The Changing Face of Evil

Some things are so horrific, they are beyond my ability to contemplate rationally. My only reaction is visceral horror and a corresponding desire to erase the perpetrators from the face of the Earth. Here is one such event:

Liam Fee’s mother Rachel and her partner Nyomi found GUILTY of his murder

A mother murdered her own son after a pattern of torture and abuse:

Toddler Liam Fee was found dead at his home near Glenrothes in Fife in March 2014, having suffered a ruptured heart as a result of severe blunt force trauma to his body.

His mother, Rachel Fee, 31, and her partner Nyomi Fee, 29, denied killing him but were convicted of murder following a seven-week trial at the High Court in Livingston.

The jury had heard that after the youngster’s leg was broken, the Fees went online and Googled ‘can wives be in prison together?’

The court heard that Liam later suffered heart injuries similar to those found on road crash victims after receiving blows to his chest and abdomen.

The pathologist who examined his body also found more than 30 external injuries on the toddler’s body and fractures to the boy’s upper arm and thigh.

And it that wasn’t enough, a second child was only saved in the nick of time, most likely because of the attention brought on by the first child’s death. But worse is the reaction the father had to the entire affair:

The women showed little emotion as the two verdicts were returned. Liam’s father Joseph Johnson was in tears as he left the court.

Anybody who argues that women should be given automatic custody of children should refer back to this case. The level of hatred and contempt these women had for the boys in their care is beyond horrific. The pictures of torture implements, cages, and chains tell the story well enough. These lesbian women hated the boys. They had no regard for them whatsoever. Whether or not this was driven by general man-hating misandry, or a more specific form of hatred, I can’t say — though misandry seems very likely.

Radical Lesbian Feminists often say that lesbians are a superior moral and intellectual breed of human — this ought to disabuse anyone of that foolish notion.

Destroying Childhood

Just a quickie for today… over at Sarah Hoyt’s place, William Lehman has written an excellent guest post about this “Captain America is a Nazi” business.

The money quote:

Further I see this as part of a grand conspiracy. Now, hold on, before you tell me my tin foil hat is too tight, I’m not saying that the members of this conspiracy ACTIVELY conspired, each and every one of them, to tear apart the values of the nation.  It’s not that simple.  What I am saying is that the news headquarters for all the major news networks, newspaper conglomerates, publishers, etc (the self-designated arbiters of culture) are clustered in two relatively small areas (I’m talking 40 miles square or so each) and they all know and party with each other.  They all go to the same schools, send their children and protégés to the same schools, and have a “group think”.

This is exactly it. The conspiracy, such that it is, isn’t some room full of hazy cigar smoke in a bad James Bond movie. Rather it is a consequence of the self-enforced groupthink of the Social Justice Leftists. They police one another for political correctness and sociological compliance. They attend the same universities, work the same industries, live in the same areas, and have all the same friends. As a result, we shouldn’t be surprised when this groupthink tends to manifest in a way not unlike an active conspiracy.

Of course, this is a tremendous irony given the Left-wing obsession with diversity. They desire the opposite of diversity: complete uniformity of thought and opinion, and they will trash anything to get it. In this case, the target is a comic book character. While I don’t give a fig about comics — I didn’t even as a child — it is a tragedy that something as simple and innocent as a childhood superhero is being weaponized in the service of a political agenda.

Read the whole thing… Mr. Lehman sums it up better than I could.

Progressive Leftism is the House

And you are the Gambler.

Leftism has long been in control of media, education, and government. The last Conservative who had any real social clout was probably Ronald Reagan, and the best he could do was concede some domestic policies to the Left in exchange for his tax reforms and military buildup against the Soviets.

Nobody else has even come close to toppling them from their Ivory Tower. Consider these statistics:

  1. 18 out 20 large media news outlets slant Left. 4 outlets slant heavily Left (20 points from center). No media outlets — not even Fox — slant heavily Right (20 points from center).
  2. Social Psychology is 90% Left-leaning.
  3. College Professors identify as 60% Left-wing, 25% moderate, and only 15% Conservative. Some other stats I found are even worse — but I chose the least egregious one I could find.
  4. The complaint these days (from the Guardian — color me not surprised) is that Liberal Hollywood is not liberal enough.
  5. Government — outside of the military — heavily favors the Left (again, not really surprised, but there it is).

