very nearly didn’t.

Poor Richard Nixon, vilified forever for such a comparatively small scandal. Tricky Dick doesn’t hold a candle to the Clintons. And still, they agitate for her in the streets. One protester decided to go a little to far onto the freeway and wound up getting run over for her trouble.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Lena Dunham tells us that the extinction of white people would be great, then Slate runs an article wondering why white women voted predominately for Trump. Hillary’s campaign staffers are flabbergasted that she lost the election, meanwhile her rural outreach staffer was based out of Brooklyn. Because unemployed factory workers in Michigan are going to be wooed by a Brooklyn hipster. You really can’t make this stuff up anymore.

No, I don’t have an old soul. It only feels that way when you live in a country populated by toddler-esque morons.

It’s bad enough that a wealthy and powerful elite have such a tight grip on this country. But it’s even worse that they are incredibly stupid elites. Hillary appeals to Jay-Z and Miley Cyrus to save her ailing campaign, as if anybody cares about the political opinions of a woman who romps with inflatable penises on stage.

A quote I found floating around Fecalbook this morning sums it all up nicely:

The last time Democrats were this mad at Republicans was when the Republicans abolished slavery and let black people vote.

These days, of course, they are more angry that white people can vote. But there it is, the essence of being a Democrat: telling anybody who disagrees with the narrative to just shut the fuck up and stay out of the voting booth.

Compared to that sort of “wisdom” I may as well be Socrates himself. I’m sure they have plenty of hemlock they wish they could make me drink, after all.


Progressives: You are the Establishment.

But not for much longer…

Dear reader, I want you to think back to the last time you heard a major celebrity step onto a stage and utter a truly Conservative thing. No, not some moderate call for unity, or some out-of-left-field weird position, but something that really made you think “wow, this guy is a Conservative.” Hard, isn’t it? You have some lesser (in a popularity sense) celebs, like Ted Nugent who occasionally do that. And Clint Eastwood is known for being somewhat Right-ish. Still, very few come to mind.

Now I want you to think of major celebrities who say Leftist things. The exhaustive list is beyond the purview of this post, but suffice it to say, if only celebrities voted, our government would be somewhere to the Left of Hegel and Marx.

Now, let’s discuss education. Jonathan Haidt tells us that in the field of Social Psychology, only 2.5% of psychologists are Right-of-center. Left-of-center is around 90%, with the remainder as moderate/centrists. It’s slightly less bad in the humanities, where Republicans number as great as a whopping 11%. High schools are harder to track specifically, but definite liberal bias exists there, also.

What about government bureaucracy? Well, Washington DC voted 93% Democrat, and has voted disproportionately Democrat longer than I’ve been alive. Take a look at this picture of White House staffers “welcoming” Donald Trump to his meeting with President Obama:


Such enthusiasm. Gee, I wonder how many of these people are Progressives?

Even Slate admits that Leftist bias is common in one of the most notorious government agencies, the IRS.

But let’s take this one step further. Online Social Media is incredibly Left-leaning as well. Business Insider ranks the political bias in various industries, and it is enormously biased in “Online Computer Services.” In fact, the Left dominates the legal profession, academics, entertainment, news media, and medical. Of all the powerful industries, only Banking, Hedge Funds, Lobbyists, and Real Estate show no particular Left-wing slant. But neither are they Right-wing, they are all four squarely in the center. The Right wins in agriculture, construction, mining, oil & gas, and tobacco. In other words, when something actually needs to be done, it is the Right-wing that must do it.

Watching the election night surprises, the shocked faces of Liberal journalists, reporters, and talking heads, you might be forgiven for thinking they were completely in the tank for Hillary Clinton from day one.

With government, education, media, entertainment, medical, and legal as firm bastions of the Political Left, how can they claim that it is straight white Conservative males that have all the power in this country? Do they have any idea what it took to put Donald Trump in the White House? That was a Hail Mary pass of epic proportions, an all-in approach where even the Amish were put on the table in Pennsylvania, where Independents voted strongly for Trump, when Trump even made plays for a greater share of the Hispanic and black votes than anyone though possible, gaining ground on Romney in these groups.

In addition to gaining with minorities, Trump had to get a higher share of the white vote than Ronald Reagan, and a majority of white women in a year where a white woman was running on the opposing ticket, and every attempt was made to push the historic breaking of the glass ceiling narrative with them.

The Trump campaign was often referred to as the Trump Train, and it had to be in order to punch through the incredible resistance, much of it from his own party even, in order to pull this thing off. The sheer momentum of it was staggering. Stadiums were packed to the gills, Trump insulted the media to their faces, and still gained ground. The whole world was rooting against him. I was never the strongest of Trump supporters, and continued to express deep reservations about him. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but admire a push against the Establishment of that kind of magnitude.

I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything like it again.

And yes, all of that energy, the full mobilization of all counter-cultural forces, was barely sufficient to put this man in the White House, a man who is still at odds with his own party to greater or lesser degree. A man for whom the other half of America is alternatively rioting or crying.

The Progressives have complete domination of most centers of power on this planet, and they have the utter gall to look at a guy like me and say “you’re privileged.” No. There is no white privilege. I don’t know if there ever was, but if there was it’s certainly gone now. The colonies fell a long time ago. And, indeed, the colonizers are themselves being colonized. Where British once marched across the face of Africa, now do Africans march across the face of Britain. Where Islam was once dominated by the Western powers, so now does Islam impose its will upon the West.

This isn’t about making things equal for all races, it’s about the conquest of the West…

But the question is, why do the Progressives want this so badly? And do Trump, Brexit, and other counter-cultural forces represent a groundswell of backlash that will overthrow the Progressive Establishment? Or are they the last gasps of a dying Western civilization, soon to be subsumed into Third World?

Either way, Progressives, stop trying to tell me that my side has all the power. Even now, with all branches of government under nominal Right-wing control, the balance of power still favors you. Because every other facet of the government remains in your hands, along with media, entertainment, education, culture, and law. No, Leftists, you may have taken a body blow (and it’s about time), but you are still the Establishment. You haven’t been speaking truth to power, but rather, lies to the powerless.

The best that can be said is that we are seeing signs that, perhaps, the people are ready to fight you. And that gives me a little hope.

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