This Business Insider article contains a graph which illustrates this effectively, also. Pharmaceuticals and Legal also dominate among Left-slanted industries. Of all the powerful, Establishment-centric industries, only finance and real-estate possess a Right-wing slant, and the Financial industry’s slant is very minimal. It is very close to the center.

The point is, the Left is the Establishment. It sets the House Rules, so to speak, for the political game. Right-wingers can, and do, win small battles here and there, just as a man at the Black Jack table will win often enough. But the aggregate is skewed towards the House, and so here the aggregate is skewed Left. Play two games, and the Conservatives have a chance at victory. Play 1,000 games, and it becomes clear that the Left will win.

But Leftists can escape this accusation by pointing to all of the Conservative victories over the years, just as the House can pretend the game is fair by pointing to people who actually gamble and win.

Milo Yiannopoulus was chased off the University stage at DePaul (and attacked via minor physical altercation) by a horde of protestors given a free pass by the University’s administration. This occurred after the University administrators demanded thousands of dollars be paid for additional security. It seems they felt that Milo would incite violence.

Yet only Milo’s detractors committed any violence that day. The security, meanwhile, was instructed by the administration not to intervene. So the security money was paid for nothing and was, in effect, merely an extortion by the University. At least when you pay off the Mob, they generally leave you alone. The University administration didn’t even keep that end of the bargain.

Imagine for a moment if a Right-winger smacked a Left-wing gay man in the face, and thousands of Right-wing demonstrators flooded into a Left-wing event, shutting it down with violent threats. We would see this on the news cycle 24/7. It would be in every major paper, on every major website.

Of course, that didn’t happen.

This is how the House stacks the odds in their favor. Right-wingers must pay extra money. Right-wingers must not turn violent, they must submit to the violence without dishing it out in turn. They may not storm the stage, but their opposition can. Only those Right-wingers who can overcome the odds through exceptional skill or blind luck can win the game. But even then, the Left will merely bide its time and win enough battle in aggregate.

In essence, there’s a very real utility to viewing us Right-wing folks as gambling addicts, under present circumstances. We keep thinking we can win by playing by the established rules of the game. That will only result in Leftist victory in the long term. Only card sharks like Trump, for better or for worse, can play at their level. Of course, my readers are equally divided on whether or not Trump even counts as being on “our” side at all. I’m not a betting man — I won’t take that one.

While we were discussing issues in logical, coherent fashion, the political Left took over the House. And we must take it back if there is to be any chance of victory. Otherwise America will soon look like a Vegas casino.

Hell, what am I saying? It already does…


SJW Immunity

The other day, it occurred to me that I have finally become entirely immune to SJW attack. Oh, they can find out who I am and where I live easily enough. Some have already. But I am not concerned with attacks on my person anyway — I am well armed and capable of defending myself.

But they have, in the past, used economic means to come after me. They failed, but I sought to further diversify my income streams to render myself immune to future attacks. I can now say that I am invulnerable to this sort of attack. I have switched to private contracting for the majority of my income. Yes, I still have a day job also, but that is a matter of convenience. I have worked for them for many years, and it has been mutually beneficial. It is a good job. If SJWs were to somehow damage that relationship, however, I could increase my contracting hours by way of compensation and suffer no financial losses.

My debt load is reduced to a single mortgage which, in a few years (at current rates), will also be eliminated. Loan-to-value rate is heavily positive, so even in the event of a market crash, I could dispose of the remaining property. I have hoarded most of my disposable income for the last year to provide a cushion sufficient for a full year at current expense rates, even supposing I didn’t make a single dime for an entire year, and supposing my wife also lost her source of income.

The window in which they could have silenced me has passed. If you are a libertarian, conservative, or anywhere to the right-of-center, I suggest you do likewise. The discrimination against us is in the process of going from subtle, behind-the-scenes, deniable discrimination to open, outright hatred.

Strengthen relationships with friends and family. Forge new relationships with those of like mind. Stand in support of your fellows, and ask them to stand in support of you in turn. Rely on your own SJW-free networks for protection and succor. If you can, find sources of income that are completely free of Social Justice infiltration. Be willing to do odd jobs and one-offs as the situation demands — the days of being able to rely on a steady 9-to-5 job have long since passed. Keep that job if you have it, but cultivate backup plans and alternate income streams.

Most importantly, eliminate debt and avoid new debt where possible. If you can manage a debt-free life, you will be mobile and adaptable in ways that debt-ridden folks are not.

Dark times are ahead of us. Be ready for them.

The ShirtStorm Social Experiment

Back in 2014, Matt Taylor was condemned by the media for wearing a shirt depicting scantily clad pinup girls with guns, cars, and helicopters during a press conference about his achievements surrounding the ESA’s Rosetta mission. The man landed a probe onto a comet, but had to deal with such accusations as “one small step for man, three steps back for women,” and other radical feminist nonsense.

Amusingly enough, the shirt was designed and made by a female friend of his by the name of Elly Prizeman, who now sells a line of similar clothing. Naturally, being the provocateur I am, I had to have my own. A few months ago, I ordered the same shirt from her site. For awhile it sat in my closet more or less unused, because I was waiting for just the right sort of moment to wear it.


Besides, I just like the shirt anyway. It’s ridiculous, and anyone who knows me knows that I am also ridiculous.

Some time ago I decided to try a social experiment of sorts. I wore the shirt to the family-friendly Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens, a Tampa-area theme park. I was hoping to get a rise out of people, to see offended scowls, muttering tones of disapproval, or even outright confrontation. I saw none of this. There wasn’t a single scowl, muttered remark, or disapproving glance. The shirt did, however, receive a number of compliments, an enthusiastic vote of approval from a few tattooed bikers, and joy from one of the park workers who actually recognized Elly Prizeman’s work for what it was and was thrilled to see the shirt that launched the shirtstorm in person.

So, while I was pleased to note that I could wear the shirt in public without a mob of angry feminists coming after me, I was disappointed that I was unable to offend anyone with the shirt. So I decided to try the same social experiment at a different venue: a local car show. Hundreds of muscle cars lined up in the hot Florida sun for this particular event, and it was likewise a family-friendly affair, so I brought along my 18-month old son and donned the shirt.


Not exactly my best picture, but there you have it. Side note: my son enjoys car shows. Every revved motor got his attention.

Everybody wanted to know where I bought the shirt, so that they could get one (Elly, I may have just sold a bunch of shirts for you). One of the female muscle car drivers was downcast. Not, I should note, because the shirt offended her, but because everyone was checking out the scantily clad women on the shirt instead of her (she was half-joking, mind you, but still). She asked if the shirt-maker also made dresses, to which I replied in the affirmative. I wouldn’t doubt if she patronized the seamstress in the future, also.

Again, not one unkind word or furtive glance. And, if anything, an even more enthusiastic reception for the shirt from both men and women. Forget my car and the work I’ve done to it — everybody wanted to know about the shirt.


Forget the V8. It’s all about the shirt.

The lesson from this little social experiment is that radical feminism, while it controls media, college campuses, and has a strong voice in government, has little impact on the sensibilities of the common man. Go to a theme park or a car show, and far from being offended by such things, they want to know where to buy one themselves.

Matt Taylor’s mistake wasn’t to wear the shirt, but rather to  do so around a hostile media establishment. I doubt his coworkers, male or female, cared one whit. In fact, if the reaction at both of the venues I mentioned was any indication, people probably admired him for wearing it. Once again, modern feminism is making mountains not just of molehills — but things that weren’t even molehills to begin with.

The Future is Stupid

Years ago, I saw the movie Timeline, itself an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name, and I was struck by one very profound insight in the otherwise atrocious film. Superior knowledge is not superior intelligence. Or put more appropriately: our predecessors were not morons.

In the film (and, I presume, the book as well), a band of time travelers wind up stuck in 14th century France, and find that all of their supposedly superior knowledge is useless. Only one man manages to utilize his future knowledge effectively at all, and that only gains him employ (quasi-slavery, really) as a weapons designer for a warlord. Think for a moment what you would really do if you were cast into the 14th century and left to fend for yourself. How much of what you know would be useful at all? Could you even survive?

Read the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and try to come away from it with the notion that you’re a smarter man than he. And even where the ancients were demonstrably wrong, ask yourself very carefully if you, having been brought up in their time, would have done any better.

Contrary to the common belief that mankind is locked in an endlessly progressive trajectory, where each day humanity’s collective wisdom ever-increases, I suspect it has actually done the opposite.

When I read some of Thomas Sowell’s work on economics, for instance, I am often struck by the notion that when he passes there is no one left to replace him. Who else alive is even capable of carrying on in his place? In essence the Austrian-Chicago school will die with him. And yet, when Thomas Sowell was young, there were many masters in the field.

When I read G. K. Chesterton, I can see no living man who can equal him. The same for Tolkien, or C.S. Lewis (though John C. Wright comes close, at times). Western civilization as a whole has entered into a realm of intellectual twilight, in which the great thinkers are either long dead, or nearing death, and there are few in the new generation even willing to take the torch from them and carry on. Of those willing, how few are able?

I’m a nobody. Contrary to the Secret King rabbits of the world, like John Scalzi or Wil Wheaton, I have no delusions of my paramount importance. I am not able to carry the intellectual torch of those who came before me. But if I cannot do it, and very few are even capable of doing it, how will the West go on?

Some of my readers may be familiar with the movie Idiocracy, which didn’t see wide release because the studio blocked it. One wonders if this was because the film hit too close to the mark. In any event, the story posits that intelligence will decline in Darwinian fashion because only idiots bother having lots of children. Five centuries later, an average Joe of exactly 100 IQ thaws out and finds himself to be the smartest man in the world.

Yet is this truly the mechanism for the dumbing down of the West? The Flynn Effect posits a natural increase in intelligence, rather than a decline. And the Progressive narrative is one of consistent human improvement. So what’s going on here?

Certainly, the decline of the college campus is a contributing factor. Obsession with identity politics, gender studies, and other nonsense does not produce a higher grade of intellectual. Ostensibly smart people are steered away from legitimate inquiry into Progressive political spew. But there’s another factor at work, and I’d like to provide some anecdotal insight into it.

On my high school’s math team (yes, there was a math team, and yes they were all nerds), we were assigned a battery of ten questions, with a bonus eleventh question that was considered supremely difficult. Immediately, I took that question and left the rest of the questions to my compatriots. These were studious geeks who had memorized arcane formulas, knew each and every documented method for doing anything required of them. They went home and lived math, breathed math, and I know at least one of them went on to MIT.

No so much for me. Everything I used was constructed on the fly from whatever I managed to remember. I spent the entire hour on this one question, and my work to achieve the answer covered several pages in barely-legible chicken scrawl. In the end, I was the only one in the meet to come up with the correct answer. I later learned that the method I used to solve the problem was how the original mathematician came to figure it out. Though, of course, he eventually simplified the process considerably. Since my compatriots had not reached that level of education yet, they could not solve it. Since I relied upon my ability to just figure things out, I had a chance to.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m no mathematician either. But the point is, there is a difference between people who can competently reproduce the work of another, and those who can step outside that and innovate. Since I was a supremely lazy student, my talent for figuring things out was used primarily to avoid studying or memorizing. But I could fill in the gaps, and before long it became clear to me that most other people either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do the same. I have no doubt that some of my compatriots on the math team could probably score higher than I could on any test covering subject matter already memorized. I also knew that, at some level, I would always be beyond them.

To this day, I rely on my ability to just “figure things out” rather than take formal training. A few years ago, I purchased a badly-damaged pinball machine and restored its functionality. Pinball machines are complex electronic and mechanical devices, and most people would have balked at doing that. I knew that I would figure out each problem as it came, and that I could do whatever I needed to do. And yet most Americans of the modern generation can’t even change a tire. It is possible that they score higher than I do on many tests, but they are still lacking something essential.

I’m not trying to brag here. As I mentioned, I am supremely lazy in many ways, and I know I have wasted a great deal of my potential, which is not something to be proud of. And there are areas of life in which I have been profoundly stupid. But this may go some way to explaining how the Flynn Effect and the Great Dumbing Down can be simultaneously true.

We’ve created a generation of people who can quote Plato, but who don’t understand him. We have people who can read and understand the archaic language of the available translations of the Meditations, but who could never author something anywhere near as profound. We have Americans who can memorize the formulas, but never really understand the math. They can’t just figure things out, they must be told. But the Progressive narrative continues to be the endless betterment of the human race.

If Idiocracy were made properly, based on the trajectory of society today, it would be filled with low-IQ SJW morons who nonetheless acted like pretentious jackwagons, never admitting their own errors. They would assure you that 2+2 = 5 because someone else told them so. It would be axiomatic to them. Their arguments would be an endless appeal to authority, laced with unsubstantiated accusations of judgmental behavior. It would be full of fat people who insisted that being thin was unhealthy because they didn’t have fat to survive the winter. Simultaneously, they would assert that winter would never come because global warming.  They would assure everyone that pink was a natural hair color, and nobody was ever born with a gender. Science would be considered discriminatory and therefore wrong. Everything that felt bad would be considered bad by default, they would say, because nothing that feels bad can be good, and nothing that feels good can be bad.

In other words, Idiocracy would look like a modern American college campus writ large. The President wouldn’t be Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, porn star and pro wrestler. No. The President would be a fat old lesbian woman who spent her entire life spewing blatant falsehoods about how oppressed she was. After all, she would say, she’s only a multimillionaire. She’s totally one of the regular folks. She would be Hillary Clinton.

The future is stupid, but it’s a special kind of stupid, unlike the drooling idiocy we’ve seen before in history and depicted in Idiocracy. It’s a sort of book-smart, life-dumb, pretentious superiority complex. It is idiocy masquerading as intelligence, like the guy who laces every sentence with ridiculous jargon in order to sound smart. It’s the guy who looks in the back of the book for the answer, and then says he completed the assignment. It’s the game developer whose sole achievement is writing a word document, it is the game critic who hates games. It is the movie reviewer that loathes cinema, or the vegan food critic assigned to review a steakhouse. It is the Socialist who insists that, though every form of it has resulted in great heaping piles of human corpses, we really ought to give it another go, only this time with the entire planet.

It’s a very highly evolved form of stupidity. But, nonetheless, the future is stupid… unless we can successfully change course.

You Are Not Your Identity Politics

You will have to excuse me, as this is a sort of late night post of a thought I could not excise from brain. Identity politics has become a sort of catch-all for victimhood status, the sacred cow of SJWs around the world. Whatever your identities are, they comprise the whole of your person. Blacks must always be victims of policemen. Women must always be oppressed by the patriarchy. Hispanics are always victims of whites. Whites are always racist.

Recently, an individual ranted at length on Facebook about how food is racist, classist, etc. and ad nauseam. Food, you see, is cultural appropriation. If you are Chinese, then it is safe for you to eat Chinese food. But beware, whitey, if you dare to order takeout lo mein. All of these are in-born attributes, according to the SJW. Another SJW became cross with a white guy who dared to wear dreadlocks. Everything from your diet, to your hairstyle, to your political views, to how society treats you, is pre-ordained by your race, religion, nationality, disabilities (or lack thereof), etc…

It’s so limiting. I couldn’t imagine living that way. Ethnically, I’m part English and part Armenian. Amusingly enough, I loathe most of the food from both countries. I’m 100% American, and very Southern, mostly because my father’s family has been lurking around Virginia since the first boat to Jamestown showed up (that’d be the English side, by the way – so far as I know, no Armenians were on that boat). But my years in California destroyed any sense of Southern propriety I had — I’m almost as vulgar and impolite as Donald Trump himself. Also, I’m Christian, and still in search of a church to call my spiritual home.

But these things are facets of me. They are pieces of a larger whole. Details, as it were. They aren’t unimportant, mind you, but a person is more than the sum of various identity groups. Ironically, SJWs deny this, despite all of their rhetoric about how important feelings are, and how terrible it is to be stereotyped. In the end, group membership is what matters most to them. A man may not have an opinion on feminism that is outside the bounds allowed to him. To do otherwise is “mansplaining.” Rinse and repeat for racism, homophobia, islamophobia, etc. and so on.

I do, say, and think as seems appropriate to me.

Extend this out to yourself, dear reader. I don’t know most of you personally. You might be white or black, Christian or Atheist, and so on and so forth. But these attributes are matters of the flesh. The soul is greater than that, or at least it has the potential to be. I’m no “diversity” advocate, mind you, but I genuinely wish for the peoples of the world to live in peace as best they are able.

You can’t take individual responsibility if you don’t think of yourself as an individual in the first place, and that’s what is so sinister about the actions of SJWs and other radical Leftists. All that is bad is someone else’s fault, they tell you, and it feels good and freeing for a time. But they seldom admit the corollary: freeing yourself of responsibility is itself a form of slavery.

When TrigglyPuff’s lecture material on “fat liberation” hit me, my first instinct was to say “stop liberating donuts and you’ll be fine.” But that implies that you are an individual who can change your own circumstances, that you have freedom to change your own behavior, your own identity. You didn’t have to be a fat woman. In her worldview, fatness was a fixed thing. She felt like she could not change it, she was wrapped up in her identity as a fat person. If she was no longer fat, she likely figured, she would no longer be her.


They act like “liberation” isn’t possible by diet and exercise. It’s all about calories burned versus calories eaten. Change the balance enough and you WILL lose weight. It isn’t always easy for folks, but it is a simple formula.

Race is not so easily changed as fatness. But even there, the individual has control over many things. If blacks have a stereotype for increased likelihood for criminal behavior, you don’t have make that an identity. Don’t be a criminal, and none of that will apply to you. Rather than rant and rave that a stereotype exists, just go on about your life and prove them wrong about you.

Imagine for a moment that Black Lives Matter mourned the death of black soldiers and black policemen instead of blacks with long criminal records. How much more support and sympathy would they receive for that? I would be there with them, in fact, if this was their purpose. But this goes against identity politics. The black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is spurned, the black economist Thomas Sowell is hated. Why? Because they don’t conform to the group identity. Great men are shunned. Losers are elevated in their place.

I remember a video where a black woman was angry at her fellow black college students because they constantly accused her of “talking white” since she refused to go around spouting off ebonics, and acted like the educated woman she wanted to be. Her detractors weren’t whites. They were other blacks who were angry at her for spurning her group identity! It was a very sad thing to see. To SJWs you are no more than your identities. You can never leave the reservation they have assigned for you.

SJWs have a saying: “stay in your own lane.” It encompasses this line of thinking perfectly.

I’m not saying all of these things are irrelevant. We know that genders, ethnicities, religion, and a host of other factors have real, measurable impacts in life, at least at a general level. We know, for example, that blacks are more likely to be pro basketball players than Chinese folks, simply because blacks are taller. But don’t let SJWs pigeonhole you into a box and force you to stay there. You’re more than that. You are a thinking human being, with a soul of your own. Your various group identities are only pieces of a greater whole. Don’t stay in your lane. Do better.

Rant of the Day: The Libertarian Party has a long way to go.

Usual rant warnings apply.

So I went to the Libertarian Party website today… and it sucked. It was ugly, full of contradictory and downright outdated information, and was built like something out of the late 90s. There was a smattering of badly designed, overpriced merchandise, some articles from several months ago, and a list of elected Libertarians, as if each one was a special snowflake for nabbing a local School Board post in Podunkville, USA. You wouldn’t even know any of them were running for president looking at the site.

You know, that’s the problem with freedom-loving folks, generally. There’s no mobilization, no branding, no campaign to wind the hearts and minds. Nobody really cares enough to bother. So they are easily outdone by extensive, market-researched campaigns run by sociopaths and totalitarian shitstains bent on world domination. The Democrat Party may be one of the most corrupt organizations in human history, but at least they have style.

Oh, I understand why the Libertarian Party is this way. These are folks who want to be left alone, and don’t really want to invest the time and effort necessary to win morons to their side. Hell, they don’t want the morons around to begin with, much less want to go evangelizing to them. That would mean going to the morons and doing things like talking to them. They’d rather go have a root canal without anesthetic.

The only evangelizing Libertarians are the Potheads and Conspiritards, and the less said of them, the better.

If this is to be the party that replaces the GOP Establishment’s massive bucket of felching cocknuggets, it has a long way to go. And can somebody, for the love of all that is holy, tell these people that open borders is a really shitty idea? Libertarianism only works so long as you don’t import Marxists and other assorted dumbass fucksticks from every tyrannical hellhole on the planet.

Is this really the alternative to the Trumpites and Hildabeast? We’re so fucked…

Trump and the Death of the GOP

It’s not every day you wake up and see the dissolution of a major American political party proceed apace. I’ve long suspected this moment was coming, though. Reading Matt Walsh today, you can feel the waves of butthurt coming from his anus. He is giving up the Republican party forever, it seems. On the other side of the field, Trumpites gleefully cheer the defeat of the GOP Establishment and the resulting hostile takeover Trump has engineered.

I never wanted America to be here, in this strange place. My readers, followers, and friends have all noted how carefully I avoided endorsing Cruz or Trump, how I deliberately steered between the factions. It was stupid, of course, as it was only a delay of the inevitable.

To be honest with you, I never liked either of them. Cruz always struck me as fake, as if his whole persona were a piece of clothing he put on for the day. “Today I’m a evangelical. But tomorrow I will be a Constitutional Lawyer. The day after that, I’ll be the living, breathing incarnation of Daniel Webster himself.” Whatever. I’m an Oscar Meyer hot dog, nice to meet you.

Trump, of course, was just a dick. There’s a certain authenticity to his dickishness, insofar as he doesn’t bother to hide his less-than-reputable characteristics. He’s a vulgarian, as Matt Walsh claims, but he is at least honest about that. Nobody would say “this is a nice man.”

Not liking either of them wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of their competition, either. Kasich is a moron, Ben Carson, while honest, was a mouse of a man. Chris Christie was like the Baron Harkonnen, a floating fat man with delusions of grandeur (or donuts, whichever suits him at the moment). Carly Fiorina would run America into the same toilet she ran HP, and the less said about Jeb! the better. Clearly the lion’s share of the brains went to his brother.

If the GOP is dying, the one thing all factions can agree on is that it deserves that death. In that, Matt Walsh and the Breitbart guys are in perfect agreement. Speaking as one who has deliberately tried to steer the middle course — because I wanted to do my part to hold the anti-Progressive coalition together — I can say the party is well and truly fucked.

In the days ahead, I know I will lose friends, followers, readers, and otherwise. There’s no getting around it. I should probably care more than I do, but I’m fast running out of fucks to give for 2016, and I was never well stocked with them to begin with. Sweet Meteor of Death, if you’re out there, now would be a good time. Let Ground Zero be D.C., please.


I was never a #NeverTrump guy, insofar as no matter how bad Trump may be, there are worse things in this world. My Cruzian friends might suggest that I am being charitable here, but if it came down to the Militant Hairpiece against Chairman Mao or Adolf Hitler’s rotting corpse, how would you vote?

Of course, Trumpites will wonder what I really have against this man. It’s simple, really. When I mention my Armenian ancestors, I am often greeted with blank expressions. People are stupid (they vote, btw) and have no clue what Armenia is, generally speaking. But they know of Kim Kardashian, and that she sometimes says the word. Exasperation is the best way I can describe it — I’m sick of being compared to that walking dumptruck and sexually transmitted disease laboratory. You don’t walk up to a German guy and say “oh, you’re German… you mean like Hitler?”

What does that have to do with Trump? Everything. Celebrity culture in America is farcical, vapid, and stupid. Trump is waist deep in its intellectual sewage. Casting a vote for him is like being asked to wipe Kim Kardashian’s ass crack after a bout with Chicken Pad Thai doused in curry powder and hot sauce. It’s that unpleasant.

At the same time, mass immigration has to stop, a wall must be built, the illegals must go or be dealt with somehow, and the Hillary supporters are absolute lunatics. Hillary could shoot someone tomorrow, pull the trigger in broad daylight, and her supporters would explain that away. “Oh, she didn’t know how the email server — er — the gun worked. It’s not her fault!” And if you disagree, you’re a misogynist. Whatever. My beefs with Trump were never about his America First rhetoric, his slamming of the media, or his immigration policies. Indeed, those were the only things I could tolerate in him.

What do you do in such circumstances?

Well, for one, you watch the GOP burn. That’s a given at this point, the divisiveness in the party has reached critical mass. What does a militant nationalist have in common with an evangelical from Nebraska? What does the hardline Capitalist have in common with Establishment “moderates” and RINOs? Is there any common ground between Matt Walsh and Ann Coulter? The only thing that’s held the Reagan coalition together this long is shared hatred of the far-Left loonies.

It’s just not enough to hate the same people.

The second thing you do is watch the media explode. It’s coming in a big way, folks. You’re going to see a media shitstorm the likes of which has never been witnessed in recorded history. Godwin’s law is going straight into the crapper. Don’t play the Hitler drinking game, wherein you take a shot every time a media pundit makes a Hitlerite comparison on the boob tube. They’ll have to pump your stomach like an Irishman in a liquor store within the hour.

Release the Kraken! The media hate hurricane has come.


The last thing you do is reflect on who you pull the lever for if, indeed, you even think it’s worth showing up in the first place. Folks are saying that Trump can’t win without the support of the old guard Republicans, but they’ve been saying that all throughout this primary season. Scott Adams believes most of this is a sort of psychological persuasion technique anyway. He’s probably right, as he’s called most of the shots so far this election.

It will be Trump vs. Hillary, barring a Black Swan event. Ponder that very carefully, because that’s the money shot. The reason the two-party system keeps producing this lesser evil scenario is because it works. People, when trapped between Scylla and Charybdis, will attempt to find the lesser evil.

Trump may be an authoritarian Leftist shitweasel in disguise. He might be bullshitting about his Great Wall of Trump. He could be a sort of neo-FDR, a silver-spooned, fast-talking wannabe-tyrant who is nonetheless not the worst guy to have around when the Hitlerites (or the modern day equivalent, Islamists) are causing trouble.

Hillary is an authoritarian Leftist shitweasel. Hillary will flood the country with as many illegals as she possibly can. Hillary makes racist Woodrow Wilson look like an angel by comparison. She is a silver-spooned, fast-talking tyrant. Her campaign bus might as well be renamed the American Cuntwagon, and get rammed straight up the country’s buttcrack. And if the Islamists attack, she will reward them with material and popular support. She will invite more Muslim immigration.

How much are your morals worth to you?

I know you hate this guy and I get you on this. But do me a favor, folks… if you want to stay home, fine. If you want to lob a ballot at Gary’s Johnson in the Big-L Libertarian party, that’s your business. If you want to start a new Right-wing party that isn’t infested with RINOs, do it! I’d support that effort wholeheartedly.

But whatever you do, do NOT vote for Hillary in protest. That would be like burning down the whole house because the toilet won’t flush.

Dreams Are Not Ad Agency Commercials

Youtube commercials are hilarious. They constantly go on about your “dreams” as if some marketer from a New York ad agency knows your “dreams” better than you do.

“Finance your dream home.” Says one.

“It’s time go get that dream car.” Says another.

“You have a dream home, a dream family, but now you need dreamy insurance.” <– actual ad.

“Pursue your dreams.” Says an ad for some college.

Dreams apparently involve going into massive debt to pay companies money for things that ad agencies say you should want.

I’ve never set around thinking that my “dream” is a house, or a car, or college. These are things that, if I want them, I go out and get them. If I have a “dream” in so far as it is an unattainable (or very difficult to obtain) goal, it would be to conquer the entire Earth, or something. Or colonize Mars. Something like that. Come on people, think big.

If you said “It’s time to finance your dream home… IN SPACE” you might actually get my attention instead of my disdain. And if the New York ad agencies are right, and this is what your average American sits around dreaming about all day, get better dreams, people.

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